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Tony's Smart Casual Autumn Look

Tony's Smart Casual Autumn Look

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If you want to follow in one of our founder's fashion footsteps, this outfit is for you. It's perfect for any gentleman who isn't afraid to be bold. 


The colours in this ensemble play to the wearer's benefit. Neutral black jeans keep attention up on the chest. The orange of the SUAVE OWL T-shirt layered with the Jenson Navy suit jacket keeps attention on the torso but doesn't constrict it, flattering the wearer. The shoes provide refinement and pull together this smart casual, contemporary look. It's adaptable, full of personality, and a brilliant go-to outfit. With a SUAVE OWL outfit, you never need to compromise comfort for style. Trust this outfit to keep you looking your best with minimal effort. 


Get the look today.

Gentlemen, Suit Up

An award winning independent menswear heaven. You will find us towards the top of the infamous retail destination Milsom Street, Bath.

We provide effortless style and quality for all gentlemen. From kingsize attire to matching children's suits and everything in between. Our tweed style suits, shirts, shoes and accessories offer sophistication with personality. Inspiring every man to look and feel his best. From Every Day to Wedding Day!


Don't just take our word for it...

You guys have been great all the way through this whole process. Thanks for the great service guys. You'll definitely be seeing me again.


Good quality suit, fantastic customer service at a good price.


...nervous, anxious wreck to feeling super confident and incredibly excited, all in less than 30 minutes of having stepped through the door.


It’s a Gentleman's World...

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