Royal Ascot - Style Guide

The social event of the season. Royal Ascot is one of the biggest events on the racing calendar, renowned worldwide for racing excellence that dates to the 1700s. With high fashion and centuries of tradition, Royal Ascot must be seen to be believed.



Let us take you through the enclosure dress codes and our recommendations for how to look your best in each.

Gentlemen wearing Harry suit jacket and Elwood suit jacket converse.

Attendees from overseas are welcome to wear their formal national dress or service dress. Serving military personnel are welcome to wear their Service Dress or equivalent. Fancy dress, novelty and branded or promotional clothing is not permitted in any enclosure.  



Windsor Enclosure



For this enclosure, there is no official dress code. However, it is recommended that gentleman wear a jacket, collared shirt, and full-length trousers. With one of the least restrictive dress codes, you have extra freedom to mix things up a little.

Marc Darcy Luca Navy Suit with grey chinos

Luca Suit - S.O. White Shirt - Grey Chino - Curtis Boots


In this least restrictive of dress code categories, you can opt to wear a clean cut pair of jeans or chinos for a smart casual suited look. A waistcoat is optional but we would always recommend, for a more suave appearance.


We would recommend the Wells suit. A lightweight pale blue tweed, you will feel ready for hotter days. The contemporary colour and cut make for an attention-grabbing suit that will catch all eyes. Finish off the look with your finest pair of sunglasses and feel at your upmost confidence. 


Matched with one of our blossom pattern tie and pocket square sets, you will be perfect in pastels.


Cavani Wells Blue Herringbone Suit



Village Enclosure
Gentlemen are recommended to wear a full-length suit with a collared shirt and tie. The tie must be always worn; bow ties or cravats are an acceptable alternative. Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle. Jeans and trainers are not permitted.
Cavani Elwood Cream Houndstooth Suit with bow tie and braces.

Elwood Suit - S.O. White Shirt - Bow Tie - Braces



The Elwood is a stand-out suit with its tan and black houndstooth check on cream. Show your personality while in attendance with this more unique choice. Pulling off the bow tie and braces combination is an enviable trait.



Alternatively, wear the full three-piece suit with a paisley tie and classic brogues. You are bound to have that classically handsome feeling.



Unafraid to be bold? Enjoy yourself when it comes to colour choices. Wear our SUAVE OWL shirt in either pink or lilac or navy as below. 

Marc Darcy Hardwick Grey Suit with navy shirt and yellow tie.

Hardwick Suit - S.O. Navy Shirt - Yellow Tie 



Queen Anne Enclosure


Gentlemen are required to wear a full-length suit with a collared shirt and tie. Jacket and trousers should be of a matching colour and pattern. The tie must be always worn. Bow ties or cravats are not permitted. Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle. Jeans and trainers are not permitted.

Marc Darcy Ted Tweed Suit with navy accessories.


Traditional yet different, the Ted is an exceptional suit. Feel at your very best in a the full 3-Piece Suit with SUAVE OWL White Shirt, tiebraces and brogues. With the option of single or double breasted waistcoat in the Ted, comfort and style come hand in hand.
For the race-goer wanting a classic, understated vibe, the Martez Grey is for you. The neutral base colour will accommodate a multitude of accessory choices, allowing you tailor the end result with precision.
Cavani Martez Grey Herringbone Suit with wine tie. Owl logo.

Martez Grey Suit - S.O. White Shirt - Wine Tie



Royal Enclosure



Gentlemen must wear black, grey, or navy morning dress. They must wear a waistcoat and tie. Bow ties or cravats are not permitted. Shoes must be black and worn with socks that cover the ankle. They must wear an unpersonalised black or grey top hat. Novelty waistcoat and ties are not permitted, however discreet patterns and those of a patriotic nature are acceptable.

Did You Know?

For Royal Ascot 2021, attendees were strongly encouraged to wear second-hand clothing to promote environmentally-sustainable fashion. If this is an intriguing option, SUAVE OWL has the answer for you. 

SUAVE OWL Reclaimed promotional materials sit on a wooden counter.

SUAVE OWL Reclaimed allows you to buy discounted second-hand quality suits. We only allow the return of suits in an excellent condition, meaning you can assure the good condition of your purchase. Our full range of available reclaimed options is not available online, simply contact the store or drop in for a visit to see what we have. 



If you would like to trade in one of your SUAVE OWL suits, read here for details.

All Enclosures

Ascot is reliant on the weather. We can all keep our fingers crossed, but it is still best to be prepared. We would recommend wearing a thin thermal layer under your shirt to keep you warm in colder weather. We would also recommend purchasing an umbrella for the event. If you want the umbrella to be in keeping with your outfit, either chose the predominant shade of the suit or the colour of your tie. You could also find a see-through umbrella, a safe bet to match your look.



Confidence is everything when it comes to fashion. For Ascot attendees in any enclosure, you must find the outfit that makes you feel like the gentleman you have always wanted to be. Look your best and feel your best - don't settle for less!



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