SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed

SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed Suit Trade-In Reduce Re-Use Recycle


SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed is your chance to upgrade a suit you will no longer wear, for one you will not want to take off! Or it could be your chance to grab a nearly-new suit at a bargain price! 


As many of you know, the planet is taking a big hit by the lifestyles that humans lead. The fashion industry accounts for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions. In 2020, the UK was named the fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe. At SUAVE OWL we want to do what we can to reduce our footprint.


We accept any suits which we currently or have previously stocked. The suit does not have to have been purchased from us. You could have purchased from another retailer, but we will still accept your trade as long as the suit items meet the conditions stipulated.


So, if you've been following us on socials for a while and only able to dream about buying a suit from us, we hope that you will have more opportunity now through our Re-Claimed programme. Currently, our Re-Claimed stock is held at our shop in Bath & not available to view online, however, please do get in touch if you have any enquiries!



Trade-In Rewards

We can offer discount from your new purchase or store credit up to the value of £40.


£15 for a waistcoat.

£30 for a suit jacket or blazer.

£50 for a matching 3-piece suit.


We are not accepting trousers as single items, only as part of a 3-piece suit.




Terms & Conditions:


The suit can have been worn, but the fabric cannot be. The material of the suit must be in great condition with no stains, no tears, no holes & function perfectly.

Any items overwhelmed by scents such as bodily fluids, body odour, alcohol or smoke will not be accepted.

This is not an exhaustive list of conditions.


A Re-claimed purchase is non-refundable & cannot be exchanged. It is non-returnable under any circumstances.

All suits are checked thoroughly when traded in, however we cannot be held responsible for any unseen faults or damage, or those which may occur within an immediate time after purchase.