Spectacular Second-Hand Suits For Men With SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed

What Is SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed?


SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed is there for you, whether you want a SUAVE OWL men's second-hand suit or if you have one already. But what is SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed? And what does it have to offer? For more information, read on...



Navy suits and smart casual outfits for men worn by two models.



With SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed, you can trade in an old SUAVE OWL suit at one of our shops for a discount on a new one or for store credit. These reclaimed suits are then available to purchase in store as pre-loved men's suits for a cheaper price than a new suit. As a result, what is on offer in our Reclaimed range is always changing, there could be something exciting waiting for you.



SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed was set up to tackle two issues we see at SUAVE OWL:



As a fashion retailer, we are aware of the impact the fashion industry has on global carbon emissions and contribution to landfill. The UK has previously been named as the fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe. We want to do what we can do to combat this. SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed provides an incentive to not send an old suit to landfill. It gives your old or ill-fitting suits the opportunity to be worn again, cutting down on what goes to landfill.



SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed also offers the same big SUAVE OWL suit excellence for a smaller price. Giving a budget option, especially during the cost-of-living crisis, gives more financial options to our customers that need a suit for an important event or interview. If you are wanting or needing a new suit but desire a cheaper option, a second-hand suit or pre-owned suit for men with Reclaimed is the best route.


SUAVE OWL Reclaimed Papers With Logo


Do your wallet and the planet a favour, see what Reclaimed can do for you.


Why Should I Trade In My Old Suit With SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed?


For those who already own SUAVE OWL suit, we offer a trade-in option with rewards. This does, however, have a few conditions.



The suit needs to be a style that SUAVE OWL has stocked, either presently or in the past. It does not need to have been a SUAVE OWL purchase, we will accept your trade in as long as we have sold that suit at some point. 



The suit can have been worn. However, the fabric must be in good condition with no damage, such as stains, tears, or holes. The suit must be functioning perfectly. Suits that are overwhelmed by smells, such as body odour, smoke, and alcohol, will not be accepted. This is not an exhaustive list for reasons SUAVE OWL may be unable to accept a trade. Suits will be thoroughly checked upon trade in to ensure the next wearer has the SUAVE OWL quality we strive for.



The reward for a trade in, other than freed up wardrobe space, is either a discount from your next purchase or store credit. The reward amounts are as follows:



£15 for a waistcoat.

£30 for a suit jacket or blazer.

£50 for a matching 3-piece suit.



We do not accept trousers as a single trade in, they must be part of a 3-piece suit.



Using your discount or store credit, you can refresh your wardrobe with suit pieces that fit you better or excite you more. SUAVE OWL is a fantastic method of cutting down on textile waste and discovering your new look.


Jenson suit worn by model, styled with orange.


How Do I Browse SUAVE OWL Reclaimed?


The Reclaimed range is not currently available on our website, but keep your eyes peeled. It is available at our flagship Bath shop, where the Reclaimed range is available on the shop floor - giving you freedom to shop the second-hand suits.



Simply visit one of our shops, ask to about the range of second-hand suits, or ask what’s available in Reclaimed in your size. The Reclaimed range varies, sometimes there is more available, sometimes we may not have something in your size. However, it is always worth a check to try and find the perfect item for less. You can always ring our shops to ask about the reclaimed range in advance too!


Ted suit worn by model.


Why Should I Shop SUAVE OWL Reclaimed?


Buying a reclaimed suit has several pros.



Firstly, our Reclaimed range is made of men's second-hand suits. This means we have different styles available in our Reclaimed range to our store suit range. It gives you the opportunity to find something special. Finding something unexpected you love in a men's pre-owned suit for less money is always a positive. Shake up your style with something unique that you won’t find every day and discover the perfect suit for you for less.



Secondly, textile waste is a massive contributor to landfill. Shopping secondhand, such as through SUAVE OWL Reclaimed, is one fantastic way to ethically fill your wardrobe. Keep your outfit fresh and well-fitting whilst benefiting the planet and proudly wear your pre-owned items. With SUAVE OWL Reclaimed, the same SUAVE OWL high-quality is assured anyway.



Thirdly, it will cost you less! Our Reclaimed men's second-hand suits are less pricey than our new options. You’ll get the same quality for less and help the planet whilst doing so.  A SUAVE OWL Reclaimed suit is a win for your style, wallet, and world – an option worth exploring.



Buying a SUAVE OWL Reclaimed suit does have a few terms and conditions worth noting. A reclaimed suit purchase is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. All suits are thoroughly checked when traded in, however we cannot be held responsible for any unseen faults or damage or any that may occur within an immediate time after purchase.


Caridi dark green suit for men worn with a white shirt on a model.



With all of this noted, checking out our Reclaimed range next time you are in one of our shops is obvious! Just enquire as to if anything in Reclaimed range is in your size and see what’s waiting for you. If you need second-hand suits in Winchester or second-hand suits in Bath, SUAVE OWL is the spot for you.


Stay Up To Date With SUAVE OWL


Follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok for SUAVE OWL updates, information about our new in items, and more. Visit one of our shops to see our Reclaimed range of pre-loved men’s suits. We have SUAVE OWL locations in central Bath and Winchester, waiting for you to visit. Our helpful and experienced team are always on hand to help.


SUAVE OWL Reclaimed logo on men's suit.


Make the right impact with your look, and shop SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed today.

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