Being A Groomsman: How To Plan & What To Do

How To Be A Groomsman

Looking forward to being a groomsman? You should be! Being a member of a groom’s party, whether it is for a family or friend, is an honour. You are there to support your loved one on one of the biggest days of their life and be a part of something incredibly important to them. It is something to get excited about!


Groomsmen wearing wedding suits in brown.

Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit


At SUAVE OWL, helping grooms, best men, groomsmen, the father of the groom or bride, and any member of a wedding party is something we have done since the get go. We believe all men should get to feel their very best for such a special occasion and pride ourselves on providing an experience for the customer that will help make the big day the best day it can be.



However, you may have some questions. You may have questions about the groomsman role, you may want to know what you should do as a groomsman, and what you should not do as a groomsman. If you want to know more, read on for groomsmen advice and to see how SUAVE OWL can help you…


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SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room

To start with, when it comes to SUAVE OWL and groom's parties, the SUAVE OWL Groom's Room is a must explore opportunity. Whether you’re looking for a groom’s suit, best man’s suit, father of suit, or groomsman’s suit, there is something for you at SUAVE OWL. 


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The Groom's Room Experience


The SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room is a dedicated space for finding wedding suits. Book a slot in our exclusive Groom’s Room for a private wedding suit fitting. It’ll just be you, your party, and a helpful member of our dedicated team. Enjoy a complimentary drink while trying on suits for the big day in the company of your nearest and dearest. Our groom’s room is designed to look like a gentleman’s smoking lounge and provides you with a luxury experience usually only reserved for brides - perfect for getting excited for the big day.



If you want to know more about the SUAVE OWL Groom’s Room, alongside more about the group discount available for multiple suit purchases, read our Groom’s Room Blog. If you have just found out you are going to be a Groomsman, make sure your groom knows about this!



Note that the Groom’s Room is exclusive to our flagship Bath SUAVE OWL location.


What Should You Do Before Buying Your Groomsmen Suit?

One of the first things you will do as a groomsman, and where SUAVE OWL can help you the most, is finding your suit for the big day. In the lead up to trying and buying your suit, there’s a few helpful steps you can take that will make the occasion go as smoothly as possible. 



Start with taking your measurements and making a note of them. Your measurements can be so helpful to have on hand, as they can ensure that you get the best possible fit, and therefore the best possible look, out of your suit. It’s a short process but can be so very helpful! It’s worth taking your measurements before ever going suit shopping.


Wells pale blue suit for men worn as wedding suit.

Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Pack the essentials. Unless you know that you will all be purchasing a formal shirt alongside your suit, taking a formal shirt is a necessity. You won’t have a true idea of what the suit will look like unless you have all the needed building blocks. Take a well-fitting and trustworthy formal shirt with you to your fitting. In addition, make sure to wear the right shoes for the occasion. You won’t be wearing dirty, big boots on the big day, so you’ll want to try the suit on with formal shoes.



Lastly, scrub up! You don’t need to be as well put together for trying on your suit as you will for the wedding itself. However, you want to be able to envision what the suit will look like. Put a little bit of extra care into your grooming that day. Plus, and especially if it is hot, you’ll want to ensure you’re recently bathed and wearing deodorant for your suit trying process. It is a courtesy to your fellow wedding party members to ensure you’re well-groomed, feeling your best, and feeling positive as you try on suits for the big day.


Cody navy suit for men worn as groom's suit.

Cody 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


What Should You Do When Getting Your Groomsmen Suit?

The process of getting the right wedding suits for the occasion should be a fun one. The groom, family of, and groom’s party should select suits a few months in advance of the wedding, the earlier the better. This means this will be one of the first events of the groom’s party and is a sure-fire way of setting a tone of excitement.



When getting your groomsmen suit, you should remain positive while stating your opinions. It is completely okay for you to have likes, dislikes, and preferences for what you wear. It is not okay to dismiss every idea and insist on wearing exactly what you like. If the groom wants blue suits, and you are not a big fan of blue, stating outright that you won’t wear blue is unacceptable, it is not your big day. However, you can state that you prefer a colour that is not blue, or that you would rather wear navy than sky blue. Respond to the ideas in the room, keep your input complimentary, and add to fun in the room.


Jenson navy suit for men worn with floral buttonhole as groom's attire.

