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What Should Men Wear To A Cheltenham Race Day? 

Cheltenham is one of the most famous racecourses in the country. While they are famous for Cheltenham Festival, there are meets and races throughout the year. For a location such as Cheltenham Racecourse, you’ll want to feel and look your best. If you’re attending a race day at Cheltenham and want to know what men should wear to Cheltenham racecourse, read on...


Three men modelling SUAVE OWL outfits for Raceday at Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival - Race Day Style Guide


Cheltenham Dress Code For Men


When you think of attending the horse races, the outfits that will come to mind are the finest 3-pieces, morning suits, and formality. For some gentlemen, this will be what they want to wear for the occasion. However, The Jockey Club, who run Cheltenham, have relaxed their dress code in recent years. Now, the dress code allows for much more options in outfits for Cheltenham. The set guidance is now to ‘come dressed to feel your best.’



Whilst fancy dress and team colours are still restricted, which you can read more about on the Cheltenham website, you are free to wear the smart casual men’s outfits for the races and the formal men’s outfits for the races of your dreams! Whatever you gravitate towards, whatever makes you feel your best, you have options. Read on for outfit ideas that will make your day at Cheltenham all the more special to you…


Co-founder Tony modelling a smart casual men's outfit, perfect for Raceday.

Eton Jacket, Eton Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Jeans Rock Fit Black


Men’s Smart Casual Race Day Outfits


Attending a famous venue like Cheltenham Racecourse is something you certainly want to feel your best for. There’s no reason, if it is your preferred way of dressing, you cannot do it smart casually. Here are our suggestions for finding the best smart casual men’s race day outfit for you.



Start by considering your favourite items to wear. Do you like a suit jacket? Are you a T-shirt fan? Jeans, chinos, or suit trousers? For a smart casual outfit, you have plenty of freedom to wear your favourite items. Pick out one or two things you love to wear and feel great wearing, you can build the rest of your outfit from there!



A key element to getting smart casual men’s outfits right is balance. For example, if you’re wearing a T-shirt and you want to make it more formal, formal clothing, such as a suit jacket or suit trousers, is the way to go. Consider whether you’ve picked formal or casual items to wear. From there, think about how you can dress it up or dress it down.


Men's smart casual outfit for Raceday - worn at Cheltenham Festival 2024

Dan's Race Day Outfit


Some simple combinations for effective smart casual men’s outfits that we love at SUAVE OWL include a suit jacket, formal shirt, chinos, and either brogues or trainers. We also love a T-shirt with either a suit jacket or waistcoat, jeans, and brogues.



Ultimately, the best smart casual outfit will feel just like you. You shouldn’t be afraid to make it entirely comfortable and entirely in your style! Play around with your favourites into you stumble into something you like. However, if you want more inspiration, you can also read our Smart Casual Race Day Guide and our blog Mastering Semi-Formal Attire: A Comprehensive Style Guide for further style tips and smart casual outfit ideas for men.


Semi-formal outfit for race day - worn at Cheltenham Festival

Sam's Semi-Formal Outfit


Men’s Formal Race Day Outfits


If you want that classic suit look for the races, we certainly encourage it. A suit can help you feel at your upmost confidence.


Model wearing 3-piece pale blue suit for men.

Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


You can never go wrong with a classic 3-piece suit or more relaxed 2-piece. At SUAVE OWL, we have contemporary styles and classic styles. There’s something to be found for every man in the SUAVE OWL suit range. Plus, we offer our suits in individual pieces. This means you can mix and match suit pieces for an outfit that is completely unique to you, alongside finding the right fit.



To find your formal men’s outfit for the races, browse our suits range for inspiration. The perfect suit for you is just waiting.


Model wearing mix and matched men's suit jacket and men's waistcoat for intriguing men's formal outfit.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


Raceday Style Tips For Men


Looking for the best possible men’s race day outfit possible? These style tips will help you make any outfit into the perfect outfit.



Your clothing fit is essential to getting the best possible look, whether you are dressing casually, smart casually, or formally. Your clothes should be snug but not restrictive and they should not hang from you either. At SUAVE OWL, we have diverse size ranges in our items and you can buy a 3-piece suit in separate sizes, meaning you can find the best fit for you in your jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Additionally, our staff in store are always happy to help you find your perfect fit. Read The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits for more about suit fit.


Co-founder Tony wearing Caridi olive suit for men.

Caridi Olive 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Don’t neglect the finer details. Remember to accessorise. Accessorising is a perfect place to implement some personality, a pop of colour, a funky design, or a complicated tie knot. The accessories are what will make your outfit look complete and, most importantly, what will make it feel personal to you. Check out our accessories range to find all your men’s accessories favourites.



Keep it groomed. You will never look your best if your beard is shaggy, your hair is untrimmed, and you forget to shower. Make yourself feel special by getting a good haircut, applying your favourite cologne, and being clean and keen.



Remember to consider the weather in your outfit. If the forecast for your day is looking cold, wear a layer of thin thermal underwear and socks. If the forecast is rainy, consider packing a see-through poncho or bringing an umbrella. If the forecast is looking like a heatwave, bring a fan and water bottle, plus leave the thermal socks at home. Simple additions like this can bring a whole new level of comfort to your day, don’t neglect them!



Lastly, don’t forget about your socks! Some gentlemen get so caught up in making sure their suit, shirt, and shoes look good that they neglect this small detail. Make sure your socks are either no shows or a neutral colour that matches your outfit. You don’t want to be wearing a black suit with neon yellow socks, don’t forget about them!


Model wearing a men's suit in black.

Marco 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Race Day With SUAVE OWL


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