The Ultimate Guide to Men's Suits

How To Find The Best Suit

Classic and distinguished, men’s suits give off a smart impression every time. However, it can be difficult to find the right one. You need to consider fit, style, and colour all at once for the cohesive look that will boost your confidence. For the best suit for you, read on…


Black suit for men worn by groom.

Rosa JacketSUAVE OWL White Shirt  - Van Buck Bow Tie


How To Find The Right Suit Fit


Finding the right fit is a key step to getting the best look out of your men’s suits. A fit that is too large will add bulk to your frame. One that is too small will constrict, leaving you both uncomfortable and looking larger than you actually are. The right fit will flatter the wearer whilst remaining comfortable and is an essential first step for anybody looking for a suit. Your first step to finding the best men’s suit is to find your best fit.



There are different ways you can ensure your suit has the best fit for you.


Jenson suit with bow tie


Firstly, you can take measurements and utilise size guides. Most size guides will let you know what specific measurements are needed, which can help you when you only have time to shop online. There are margins of error with this method. For example, a suit with a tailored suit cut might require going up a size to get the desired look which you would not know until you tried it on. You could also accidentally take down your measurements inaccurately. Regardless of whether this is how you find the best size for you or not, figuring out your size according to a size guide is an extremely helpful step to finding the best option for you.


Full Ted laid out on grid. Brown suit for men.



Secondly, you can try on your suit before purchase. If you choose to visit us at one of our SUAVE OWL shops, you can have an experienced member of our team assist you in finding the best fit for you. This team member will find suit options you like, ask for the size you believe you are, account for deviation either way, and help you try options until you find the one for you. This way you can also try on suits with different cuts, relaxed cut verses the slenderer tailored, and see which works for you best. SUAVE OWL also offers different sizing for each suit piece. This way you can ensure the trousers and jacket each fit at their best. To find a men’s suit you are confident fits well and looks good, visiting us in store the best thing you can do. Simply pop in whenever is best for you and leave feeling confident with your selection.



All About Jackets

A suit jacket is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. With a good fit, your suit jacket should hug, but not constrict or hang off, your torso. The sleeves should be about a quarter of an inch away from the top of your hands. The shoulder seams should directly hit the end of your arms and end before your arm curves into your shoulder. Traditionally, the bottom button of the jacket is left undone.


Dion suit and Ted waistcoat make up unique groom's attire.



Your suit jacket is an extremely versatile item. Wear it smart casually paired with chinos or jeans plus a T-shirt or knitwear. Wear it for work with neutral chinos and a formal shirt. Or wear the full 3-pieces with a formal shirt and accessories for a formal event or wedding. Your jacket can be a statement piece, so don’t feel like you must shy away from colour, but it can also be a neutral building block of a sophisticated overall look. Really, it’s all down to your preferences.


Navy suit for men, Caridi, styled with pink accessories and a brown waistcoat.


You want your suit jacket to make you feel and look your best. Don’t settle for the suit you think you should have. Allow yourself to have a stand-out men’s suit that makes you excited. Whether that’s because of the style, colour, internal lining, pattern, or any factor, you deserve to be excited about the way you look. And with men’s fashion accessories, you can take your overall look to the next level. Keep reading for how…



All About Waistcoats


Your waistcoat is a key component of your suit.  It steps the class up, making you feel at your best. When it comes to selecting men’s suits, don’t neglect to consider the impact of the waistcoat.


Pale blue suit for men styled with pale pink accessories.

Wells Jacket - Wells Waistcoat - Wells Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


When it comes to selecting your waistcoat, you have to consider whether you’re more excited by the single-breasted or double-breasted style. Single-breasted is a more common sight, consisting of one line of buttons to secure the waistcoat. Double-breasted is more traditionally, consisting of two lines of buttons to secure the waistcoat. While both waistcoat styles have a V neck, who brings attention up to the chest, the double-breasted’s V is more curved. The cross-over of fabric on the front of the double-breasted gives a stronger structure to the outfit than a single-breasted. Both styles can be worn by anybody, but it’s worth noting that the double-breasted style’s added structure can add bulk to your form if it is incorrectly fitting.



Waistcoats can be a bit harder to style as an independent item than a suit jacket. They usually make the outfit fall more on the formal side of smart casual. For a smart look, try a SUAVE OWL shirt, a waistcoat, and neutral chinos. You could also make your formal look a bit different by wearing chinos, a formal shirt and your waistcoat. It's a little more restrictive, but the finishing results are distinctly eye-catching.


All About Trousers


Your trouser waistband should sit at or just below the navel, tight enough to wear without a belt but also not so tight it causes discomfort. The bottom of the leg should touch the shoe, but there shouldn’t be excess material pooling at the foot. Your trouser fit shouldn’t constrict you and it shouldn’t pull, but it also shouldn’t hang off you.


Elwood suit, cream suit, with model hanging jacket over shoulder.


At SUAVE OWL, additionally to our large size range, we also offer some suit trousers in a long length or short length. This means you don’t have to compromise your overall fitting to accommodate your leg length, making for a better overall fit for you as the wearer.



Wearing trousers as an individual suit piece gives you plenty of wearing opportunities. You can keep it comfy and wear suit trousers with a T-shirt or formal shirt. You could even make intriguing office wear with a polo shirt and suit trousers. Suit trousers can be as versatile as any other trousers, it’s all in the styling!


Pale blue suit for men worn as a smart casual outfit with a white T-shirt.


All About Men’s Fashion Accessories

Men’s fashion accessories really elevate your outfit. They can go from making you. feel good to making you feel great. When it comes to men’s suits and men’s fashion, accessories are an important step that cannot be neglected.



Start by choosing your formal shirt and formal footwear. Your shirt choice is simple. Our SUAVE OWL shirts come in a wide range of colours and from sizes S to 5XL. Made of predominantly cotton and featuring our SUAVE OWL logo, they make an excellent base layer for your suit. We also have a selection of men’s formal footwear for you to choose from. Don’t neglect the look of either of these items – whether you want something classic or something more unique,  SUAVE OWL has options for you.


Cricketer Jack Brooks wears a navy suit for men with yellow men's accessories.


From here, you can have all the fun with men’s fashion accessories you could ever hope for. There’s ties, bow ties, pocketsquares, braces, pocketwatches, cufflinks, tie clips, lapel pins, and even more. When it comes to picking your men’s fashion accessories, you can choose with style, decade inspiration, a particular colour – or even visit our social media for styling inspiration. Check out our accessories range for all the men’s accessories we have available today.


The Best Men's Suits For You


In conclusion, prioritising fit will always help you feel your best in your men's suits.  Suit finding should be an exciting process; feel free to experiment with styling, colour, accessorising, and patterns. You can also look up style inspiration and see what type of suit, classic or modern, simple or detailed, light or dark, appeals to you.


There is so much you can do with suits, use the information above to guide you and explore your options from there! 


For more styling inspiration, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok! For further reading, explore the GQ Guide To Suits. Keep your outfit simple yet significant with SUAVE OWL. 

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