Men’s Wedding Style: How To Look Suave On Your Big Day

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At SUAVE OWL, we help grooms find the best groom’s suit for them. No matter your size or build, men’s wedding style is what we do. If you’re starting to look for the best wedding suit for you, or if you’re trying to find the perfect finishing touch, SUAVE OWL can help you. Read on for suit advice, a guide to our shirt range, and all the help with accessories and footwear you could need. Keep it simple yet significant, trust SUAVE OWL for your big day.


Dion & Ted combo worn by groom as groom's suit.


The Groom's Suit For You

Our suit collection is large and frequently updated. A good place to start your search is looking through inspiration. Try our suit range and GQ's Wedding Outfits For Men as a starting point for finding suit styles you like. Think, what do these have in common? Are they tweed or not? What colour are they? Are they classic styled or more modern? The common features will say a lot about what kind of suit you gravitate towards and what your dream wedding style is. You’ll have an idea of what sort of suit you find interesting and stylish through this process.


Groom wearing Wells suit stands next to his bride outside venue.

 Wells Jacket - Wells Waistcoat - Wells Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Tie & Pocketsquare Set



If you need just a little bit more inspiration, our other blogs are full of wedding-based blogs, including styled shoots and how to plan blogs, which provide plenty of inspiration for both men’s wedding attire and wedding planning ideas. Having a read through our blog selection can provide you with inspiration and ideas which will further help you find the groom’s suit for you.



Once you have an idea of what type of suit you gravitate towards, consider if there’s any requirements your suit must match. Do you have very specific wedding colours? Or are you expecting extremely hot or cold weather? Are you going to be wearing an heirloom or important accessory your suit has to be able to accommodate? Do you have a large groom’s party? If so, do you want to match them or look distinct with a different waistcoat, jacket or accessory? If your suit doesn’t need any of this, brilliant. If your suit does need specific features or qualities, you need to make sure your selection accommodates these.


Groom wearing Ted suit for groom's attire.

 Ted Jacket - Ted Waistcoat - Ted Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Champagne Tie & Pocketsquare 



From here, you have three paths of action. You can either visit us in store to browse your options with the expert help of our team, you can browse our online suit range, or you can book a slot in the exclusive SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room. The Groom’s Room is a private dressing room, styled like a gentleman’s smoking lounge, with comfortable seating and plenty of space for a groom and his party to find the perfect men’s wedding attire together. With a complimentary drink with your booking, you simply must find out more about our Groom’s Room to see if it’s right for you.


Elwood suit in cream houndstooth as groom's suit.

Elwood Jacket - Elwood Waistcoat - Elwood Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocketsquare Set 



Whichever path of action you take, SUAVE OWL can help you find the dream suit for you. Take this advice into mind to begin your search for the ideal groom’s suit. However, the suit itself isn’t the only thing you need to put thought into…


The Shirt

Your button-up, formal shirt is a core aspect of your men’s wedding style. You want something that looks good but works as a comfortable and practical base layer. You also want to make sure it meets your style requirements, such as fitting with the tie, bow-tie, braces, or accessories you want.


SUAVE OWL navy shirt worn on model



Lucky for you, SUAVE OWL has a simple answer to your formal shirt needs.



Our SUAVE OWL shirt own range is cotton based, making it a breathable wear that will keep you comfortable. With a size range going from S to 5XL with extra length in the torso, SUAVE OWL shirts are available for every man for every occasion. There are classic colour options, with white, navy and pink, alongside more vibrant additions. Their collar fits most ties and bow ties. With all their practical features, wide size range, and selection of colour options, a SUAVE OWL shirt makes the perfect addition to your groom’s suit.  


Caridi and Ted suits on display.



You can find our full SUAVE OWL own brand range either online or in store. Browse today to find the perfect option, size, and colour for you and your men’s wedding attire.


The Shoes


Your shoes are a key element of your wedding attire. They need to look good, but also carry you throughout the day with no discomfort or pain. Shoes will catch attention throughout the big day, take some easy steps to make sure yours are up to the challenge.



Make sure your shoes are the right size, comfort is definitely more important than aesthetic for this occasion. You should also thoroughly wear your shoes in, making sure there’s no unexpected discomfort while you’re trying to dance the night away.


Ted suit with brogues formal footwear for men.

 Ted Jacket - Ted TrousersSUAVE OWL White Shirt - Navy Van Buck Tie - London Brogues 



Think of your favourite formal shoes you’ve worn and have a browse of our range to find the things that makes you most excited about footwear. Do you like a classic style? An intriguing detail? An interesting colour? When you have an idea of what shoes would make you most excited, pursue a pair with those features.



At SUAVE OWL, we carry a range of brogues, boots, and formal footwear that is sure to make you feel your best. Your shoes will be one of those features that makes you feel the part, a key component of your groom’s attire. Find our range online or try them on in store to find the perfect fit for you.


The Finishing Touches


The finishing touches are the thing that really elevates your groom’s suit. The hand-me-down accessory, the sophisticated tie, the concealed hip flask, all of it is essential to making you feel your best and perfecting your men’s wedding style.


Cody on display with orange men's accessories.

 Cody Jacket - Cody Waistcoat - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



SUAVE OWL has a variety of available accessories.  There are matching tie and pocket square sets, bow ties, braces, bamboo socks, and more waiting for you. Have a browse of our accessories and our social media to see what finishing touches appeal to you most. Remember, it’s all about what makes you feel special for the big day – you deserve the details!


Just Remember


To get your men's wedding style and groom's suit sorted simply and stylishly, trust SUAVE OWL. Browse our full suits range, or check out our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok for styling inspiration. Keep it simple yet significant on your wedding day and find your wedding style with SUAVE OWL.


Groom's party suits in Jenson.

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