Preparing For Your Wedding Day – Getting The Best Suit For The Big Day

How To Make Your Groom Stand Out


Finding the perfect wedding suit is a process. There’s choosing the suit, getting the right fit, choosing accessories, matching colour schemes, matching your spouse to be, and more to be considered. SUAVE OWL is here to help you with the process. Read on for tips on finding the best groom’s suit, advice on how to make a groom stand out, a look at groom’s accessories, and dos and don’ts for making your wedding suit look its best on your wedding day…


Groom wears a mix and matched suit jacket and waistcoat.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


How To Find Your Wedding Suit


Finding your wedding suit is no easy task. There’s lots to consider, as you know. If you’re looking to start your suit finding process, this is what we would recommend.



Start off your wedding suit finding process with gathering inspiration. You can find inspiration in all manner of places: blogs, magazines, social media, and more. Look through suits of interest to you and figure out what draws you to them. Is there a certain style you like? Do you enjoy a certain colour? This research, alongside discussing with your partner what they are wearing and how you could possibly co-ordinate, will let you know what you’re looking for in a suit.



You also deeply need to consider your suit fit. Our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits goes in-depth as to suit fit and what you need to look for. A suit that’s too big will hang off your frame and a suit that’s too small will constrict you, be uncomfortable, and be unflattering. To look your best, and find the best possible groom’s suit, you need a suit in the right fit. Don’t neglect this, and either get the suit in the perfect size or get your suit tailored.



When you know what you’re looking for, your next step is either browse our main suits range or visit us in one of our shops, either in Bath or Winchester, to find the perfect suit for you. Our friendly team is always there to help and answer any questions. Try on some suits in the style or colour you like and see which is best for you. That way, you'll be sure your wedding suit is the best one for you. 



For more information on how SUAVE OWL can help you find the best wedding suit for you, read blog Men’s Wedding Style: How To Look Suave On Your Big Day and our blog all about SUAVE OWL’s exclusive Groom’s Room Experience, only available for grooms and their groomsmen looking for their wedding suits.


Model wears a black suit for men on a motorcycle.

Marco 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


How To Style Your Wedding Suit


Finding your groom’s suit is a big task, but it isn’t everything that goes into making your groom’s outfit perfect.



You need to consider the rest of your outfit and do it in advance. You don’t want to be scrambling in the days beforehand because you realise you’ve forgotten something. Here is everything you need to consider when it comes to styling your groom’s suit.


SUAVE OWL Pink Formal Shirt For Men

SUAVE OWL Plain Pink Shirt


You can’t neglect your formal shirt. Your shirt is the base for your accessories and suit and cannot be neglected. We always recommend a SUAVE OWL formal shirt, available in a wide range of sizes and colours. It provides the perfect base for your groom’s attire. Browse our SUAVE OWL range to see all of our available formal shirts. For groom's attire, either a neutral shirt, white is our most popular option, or a statement colour that matches either another aspect of your groom's attire or the wedding colours is best. Explore your shirt options when you try on your suit, there's plenty of fun to be had with formal shirt styling. 


SUAVE OWL White Formal Shirt For Men

SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Your shoes are important to your groom’s attire and should be both thoroughly considered and worn in before the big day. Don’t make them an afterthought, find the pair of shoes that makes you walk tall for the occasion. Browse our range of formal shoes or go through our blogs or social media for groom’s shoe ideas. If you want to know how to pick the right shoes for your wedding day, consider whether you want them to be a base item or a statement piece. A plain leather will add to your outfit, but won't necessary stand out. A statement pair of shoes, perhaps in a bright colour or intriguing style, will capture attention. 


