Bath Racecourse - Style Guide

What To Wear To Bath Racecourse?

Bath Racecourse has been open since the eighteenth century and is the highest flat racecourse in the UK. With fixtures throughout the year, there's race days and more to attend for everybody. 


If you are attending this year, you ought to look your best for the big occasion. If you need to know what to wear to Bath’s very own races, who better to trust than an award-winning Bath independent business? Visit SUAVE OWL Bath to find the perfect men's outfit for race day. 


What Is Bath Racecourse's Dress Code?


For most of the fixtures, there is no enforced Bath racecourse dress code. However, checking the dress code for your sector with plenty of advance is essential before attendance. Additionally check your day of attendance, certain events may encourage a more casual or formal code. For example, you definitely want to show up in your best for Ladies Day, everybody else will.

Model wears the Elwood suit with the jacket over his shoulder, plus a suave owl white shirt, black bow tie, and black braces. He is outside amongst greenery.

Elwood 3-Piece Suit


Smart-casual at minimum is strongly encouraged. It is also noted that denim shorts, denim with rips and sports clothing are prohibited and could result in you being asked to leave. Jeans, denim, shorts, and trainers are all perfectly acceptable.


Ted suit worn by model


Bath Racecourse’s Bottega Terrazza is a stricter section. If you are lucky enough to be attending this restaurant with stunning Italian cuisine and stellar views of the racecourse, expect to dress up. There is an enforced smart casual dress code. Smart denim, smart trainers and tailored shorts are permitted, but ripped denim, denim shorts and sportwear are not. 



What Should You Wear For A Smart Casual Raceday?


Smart casual men's outfits are all about finding perfect blend between formal and casual pieces. For example, a formal upper half will work well with more relaxed chinos and trainers; suit trousers and brogues may work better with a T-shirt or polo. To get started, pick out a few favourite pieces that intrigue you or you enjoy wearing. If you find that you have only picked out casual wear, investigate formal pieces that would help balance the look or vice versa. 

Tony wearing Caridi jacket with a white T-shirt.

 Caridi Jacket, SUAVE OWL White T-Shirt



Thinking a formal shirt might provide contrast for your favourite jeans? Our SUAVE OWL shirts are a popular choice. Easy to style with plenty of rewear opportunity, you can't go wrong. Choose either a classic formal piece or a vivid colourful option, your SUAVE OWL shirt could become your new favourite - and were better to wear it first than to the races. A smart casual outfit for race day doesn't mean you can't both look and feel your best. 



If you are looking to pair something with your favourite suit jacket and shirt, try a pair of chinos for this event. Wear your chinos in a neutral shade that matches another element in your outfit, such as a the base colour for your jacket, for a cohesive look. 



Do not neglect your footwear. While trainers are permitted, it is worth keeping up the smart casual theme by wearing a clean pair in a more subdued colour.  White trainers should be avoided, as there's no guarantee they won't get ruined by mud. Check out our casual footwear collection to see what SUAVE OWLa has for you. There is also the classic option of a pair of brogues or boots to keep your feet in high fashion. Whatever footwear you opt for, be sure to pick a pair that keep you walking with your head high. 


Men's smart casual outfit with chinos, jumper, and formal suit jacket.



Dressing smart casual can be a tricky formula to master. Experiment with it, have fun, and see what makes you feel your best. If you need more help putting together an outfit, visit us in store. Our team are here to help you find your dream outfit.


What Should You Wear For A Full Formal Raceday?

 There will be days at the racecourse with a more formal feel. If you do not put your best foot forward, you might end up underdressed. Plus, how often do you get to dress up in a full formal outfit? For the right men's formal outfit for race day, read on...



Before you start browsing, check out our sizing guide. At SUAVE OWL, you can get your men's three-piece suit with different piece sizes, ensuring that every item fits you as needed. The fit is the foundation you will build your full outfit from and a good one is essential for looking your best. Take your time with it, and, if you are apprehensive of choosing your own fit, our team can happily help in store. You can also read our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men's Suits for an in-depth exploration on suit fit. 


Jack Brooks wearing the Jenson navy suit.

Jenson 3-Piece


In our opinion, a big day at the races calls for the best 3-piece suit. We always have a selection of on our website and in store. Whether you want the perfect fetching navy suit, classic black suit or something a bit more unusual, there's something for you in our men's suits


Model wears the Cody suit on Bath Circus.

Cody 3-Piece Suit


You may want to adjust your outfit plans depending on the time of year of your attendance. If you are attending during warmer summer months, a lighter suit in a brighter colour will reflect sunlight and keep you cooler throughout the day. If you are attending in winter or at Christmas, a heavier suit in a darker colour with a thin thermal layer underneath your outfit may be your best plan. It may be best to dress according to the time of year for the sake of your comfort!



A good starting point for finding the right suit is having a browse of our selection and see what calls to you. We have classic choices, modern twists, and exciting colours. There is something for everyone. Simply pair your suit with a SUAVE OWL shirt and brogues, you will be close to ready for the racecourse.

Caridi olive suit worn by co-founder Tony.

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit


Plenty of fun is ready to be had with accessories. Pocket squares, ties and bowties can all add charm to a look; they can be used to pull together the colours of the outfit or add extra flair. You can add a practical belt or intriguing, bright braces. For an extra touch of sophistication, a pocket watch is a practical and appealing addition to an ensemble. Accessories are a personal touch that brings life to an outfit, enjoy exploring your options and find that accessory that feels like it was made for you.



If your chosen suit fits you well, is in a style you can get excited about, and is personally accessorised, you will feel at your very best wearing it. To browse our range, check out our Bath Races Suits collection!



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Stand out on your grand day out and feel at your upmost confidence. Stick with SUAVE OWL and you will pick a winner every time. Follow our Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to see the SUAVE OWL experience waiting for you at 33 Milsom Street, Bath.

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