The Groom's Accessories: Finishing Touches for Your Wedding Look

The Best Accessories For Grooms

You have your suit and your shirt, but what else do you need for your groom’s wedding attire? The finishing touches of your groom’s suit make the whole thing feel complete. They deserve as much attention as the rest of your ensemble. For the best groom’s outfit for you, do not neglect the finishing touches. For information about our groom’s accessories, alongside tips and advice for the best possible groom’s attire, read on…
Caridi suit, navy suit for men, worn with red groom's accessories.

What Accessories Should The Groom Wear?

The groom’s accessories all come down to personal preference, with some emphasis on theme, dress code, or colour scheme if there is one. The groom should wear accessories that make him feel good, connect him to his past or family, fit the style of the wedding, and make him stand out. This is no easy task with a lot to consider but it can be made easier by simply contemplating a few questions.
Start by asking yourself what your favourite accessories are. What do you wear a lot? What makes you feel special? Are you a bow tie or tie man? Braces or belt? There’s no reason you shouldn’t stick to your favourites for your groom’s accessories; it’s important you feel comfortable in your outfit. Browse men’s accessories by type, searching through your familiar favourites, until you find the perfect one for your wedding. An accessory you can get excited about will definitely add confidence to your attire.
Blue and brown groom's suit, Ted and Dion paired for groom's attire.
Do you have a family heirloom to wear? A family heirloom may restrict you from buying new or wearing something else, but a link to family shouldn’t be neglected. Wear that pocket watch or cufflink set with pride and carry tradition forward with you. Although, you may want to give it a polish, or find somebody to give your accessory any necessary repairs or TLC to make sure it’s in top condition for the big day.
The above questions might help you decide what type of groom’s accessories to wear for your wedding, giving you insight into what you feel comfortable with and good in. However, there’s more you can plan to find the best possible groom’s accessories...

How To Style Groom’s Accessories With A Groom’s Suit?

Knowing what type of accessory that you want to wear doesn’t help you make your look cohesive. For that, there’s a few things you need to consider.
If your wedding has a planned theme, you’ll want to dress to match and accessories can be an easy way to achieve this in style. For a certain decade theme, such as 1920s or 1950s, you’ll want to explore commonly worn tie styles, hats, and men’s wedding accessories for the time. If the theme is fairytale, you and your partner could discuss wearing some sort of crown or fantasy element. With a garden wedding, you might want to look at all the ways florals can be utilised as an accessory. Whatever your wedding theme, research is key for finding that men’s accessory that just pulls the whole outfit together. If you know what types of accessories you want to wear, you can research those alongside your theme and see what comes up.
Close up on boutonniere on groom.
Your wedding may not have a theme but you might have a or a few set wedding colours. Incorporating wedding colours into your outfit can be done in the suit and shirt, but can also be done with your accessories. Wear your tie or bow tie and pocket square in a shade of your wedding colours. You could also wear your tie in one wedding colour and your pocket square in another, or find patterned ones that use both shades. You could also consider using your socks, your shoes, a ribbon around a hat or pocket square, the inner lining of your suit jacket and waistcoat, your braces or belt, and any jewellery you wear as opportunities to provide a statement splash of colour. Wear the accessories you like to wear but use your wedding colours as a basis to pick specific ones.
If you do not have a wedding theme or set colours but you’d still like help finding a way to narrow down your selection of men’s wedding accessories, consider matching your suit to a key element of the wedding itself. For example, if your to-be spouse is wearing a dress or suit in a certain colour, including white, you could select the same colour accessories to match them. You could also match a statement piece from the day in colour or pattern, such as decorative flowers, confetti, even the wedding cake. You have so much you can choose to work with and base yourself on, pick something that stands out to you, you’re excited for, or you’re happy about.
Groom's accessories in golden yellow.
You also have the option to match accessories with your wedding party or family. This does provide some complications – it is your big day after all, you want to wear a stand-out outfit with statement groom’s wedding accessories. Matching others in accessories might make you less eye-catching. However, this does not mean that some of your accessories can’t match your party’s or family’s. Perhaps you could all wear the same tie or bow tie, same pocket square, or same pocket watch, leaving the rest of your accessories to be individual. Asking your wedding party for for their opinion on this could be invaluable, or you could ask your family the same question to figure out a way to match your accessories to them. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help and opinions of the people you care about, it will only make your outfit, your wedding accessories, and your big day feel all the more personal to you.
Groom wearing Elwood suit with van buck bow tie.
Using your wedding themes, wedding colours, and wedding attendees as a frame of reference when selecting your groom’s accessories should help you chose the specific accessories you want for the big day. Of course, wear your favourite styles and accessories in the way you want to and use these questions and advice as a way to decide what it is specifically that you do want. 

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