The Groom's Room Experience

SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room is the ultimate destination for any groom in preparation.



Get your perfect wedding suits in a stylish underground bar in the centre of the city of Bath. The room will have just you, your wedding party, any support you bring, and one-on-one service from our friendly and experienced staff. Plus, you get a complimentary drink on arrival.



Learn everything there is to know about this bespoke service by reading on.


SUAVE OWL gin sits on a wooden table. There is a crystal glass with a paper straw. The room is finely decorated but slightly blurred in the background.


The Room

The groom's room is a sight to behold. 



Go beyond the red rope, down the stone stairs, and through the door to your private experience. To the left, there is a selection of fitting areas with full length mirrors. Cordoned off with curtains, you have plenty of space to try on sizes with ease. Plus, there is enough space for five people to try on their suits simultaneously – perfect for larger parties.



The real highlight, however, is the bar. It is a space built for relaxation while you wait for your turn. The room is styled as a gentleman’s lounge, with a wooden bar, leather sofas, a large full-length mirror, and plenty of interesting décor. Enjoy your free beer sat in luxury, surrounded by those closest to your, and prepare for the big day in style.


Leather chairs are placed around a grand full-length mirror. The red carpet is adorned with a darker red rug. The furniture is aged wood.


The Service

Enjoy yourselves and find your fit in style with help at every step from a skilled member of our staff.



Our fittings always start with the groom. The groom may have a long list of ideas for his wedding attire; he may want to look identical, similar or distinct from his party in a slimmer or more relaxed fit. Whatever the requirements, we will do our best to assist. Discover your dream groom's outfit. SUAVE OWL can help you with every stage of finding the groom’s whole look, not just suits. We can also help with any accessories, shirts and footwear. Trust us to get it sorted.



After the groom is set, the groomsmen and any other attendees will be fitted.  By the end of your time in the groom’s room, you will all be completely set for the big day.


Drink poured on Groom's Room bar.



Expertise, excellent attire, sophisticated surroundings, and a free drink – there’s no way you could lose.



The Discount

If V.I.P treatment is not enough of an incentive, we offer a discount too. With a purchase of 5 or more 3-piece suits, there is a discount of 5%. Further, with a purchase of 10 or more 3-piece suits, there is a discount of 10%.


Bound books sit on a mantle. In the background, we can see the bar.

This is not restricted to the groom and groomsmen. Any attendees, ‘Father Of’s, relatives or wedding guests, are welcome to join the fitting and the discount. 



If you want a wedding look that is not your everyday suit, SUAVE OWL and our groom’s fitting room experience is for you.


How To Book

Start by browsing our suit range. You can do this either in store or online. Pick out a favourite suit or two in advance. To make the fitting work, narrowed options is essential.



To book, call us at 01225 302871, email at with a date, which suits you would like to try, and your number of attendees or use our sign up form on our wedding page.



If you have any further questions, our staff are happy to answer either via the phone, email, or in store.



Do not miss out on such a unique experience. Trust SUAVE OWL to make you look the very best on your big day.


A wooden table sits on top of a dark red rug. There is a leather sofa in the background. A suit on a mannequin decorates one corner.


Please Note


We are very proud of our groom's room but, due to the building's listed status, there is no disability access to the basement floor. However, the option is still there to book a groom's fitting. The upstairs fitting room is accessible via wheelchair and has a larger cubicle for wheelchair access and extra mobility. Please inform us as to your needs upon booking, or phone our shop to discuss booking accessibility needs, and we will endeavour to ensure you have the SUAVE OWL service we strive for. 



We only supply one complimentary drink as a part of our Groom's Room service. Additional drinks can be purchased.

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