Jenson 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



Insist on getting the right size for you. Utilise the knowledge you have from taking your measurements to get the right size. Being clueless about your size will make the suit fitting take longer and provide you difficulty. Get the right size to ensure your comfort, that you look your best, and have a strong idea of what your size will be before the suit fitting.



Lastly, and most importantly, support the groom. Whilst sorting your suit for the wedding is important, picking his groom’s attire is monumental. Picking the right groom’s suit is integral to confidence on one of the biggest days of the groom’s life. Put your own worries aside and help him find the best suit for him with honest feedback and encouragement. You are playing a role of support for him; it all starts here.


Mix and match groom's suit with brown suit for men and blue suit for men.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


What Should A Groomsman Do In The Lead Up to The Wedding?


After your suit fitting, there are a few things a groomsman should do to help the groom before the wedding. 



Of course, there is the responsibility of attending and assisting with the stag do. The stag do fills many purposes, it is there to get the groom and groom's party excited for the wedding, to foster connection between the groom's party, and get the groom relaxed with a fun experience that will allow for them to blow off some wedding stress. Your job as a groomsman is to assist with the stag do however you can. Offer to help with ideas and planning, but be sure to keep what the groom wants in mind. Consider his hobbies, interests, and how he likes to have fun while suggesting ideas. Remember during the event to celebrate the groom, stay positive, and get involved with all the fun!



For stag do ideas, read our blogs Visit Bath: A Stag Do Guide and Visit Winchester: A Stag Do Guide



Before the wedding day, a groomsman should make himself available to help and known that he wants to. It doesn't have to be anything big, it could be with the smallest of odd jobs and obviously is schedule dependant. Weddings can be very stressful and just knowing that you are there and willing to help could be a massive relief. Supporting the groom is integral to being a groomsman, so be willing to lend a hand.



In the few days before the wedding, make sure to take care of yourself and make sure you have everything packed you could possibly need. This means you must make sure you are well groomed with a fresh haircut and beard trim. This also means you need to make sure you have everything packed you could possibly need. You don't want to be the cause of a last minute panic because you have forgotten something essential. Check that you have your suit, shirt, shoes, the right socks and pants, any accessories, and the necessary grooming items to feel your best! Preparation is a key step to being the best groomsman possible, make sure you have yourself covered to do the best job you can!


Men's suit in stone colour with navy accessories.

HM5 Stone 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Lastly, be sure to also ask how you can help on the big day in advance. You can do this months in advance or days. Ask again on the wedding day, but you may be able to figure out how you can help on the wedding day beforehand, taking a weight off the couple's mind. This may be ushering, carrying copies of speeches, taking care of the rings, any manner of small jobs. Knowing what you have to do in advance can make the whole day run smoother and make you feel like the best groomsman you can be.


What Should A Groomsman Do During The Wedding?

 During the wedding and the night beforehand, there's a few things a groomsman should do to help. 



Keep it calm. The night before and the day of will be a stressful, high pressure time. Try to keep things calm and as smooth as possible. It can be tempting to drink a lot of alcohol to celebrate, but ensure that everybody drinks responsibly. Set up a playlist of music the groom likes, keep the energy in the room positive, and help the groom through any worries or concerns he has. If there's a last minute emergency, keep your cool and try to keep the space grounded. The groom likely won't remember the exact words you say to him on the morning of his wedding, but he will remember the way you made him feel. Give him something positive to remember, and help him through this extremely big moment. 



On the morning of the wedding, get yourself organised and ready as soon as possible. This means you'll be ready for any last minute needs, your obligations, any pictures, and you can help the groom get himself organised. You don't want to start the day off in stress, keep yourself on time so you can help as much as possible. Plus, it'll give you extra time to celebrate, get in some group pictures, and enjoy the day. 


Men's suit, men's black suit, with white accessories on model.



Get yourself a copy of the itinerary. Knowing how the day will run is very important and necessary for a groomsman. It'll mean you can help guests with their questions, taking some pressure off the couple. It also means you can also help your other groomsmen and stay on top of all your responsibilities. It's a small step, but it can go a long way. 



Lastly, after the ceremony is over, have lots of fun at the reception. Throw all your energy into participating, it'll help other attendees feel like they can do the same. Chat to new people, appreciate the day, and get on the dance floor. Not only will you have a good time, so will everybody else!


SUAVE OWL Wedding Suits

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