Wedding Day Attire for Men: What to Wear and How to Choose

What Should A Groom Wear For His Wedding?

Figuring out how to choose wedding day attire for men can be a difficult process. There’s a world of options and styles perfect for groom’s attire. But with so much inspiration, how do you make your choice?
Ted brown wedding suit for groom worn on outside walk next to bride.
At SUAVE OWL, we think it’s unacceptable that grooms and groom’s style is so often pushed to the side. In the wedding world, everything is so often primed to brides when grooms deserve the same level of care and dedication to detail, and we want to give it to them. A groom deserves to feel at his upmost confidence on the big day and a part of that can be full assurance that he looks his very best, all the way down to the finishing touches.
For your big day, you want to be sure about your outfit and know that it is the right one for you. For wedding outfit inspiration for grooms and men’s wedding fashion, alongside a summary of current wedding trends we see at SUAVE OWL, read on…

How To Choose Your Wedding Outfit

There are a few steps a groom needs to take when discovering how to choose the right wedding suit. Here’s the ones that SUAVE OWL recommends.
Groom in black wedding suit sat down next to bride.
Firstly, you should start with gathering inspiration. Wedding suit inspiration can be found all over, in magazines, social media, and in online blogs such as ours. In all these places you should be able to view suits worn for styled shoots and by real life grooms. From here, you can sort through all the inspiration to see what draws your attention. Save suits you like, put them in a folder to show others or just to keep for reference. Are there commonalities between suits? Do you lean to a 3-piece or a 2-piece? Is there a particular colour that frequently pops up? Any sort of retro vibes? Or is it all quite contemporary and modern?
Figuring out what you like, what you’re drawn to, is a key first step in choosing your wedding attire. You want to be wearing a suit you like for the big day, and this is a way to ensure you will.
Elwood cream suit for grooms worn by groom surrounded by blossoming trees.
Secondly, you need to consider your wedding theme or colours if you have them. They may not be relevant to your selection at all, but there are cases it could be. For example, if you and your fiancé have decided to throw a 50s inspired wedding, turning up in an ultra-modern outfit may make you look out of place. You also don’t want to be showing up to your purple themed wedding in a bright orange outfit. Consider if any aspects of your wedding have specific requirements. Do you need to wear a certain colour? Match a certain atmosphere? Or be prepared for certain conditions, such as an outfit appropriate for outdoor activities? This should be considered as you filter through your inspiration – decide what fits your parameters and what ideas you need to discard.
Thirdly, after you’ve figured out what you like and what you need from your men’s wedding attire, see how it works for you. You can do all the research in the world, but that won’t tell you how you feel wearing it. Trying on suits is imperative for finding the right men’s wedding style for you. Try on different suits and see how they make you feel, how you feel about fit, material, shape, and styling. Don’t settle for less than perfect. Do this process months to a year before the big day, it will give you plenty of time to make the right decision instead of a rushed one.
Wells light blue suit for grooms.
Completing these steps in turn should lead you to finding the perfect groom’s suit for the occasion.

Top Men’s Wedding Trends

Of course, if you’re starting with researching inspiration, we can also help with that. Here are some men’s wedding trends and men’s wedding styling options for you to consider.
Are you more of a fan of smart casual attire than the full formal 3-piece? We love a bohemian inspired groom at SUAVE OWL. If you want a bohemian groom outfit, consider this simple ensemble: a SUAVE OWL shirt, chinos, brogues, and braces. It’s effortless, comfortable, yet smart and eye-catching. You can accessorise as much or as little as you desire. For a smart casual groom outfit, this must be considered.
Bohemian groom wearing SUAVE OWL white shirt, braces, and chinos.
You can also dress it up a little while remaining smart casual. Consider wearing chinos instead of suit trousers. With a full formal upper half consisting of a jacket, shirt, tie, and potentially a waistcoat, you’ll make a formal impression. However, if you colour match your chinos to your suit, you’ll have a comfortable and neutral lower half that will maintain your smart look. For a relaxed groom’s suit, this is certainly one option worth considering.
When it comes to formal groom’s suits, you still have so many options. For a full look at our entire range, check out our suits. We have modern styles and classic inspired suits. Whether you want a full 3-piece, a 2-piece, or even want to mix and match suit pieces, we have the suit that will make you feel and look your best. The perfect groom’s style is waiting for you to discover it.
Dion and Ted mix and match suit pieces for unique groom's outfit.
With either classic men’s wedding fashion or contemporary men’s wedding fashion, you can experiment with accessorising. Intricate tie knots, such as SUAVE OWL favourite the Eldredge knots, can elevate a suit look easily – although they do require some practice. You can experiment with bowties, braces, pocket watches, pocket squares, and more. You can even relax your outfit by not wearing a tie. Finding inspiration for your accessories is just as important as your suit, you deserve to be excited about your entire outfit.
Caridi navy, SUAVE OWL pink shirt, and pink tie in eldredge tie knot.

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