Goodwood Racecourse – Race Day Style Guide

What Should Men Wear To A Goodwood Race Day?


With nineteen days of horse racing planned for 2024, a day out at Goodwood is a must for anybody living in the Sussex area or any avid fans of SUAVE OWL Winchester. Goodwood’s biggest attraction, the Qatar Goodwood festival, is a must-attend for fans of a day at the races. This year, the Qatar Goodwood Festival runs from the 30th of July to the 3rd of August. 



If you’re attending Goodwood races this year, you deserve to look your best. Read on for the Goodwood Racecourse Dress Code and men’s raceday outfit ideas from SUAVE OWL…

Smart casual race day outfit worn at Cheltenham Festival.

Dion Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set, Sand Chinos


Goodwood Dress Code For Men


There are varying dress codes for the Goodwood races depending on your seating.



Gentlemen in the Richmond Enclosure are required to wear a jacket and tie, and boys aged 7 to 15 years old are asked to wear a long-sleeved collared shirt. No polo shirts or relaxed attire is allowed. It is an opportunity to dress in your absolute best.



Gentlemen in the Gordon and Lennox Enclosures have a bit more stylistic freedom. For the Qatar Goodwood Festival, attendees are encouraged to dress in a smart and elegant way. For regular racedays, there is no specific outfit requirements other than attire being suited for a day at the races.



If you are attending hospitality at Goodwood Racecourse, the same rules apply as those for the Richmond Enclosure. A jacket and tie must be worn by gentlemen.



Now you know the requirements for your big day at Goodwood, it’s time for some outfit inspiration…


Co-founder Tony in smart casual men's outfit.

Eton Jacket, Eton Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Jeans Rock Fit Black


Men’s Smart Casual Race Day Outfits


If you will be attending the Gordon or Lennox enclosure during your visit to Goodwood, a smart casual outfit for the races is well worth considering. Of course, you want to look good for such a special occasion. However, there’s no reason that you can’t do that dressed smart casually instead of formally. For men’s smart casual outfits for race day, here are our suggestions…



Mastering smart casual men’s outfits comes down to finding a balance between formal and casual items. A formal upper half works well with relaxed chinos and trainers, conversely suit trousers and brogues may work between with a T-shirt and jacket.


Smart casual men's outfit consisting of white SUAVE OWL T-shirt and waistcoat.

Miami Sky Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White T-shirt


Start your smart casual men’s outfit selection by considering your favourite pieces to wear. Are you a T-shirt wearer? Do you take any opportunity to wear a waistcoat? If you find that picked formal clothes, consider what casual items would work with them, or do the opposite.



Thinking you want to wear your favourite jeans or chinos? A SUAVE OWL formal shirt would balance that out perfectly, they’re a popular choice for a reason. Easy to style, easy to rewear, you can’t go wrong. Plus, with our diverse size range and expansive selection of colours, the perfect shirt for your race day men’s outfit is just waiting for you.

Co-founder Tony and his father wearing men's smart casual outfits with suit jackets.

Jenson JacketJenson Double-Breasted WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White ShirtUltraflex Black Jeans


 Caridi JacketCaridi WaistcoatSUAVE OWL Pink ShirtSand Chinos


Assembling a smart casual outfit can feel tricky. Keep in mind balancing your outfit to be equally casual and formal, wear your favourite items, and experiment. If you need more help putting together your smart casual men’s race day outfit, visit us in store where our experienced team are ready to help you find your dream outfit.



You can also read our Smart Casual Race Day Guide and our blog Mastering Semi-Formal Attire: A Comprehensive Style Guide for further style tips and smart casual outfit ideas for men.


Smart casual men's outfit for winter.

Winter Smart Casual Outfit


Men’s Formal Race Day Outfits


Of course, we associate a day at the races with dressing your finest. Whether you will be attending the Richmond Enclosure or hospitality so you have to dress your best or if you simply want to enter the spirit of the day, the perfect men’s formal outfit for the races is just waiting for you…


Caridi olive suit, green suit for men, worn by co-founder Tony

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


To look your best for the races, and for that classic race day look, a 3-piece suit is a must. You will always feel your best in a jacket, waistcoat, trousers, formal shirt and brogues.


Elwood suit worn as simple 3-piece, cream suit for men.

Elwood 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Consider the season when picking your 3-piece suit for the races. If you are attending in the warmer months, a lighter suit in a bright colour will reflect the rays of the sun and keep you cooler through the day. If you are attending in the colder months, a thicker suit in a dark colour, perhaps with a thermal layer underneath, will likely be your best plan. Dressing for the time of year is the best way to ensure your comfort!



Start your suit finding by browsing our selection and see what calls out to you. We have classic suits, contemporary suits, and exciting statement suits. There is something for everyone. Simply browse your suit with a SUAVE OWL formal shirt, brogues, and accessories. Then, you will be race day ready.


Mix and match men's suit with brown waistcoat and blue suit jacket.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


Raceday Style Tips For Men


Looking for the best possible men’s race day outfit possible? These style tips will help you make any outfit into the perfect outfit.



Your clothing fit is essential to getting the best possible look, whether you are dressing casually, smart casually, or formally. Your clothes should be snug but not restrictive and they should not hang from you either. At SUAVE OWL, we have diverse size ranges in our items and you can buy a 3-piece suit in separate sizes, meaning you can find the best fit for you in your jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Discover more about finding the perfect suit fit in our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits. Additionally, our staff in store are always happy to help you find your perfect fit.


Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Don’t neglect the finer details. Remember to accessorise. Accessorising is a perfect place to implement some personality, a pop of colour, a funky design, or a complicated tie knot. The accessories are what will make your outfit look complete and, most importantly, what will make it feel personal to you. Check out our accessories range to find all your men’s accessories favourites.



Keep it groomed. You will never look your best if your beard is shaggy, your hair is untrimmed, and you forget to shower. Make yourself feel special by getting a good haircut, applying your favourite cologne, and being clean and keen.


Jenson 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Remember to consider the weather in your outfit. If the forecast for your day is looking cold, wear a layer of thin thermal underwear and socks. If the forecast is rainy, consider packing a see-through poncho or bringing an umbrella. If the forecast is looking like a heatwave, bring a fan and water bottle, plus leave the thermal socks at home. Simple additions like this can bring a whole new level of comfort to your day, don’t neglect them!



Lastly, don’t forget about your socks! Some gentlemen get so caught up in making sure their suit, shirt, and shoes look good that they neglect this small detail. Make sure your socks are either no shows or a neutral colour that matches your outfit. You don’t want to be wearing a black suit with neon yellow socks, don’t forget about them!


Race Day With SUAVE OWL


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