Qatar Festival 2024 – Goodwood Racecourse

What To Wear To The Qatar Festival 2024?

This year the dates for Goodwood Qatar Festival are Tuesday the 30th of July to Saturday the 3rd of August. Glorious Goodwood will be well known to fans of the races in Hampshire and the surrounding area. It is an unmissable event on the racing calendar and a must-attend for any locals.


Smart casual outfit for the horse races

Dan's Race Day Outfit



Whether it is your first time at Goodwood or you’re a seasoned attendee, our men’s outfit ideas for the races and style tips are certainly worth a browse. For such a big social and sport event, well noted on race day calendars around the country, looking your best is a must. To find your confidence and comfort in the perfect race day or If you want race day outfits for men, race day inspiration, or want to know what a man should wear to Goodwood Racecourse, read on...



Qatar Festival At Goodwood Dress Code


There are varying dress codes for the Goodwood races depending on your seating. While a strict formal dress code is not enforced in any enclosure, some sections do have stricter rules than others. It is additionally worth noting that a classy and classic style are encouraged and may well help you feel more immersed in the atmosphere of the day. Whether you go for high fashion, or a classic period look, consider going for something statement that feels personal for you. There’s not always an opportunity to dress in your best style, even if you don’t have to, you might as well embrace the style of the event!


Full formal men's suit for the races, men's suit in brown.

Ted 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Considering men’s style for Raceday at Goodwood, Qatar Festival’s Ladies Day is on Thursday the 1st of August. The ladies will be bringing their finest style to the occasion. Don’t let the sartorial side down, a gentleman should look his best for a fine occasion!



Gentlemen in the Richmond Enclosure are required to wear a jacket and tie, and boys aged 7 to 15 years old are asked to wear a long-sleeved collared shirt. No polo shirts or relaxed attire is allowed. It is an opportunity to dress in your absolute best.


Smart casual men's outfit with navy blue men's suit.

Eton Jacket, Eton Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Jeans Rock Fit Black



Gentlemen in the Gordon and Lennox Enclosures have a bit more stylistic freedom. For the Qatar Goodwood Festival, attendees are encouraged to dress in a smart and elegant way. For regular racedays, there is no specific outfit requirements other than attire being suited for a day at the races.



If you are attending hospitality at Goodwood Racecourse, the same rules apply as those for the Richmond Enclosure. A jacket and tie must be worn by gentlemen.



Now you know the requirements for your big day at Goodwood, it’s time for some outfit inspiration…


What Should Men Wear To The Qatar Festival At Goodwood?


 If you want to look your best, as Goodwood encourages, sticking to more formal outfits may be the right direction. It isn’t a strict rule, as stated, and a smart casual outfit can also look fantastic with good execution (read our Smart Casual Race Day Style Guide if smart casual raceday outfits are of interest to you). However, since formal outfits that fit the atmosphere of the Qatar Festival are encouraged, we’ll delve into men’s formal outfits for raceday.


Cricketeer Jack Brooks' wedding guest outfit.

Jack Brooks Wedding Guest Outfit


For an event like the Qatar Festival at Goodwood, you will want to look your best. It is a celebration of quintessentially British style and you’ll certainly want to look the part. A sure-fire way to feel at upmost confidence is wearing a 3-piece, the Qatar festival is the place for your finest formal men’s outfits for the races – a suit jacket, waistcoat, trousers, and stylish formal shirt and smart brogues are all to be embraced.



Since the Qatar festival takes place at the height of summer, and we always love to be optimistic when it comes to weather, summer suiting is a must. Bright colours to reflect the sun made of lightweight materials, such as linen, cotton, or wool-blends, are the way to go.


Caridi Olive suit worn by co-founder Tony.

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Start the process of finding your men’s outfit for the Qatar festival by browsing our selection. Browse our main suits collection and our summer collection to see what stands out to you. When you know what suit you want, then it all comes down to the right styling.



If you’re unconfident when it comes to suit styling, you have a few options. Firstly, find inspiration. You can find this in our blogs and our social media, in style magazines, on the Goodwood website, and in a wide range of other spots. Secondly, visit us in one of our shops and ask for assistance, our team are happy to help with all manner of stylistic ways. Thirdly, opt to keep it simple. You can keep it simple but utilising your suit’s colour as your base colour, accessorising in either complimentary colours or in different shades of your base colour, and keeping your shoes and formal shirt in a neutral colour.


Cody, navy blue men's suit, worn by model on Bath Circus

Cody 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Raceday Style Tips For Men


One you have your men’s outfit for the horse races, there’s still a few things you can do to ensure you look and feel your best. style tips will help you make any outfit into the perfect outfit.


Men's smart casual outfit for race day with sand chinos and Dion jacket.

Sam's Semi-Formal Outfit


Clothing fit is essential, whether you are dressing casually, smart casually, or formally. Your clothes should be snug but not restrictive and they should not hang from you either. Clothes that are too tight or too big will not flatter you. At SUAVE OWL, we have diverse size ranges in our items and you can buy a 3-piece suit in separate sizes, meaning you can find the best fit for you in your jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Discover more about finding the perfect suit fit in our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits. Additionally, our staff in store are always happy to help you find your perfect fit. You’ll look your best in your men’s race day outfit if it fits you right, don’t make suit fit an afterthought.



Neglecting the details is a definite way to not looking your best. Accessorising is key for implementing personality into your men’s outfit for race day, it makes you stand out! Implement some colour, a funky design, an intricate tie knot, or a family heirloom accessory. These items complete the outfit and make it feel like you. If you’re in need of some extra accessories, check out our men’s accessories collection. Don’t forget about the little details like your socks too; keep your socks a neutral colour so attention isn’t drawn to them instead of your outfit.


Marco black suit for men worn by model on motorbike.

Marco 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Keep on top of your grooming. However your outfit looks, it will never look its best if you don’t! Get a haircut, trim your beard, wear your favourite cologne. Be clean and keen for Goodwood, it’ll help you feel your best.





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Caridi navy suit jacket worn with Ted brown waistcoat and pink styling.

Caridi Navy Jacket, Ted Double Breasted Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL Pink Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set

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