Jenson navy suit for men accessorised with men's bow tie and boutonniere

Jenson 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Don’t forget your accessories. Your wedding accessories are an exciting opportunity to go all out and celebrate your style. Tie or bow tie? Pocket square fold? Cufflinks? Pocket watch? Family heirloom? Boutonniere? How you decide to accessorise for the big day is entirely up to you. You can match some accessories with the groomsmen or wear something different to stand out. Wear the accessories that make you feel your best and make you excited to wear them, it's your day. It is all your decision but decide early. Your wedding day should not the be the first time you wear your entire groom’s outfit, and that includes the accessories. Try everything on in its entirety with advance, it will make you feel extra confident on the big day.


Caridi navy suit for men with a men's tie and boutonniere

Caridi JacketWells WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


What Should You Do The Night Before Your Wedding?


When it comes to making sure you look your best, there’s a few steps to ensure you take the night before your wedding. To feel and look your best, read on…



Steam or iron your suit the night before. You don’t want to be ironing shirts in the morning when there’s better things to do. Iron your shirt, steam your outfit, and leave it hanging the night beforehand.



Do as much of your grooming as possible the night before. Trim your beard, wash your hair, anything possible to do the night before in this regard will take the pressure off you in the morning. You could even book in a haircut for earlier in the day or the day beforehand.


Men's pale blue wedding suit with pink tie and boutonniere

Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Practice wearing your shoes. Ensuring your shoes will be comfortable the next day and spotting any issues as early as possible is a must. Enjoy a relaxed evening while wearing your wedding shoes.



Clean any jewellery you’re going to wear. If you want your accessories to pop as much as possible, make them shine! Doing this the night before could be quite relaxing, it is certainly a must.



Sort out your things! In the hustle and bustle, it can be easy for things to get into a state of disarray. After your set your groom’s outfit in your wardrobe, get all your accessories and necessities (socks and underwear) into one spot. Then, sort out and organise your bags! This is especially important if you’re going to be quickly jetting off for a honeymoon the day after the wedding. Sort out your bags, items, and keep it organised so you don’t have to organise it in a rush on your wedding day!


Cricketeer Jack Brooks wearing a wedding guest outfit for men

Jack Brooks Wedding Guest Outfit


Lastly, make sure to pamper yourself! There’s a focus on brides for taking time for luxury the night before the big day, but grooms deserve it too! Whatever relaxation and pampering looks like to you, be sure to indulge in it the night before.



All of this, alongside a night of keeping drinking light, eating well, and sleeping well, will set you up for the best possible wedding day and relaxed wedding prep the day of! Make the next morning less of a rush and give yourself ample time to practice your speech, go through your checklist, and stay organised.


How To Make Your Suit Look Good On The Day


When the big day comes, you may feel overwhelmed in the morning! That is completely normal, and you are not alone in that feeling! To make your morning as easy as possible so you can just relax and enjoy the day you’ve been looking forward to, follow these directions.


Caridi olive suit for men

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Get your last-minute grooming out the way first. If you’re going to shower, be the first person in there. Deodorant, cologne, hair styling, don’t leave it to later. You can always top up and restyle later.



Wait on putting on your suit. Wear a different button-up for the morning, to keep your hair looking good, and enjoy your breakfast and celebrations in a different outfit. Then, when it’s time for pictures or the ceremony is coming up soon, put on your suit. This will keep it uncreased and make your groom’s suit looks its best for the rest of the day.



Additionally, wait before you accessorise! Your photographer may want to take pictures of details, like cufflinks and ties, and you should give them the opportunity to do so. When you have the all clear, go ahead and put on the final touches to your groom’s attire.



Get a trusted loved one to check over your outfit. Ask them if there are any issues that may not be obvious to you, but you would be annoyed to spot later on. With so much going on, you may miss things. This extra boost of confidence and assurance is sure to help you feel your best.


Real groom's party wearing a brown suit for men with green accessories.

Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit


Make your morning a celebration too. This doesn’t mean go wild, but enjoy a calm moment with your loved ones and groomsmen while getting ready. A relaxed morning will set you up in good stead, have as much sorted beforehand as possible.


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Model wears a cream suit for men with champagne accessories

Elwood 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocketsquare Set


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