Father Of The Bride Or Groom - Style Guide

  What To Wear As Father Of?

Getting ready to be Father Of? Trying to figure out what the father of the bride should wear? Or what is the best suit for father of the groom? The 'Father Of' dress code can be tricky to narrow down, and we know you want to get it right. You are a supportive figure on the biggest day of their life. Eyes will be on you, let's get you looking your best.  



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How To Decide What To Wear As Father Of


A few choice questions can help you narrow down your father of the bride outfit or father of the groom outfit. Firstly, ask the bride or groom what they want you to wear. It is important to understand what is required of you before you start your big search to make sure you look the part.  



You may have some choice taken out of your hands should you be asked to dress with the groomsmen. The bride and groom could also require you to wear a specific type of suit or to wear a certain accessory. In which case, all or some of the decisions are taken care of!  

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  If the bride and groom are giving you the freedom to pick your own outfit, it is worth asking yourself if there is anybody you would like to match your outfit with. You could compliment your partner's outfit or your child's wedding attire. This could be with an accessory, a tie, pocket square, flower or pair of socks, in a matching colour or pattern. Matching your outfit with someone gives you a base to get started and will make choosing your outfit feel less overwhelming.  



  If possible and done in plenty of advance, why not ask your child to shop with you? This means that you can be sure you will have their approval, while being able to input your own ideas. Their wedding should be full of happiness; make suit finding a wonderful memory for both of you.  


How To Make Your Father Of Outfit Unique 


The 'Father Of' is an exciting position to be in. You can wear something individual to you. A personal touch will help distinguish you from the crowd. You can stand out in your best fashion - just don't outshine the groom! 



Think about what makes you happiest. If you are a big fan of colour, add some to your outfit. You could include a vibrant shirt, bright tie or pocket square. If you are often seen with the same accessory, wear it. If you have family heirloom cufflinks or a timepiece, display them with pride.


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Not dressing with the groom and his ushers? You should still consider their outfits when planning your own. If the groom's party are wearing ties, perhaps you might want to differentiate by wearing a bowtie? If the party have a certain colour tying them all together (and maybe to the bridesmaids), you might opt for something different but complimentary. You can also use the style of their outfits as a guideline. If the groomsmen are all wearing three-piece suits, it's probably for the best that you do too. Making different but similar choices means you will stand out on the day in an appropriate and fitting look.



Ultimately, as long as your choices do not clash with the wedding colours and you get your outfit approved, a touch of uniqueness is something to be embraced.   


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What Are The Father Ofs Responsibilities?


Before deciding upon your Father Of look, consider your responsibilities for the day. 



Walking the bride down the aisle? A pocket watch for timekeeping may be a necessity.



Calming nerves before the ceremony? A hip flask might just be essential! 



Giving a speech? You'll need pockets large enough to conceal your notes.



Having your outfit prepped is sure to help ease stresses of the day, meaning you can be a rock for your child and their spouse-to-be. 

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How To Find The Right Suit Size 

 After discovering what you need from an outfit and beginning your search, do not neglect the importance of fit. Fit changes everything: the practicality of wear, the final look, and first impressions. The fit marks the difference between a good suit and a great suit.  



  Every gentleman has different preferences. Don't feel discouraged by trying on different options to find the size that fits you best, in fact we would recommend it. If you have no idea where to begin with size, you can measure yourself and utilise our Size Guide.      



With SUAVE OWL, you have the choice of buying your three piece suit in different size pieces. You can find the ideal fit for you in the whole suit, not just the jacket. Giving you control over each piece guarantees you leave looking how you want and happy, something we strive for.  


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How Can SUAVE OWL Help For Weddings?

We have services available to help you prepare for the big day.



Our groomsfittings are a popular appointment for any grooms-to-be and we often see fathers join. There is a group discount for grooms parties which still applies if you pick a mix from our selection. You will see the whole range of our stocked suits, get fitted and find your confidence.


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Having the support of the groom, groomsmen and anyone else who joins you, is invaluable for making that big plunge. You get to enter our exclusive groomsfitting room and enjoy the company of those around you, plus a complimentary drink. Call us or come into the shop to book!




If a larger group fitting is not for you, don’t worry. You can still come see our range in person. Join us at any point and we will do everything we can to help you find your what you need. You can even bring a few supportive characters to give their feedback. 




We love to see satisfied customers leave happy.



Father Of The Bride or Father Of The Groom Style

Ask plenty of questions about the wedding, about the day itself, and what the engaged couple would like you to look like. Dress in the code set by your child. However, if you get the chance, embrace the individuality of your role and your unique fashion sense. Consider your responsibilities throughout the day and what you need to be able to fulfil them. When you begin searching, make sure it fits you how you like it. 


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With the perfect outfit and the approval of those important to you, you will feel confident and prepared for an amazing day.



If you need a first port of call for an award-winning suit provider with excellent customer service, SUAVE OWL is the shop for you. Browse our website and follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok for all the style inspiration a gentleman needs. 

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