Confetti: How To Plan & What To Do

All About Wedding Confetti!


You’ll have seen wedding confetti throwing in all the movies. There's always the iconic scene of the couple leaving their wedding ceremony to be showered in beautiful confetti by all of their loved ones or a flower girl sprinkling petals down the aisle are classic wedding imagery. Confetti is celebratory, symbolic, and makes for gorgeous photographs. On top of all this, it can be an inexpensive addition to your day. To give yourself that movie magic moment, you simply must have confetti! If you want to know how to find confetti for your wedding, read on...


Groom in groom's suit shoots champagne.


What Type Of Confetti Is Best For Weddings?


The confetti for your day needs to be approved by your venue, some may not permit glitter for example, and it needs to be environmentally friendly. As long as it fits those two parameters, the best confetti for your wedding is all up to you. From simple DIY to boutique, personalised options, the choice is entirely yours for your big day. Here are some options to consider:


Groom wears a cream suit for men whilst being showered with wedding confetti.



Dried Flowers & Seeds


Dried flowers are excellent confetti. They are biodegradable, scented, and colourful. It’s no wonder they’ve become more and more popular over recent years. Whether you want to match you confetti to your bouquet, have a symbolic flower to your relationship, or use your birth flowers, practically any flower is an option. Plus, they store well. For an inexpensive confetti option with a personal touch and bohemian vibe, dried floral confetti is for you.


Jenson suit for men worn with a white shirt. Wearer has handful of confetti to throw.

 Jenson Jacket SUAVE OWL White Shirt


If you have a deep love for the environment and are having an outdoor ceremony, confetti seeds are another excellent option for you. Of course, you’ll need to check it through with your venue or host. However, wildflower seeds have seen an increase in popularity alongside dried flowers. The idea of bringing new life alongside your ceremony is poetic and has a lot of appeal. To boost the visuals of your confetti, you can mix seeds alongside other types of confetti. It is an excellent option for nature lovers. 



Biodegradable Glitter


You may need to be careful with which glitter you pick, as sometimes biodegradable glitter will have misleading non-degradable components. However, the impact glitter makes is unmatchable. Shiny, glamourous, glittery confetti makes for stunning visuals. If you’re having a luxe or black tie theme, glitter is for you. 


Ted suit, brown suit for men, square cropped to just show model.





Rice is the traditional wedding confetti, although it does come with two major concerns. Firstly, it can be an unhealthy food source for birds to eat, although should not directly injure them. Secondly, it can make the surfaces you’re walking on slippery – a concern for any attendees wearing high heels or shoes without grip. Rice has been used as a symbol of prosperity since Celtic times, sometimes with oats or grain used instead. If you want to stick to tradition, consider these concerns and how to combat them in your confetti planning! 


Pale blue suit for groom's is worn whilst couple is showered with confetti.



Fresh Petals 


Fresh petals are another more traditional form of confetti. They provide bright colour, strong scent, and break down naturally. They are a little harder to buy than dried petals and, for very specific flowers, you may need to make the flowers into confetti yourself. This, in addition to the short amount of time these petals will stay fresh, can make them a bit more tricky to work with than other forms of confetti. However, the resulting effect is gorgeous and certainly worth considering for your wedding day confetti. 


Sage suit for men worn by model.



Anything You Want


All your confetti needs to be is safe, biodegradable, scatterable, lightweight, and cleared with your venue, you have a world of options! Popcorn, bubbles, shredded paper, paper planes, and eco-friendly balloons are just some examples. Let yourself get creative and find the best option for you!


Couple use bubbles in place of confetti after ceremony.


When To Get Your Wedding Confetti


Depending on the type of confetti you opt for, you can sort it weeks in advance. Most confetti types will be dried or long-lasting, such as all the ones above. Fresh flower petals, or anything that decays, would be the only confetti you’d need to sort out in the days leading up to it.


Groom wearing black suit is sprinkled with confetti alongside bride.



All you need to do is either leave it to the venue or a member of the wedding party to distribute! Confetti packets could be left in seats, or given out as guests leave the ceremony. You really can get as creative or as simple with this as you’d like.


The Finishing Touches Of Your Big Day


For a beautiful moment of a stunning day, put thought into the best confetti for you.



Whether you want it to be simple, elegant, or symbolic, SUAVE OWL can help you plan key elements the biggest day of your life. To see what SUAVE OWL can do for you, peruse our website and follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok to see the SUAVE OWL experience!

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