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Are you going to be a member of a wedding party? Get excited! It’s a fun and exciting process to be involved in. Look forward to the stag do, pre-wedding preparations, the big day itself, the reception, and more! Being asked to be a key supportive figure for a close friend or family member on one of the biggest days of their life is an honour. 


Groom's attire, with Ted brown men's suit and Dion blue men's suit

Jamal's Wedding Attire


However, being asked to be a member of a wedding party can come with some concerns. You might be worried about the amount of time you have to offer and you might be worried about money. If finances are a concern for you, know that you are not alone in that feeling. When it comes to weddings, there is so much to consider, and every wedding is different. It can be unclear who is covering some of the expenses and those financial conversations can be awkward.



If you’re going to be a groomsman or be a member of a wedding party, or if you’re going to be getting married, this blog is for you. Read on for more on how SUAVE OWL can help you get the right wedding suits and groom’s suit for the big day, information on different ways those suits can be purchased or hired, and some advice on how to approach a tricky conversation...



Real life groom's party wearing brown suits for men with green accessories.


Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit


How Can SUAVE OWL Help Wedding Parties?


SUAVE OWL has been helping groom’s parties find their wedding suits since our get go. We have groom’s attire, best man’s suits, father of suits, groomsmen’s suits, and children’s suits, all in a wide range of styles and diverse sizes. Check out our main suits range to see what stands out to you from our classic suits to our contemporary styles.


Cody blue men's suit worn by model.

Cody 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set 


In a recent addition to our offerings for weddings and events, SUAVE OWL now offers suit hire! Our suits can be hired for a lower cost than purchase, making this a good option for groomsmen. At a fixed price, SUAVE OWL suit hire offers suit jackets for £100, waistcoats for £45, and suit trousers for £45. Hiring suits still requires as much notice and time as suit purchase. Enquire about SUAVE OWL suit hire in store or via phone call for all the details you need about how this could benefit your wedding party.



Lastly, we must mention the SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room. The Groom’s Room is an exclusive experience that can only be found in our flagship Bath shop. The Groom’s Room is a private fitting room, located downstairs in our shop and styled as a gentleman’s smoking lounge. In the Groom’s Room, you will have complete privacy, it will only be your party and an experienced member of our team there to help. Enjoy a complimentary drink as you try on your suits together and feel the luxury while trying on wedding suits that is usually only reserved for brides. To find out more about our groom’s room, alongside the multiple suit purchase discount SUAVE OWL offers, read our blog The Groom’s Room Experience.


SUAVE OWL Groom's Room with men's suit and lounge chairs.

The Groom's Room Experience


Who Buys The Wedding Suits?

Who buys the wedding suits can vary from wedding to wedding.



Traditionally, the groom will cover the costs of the wedding suits. This comes with the assumption that the suit will not be something you choose for yourself and you will have little input on the decision making. In some modern weddings, this is still the case.


Cricketeer Jack Brooks in wedding guest outfit for men.

Jack Brooks Wedding Guest Outfit



However, tradition is not always present in a modern-day wedding. Aspects of traditional weddings are often left behind and new traditions are being made all the time. This could reflect upon the groomsmen suit selection. You may have more input on what you wear, getting to choose the styles you feel more confident in, but this may come with an expectation that you are also involved financially.



At SUAVE OWL, we have seen a variety of different ways of paying for the wedding suits, such as:


  • The groom purchases all suits.
  • Groomsmen purchase independently.
  • Groom’s father purchases groom’s suit and his own, all others purchased independently.
  • Groom hires all suits.
  • Groom purchases for himself, all others hire independently.
  • Grooms purchases own suit and hires all others.
  • Groomsmen hire independently.
  • Groomsmen make independent choice to purchase or hire, each covering their own expense.
  • Groom covers cost of hire for all suits and groomsmen have the option to pay the additional to purchase the suit.
  • Family of groom purchase or hire all suits.
  • Groom buys or hires all suits, groomsmen buy shirts/shoes/accessories.


This is not an exhaustive list of options, but lets you know the variety of ways SUAVE OWL sees wedding suits be sorted. It also allows you to have an idea of just how much your groomsmen outfit may cost depending on each way. This may not ease your worries, as there’s massive variety in cost in these options. Hopefully, the groom, best man, or another individual involved in the wedding will clarify for the groomsmen what is expected of them financially. If they don’t, or you would like the information as soon as possible to prepare, read on for the ways in which you could approach this conversation.


Caridi olive suit for men worn by co-founder Tony

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set, SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin



How To Discuss Wedding Finances


Ultimately, to know what is expected of you in your groomsmen suit fitting, clear communication is what is required. It is essential that this communication occurs before attending your suit fitting and group suit selection to avoid any last-minute problems.



You may want to start by asking the best man, or a groomsmen group chat if you have one, instead of directly asking the groom. The groom will be managing a lot of responsibilities and you will likely get a quicker answer out of this route. Approach the question with optimism, try something like “I’m so excited for our suit fitting. So I can be prepared, who will be buying the wedding suits and what sort of suits are we thinking of?” You will likely not be the only person who will be wondering. This way, there’s no space for confusion. If it does turn out that you will be paying for your own suit, knowing what sort of suits you are looking for also means you can check prices and be financially aware before having to pay. You could additionally enquire as to whether hire will be an option. With these questions, you should have all the information you need to prepare.


Wells pale blue suit for men worn by model.

Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



If money is a concern for you and you discover that the suits are to be purchased or hired by you, contact a member of the groomsmen, preferably the best man, that you trust to share your concerns. By discussing it, you will hopefully be able to figure out the best actions to take and ease your worries. The sooner you open up about this, the easier it should be to sort it out in the best possible way for everybody involved.



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Elwood 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set

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