Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Men

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Do you need to find the perfect present for someone special? Want to show how much you care with the perfect Valentine’s gift for him? Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or a Valentines’s Gift for your husband, we have something for you. Read on for Valentines’s Day gift inspiration make him feel special this year with SUAVE OWL...


Pocket square in pocket of men's suit with paisley pattern.

Ted Jacket, Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares


Valentines’s Day Small Gift Ideas

SUAVE OWL has all the men’s valentine’s gifts you could need. Whether you’ve not been together for long and you just want to get him something small, you prefer to get your partner a few small gifts, or if you’re buying a small Valentines token for a friend, SUAVE OWL has got you covered with small gifts that send a big message of appreciation.


Selection of bow-ties and braces on display at SUAVE OWL Bath

Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket SquaresBelts & Braces


Our accessories range has plenty of smaller gifts for men waiting for Valentine’s Day. With ties, bow ties, braces, belts, cufflinks, tie clips, hats, scarves, gloves, pocket watches, and more, there’s the ideal Valentine’s Gifts for any gentleman at SUAVE OWL. Consider what accessories he wears the most, whether he prefers a formal or a casual accessory, and browse our range to see what stands out. Whether he likes an understated accessory or wants his accessories to be fashion statements, there’s sure to be something to consider.



We also stock gifts for men year-round. Whether bamboo socks, flatcaps, tweed items, wallets, card holders, flasks, tool sets, grooming items, a browse of our gifts range is a must. There’s sure to be something that inspires your gift giving just waiting for you to discover it.


Selection of ties and pocket squares on display at SUAVE OWL Bath

Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares


Valentine’s Day Big Gift Ideas

If you prefer to gift one larger present than a few small ones, SUAVE OWL has the perfect offerings that won’t break the bank.


SUAVE OWL T-shirt in plum colour

SUAVE OWL T-Shirt Plum


The SUAVE OWL own brand range is extensive and unique to SUAVE OWL. We offer SUAVE OWL T-shirts, SUAVE OWL formal shirts, and SUAVE OWL polo shirts. Our own brand range comes in a diverse size range, ranging from S to 5XL. Plus, there is a large colour assortment with classic colours and exciting statement shades. All our own brand items are designed to be longer in the torso, providing a comfortable wear. Make him feel special with a stylish SUAVE OWL own brand item and browse our range to find the perfect SUAVE OWL own brand item for him. The SUAVE OWL Pink Shirt is popular year round and could be a perfect Valentine’s fashion moment.


SUAVE OWL pink shirt.

SUAVE OWL Pink Shirt


The SUAVE OWL own brand has one additional non-clothing offering, perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift. SUAVE OWL gin is made in the West-Country. Made with a unique range of botanicals, our dry gin is perfect for gin fanatics.  Our Bath Dry Gin is available in large bottles and miniatures. Our Apple & Cinnamon Gin is only available in a large bottle. With SUAVE OWL cocktail recipes available, the gift of a unique SUAVE OWL gin could make Valentine’s Day a standout.


SUAVE OWL gin displayed with a picnic.



Our casualwear range also has standout gifting. Discover our casualwear range either on our website or in one of our shops. With year-round essentials, seasonal statements, and more available, something perfectly in your Valentines’s style is waiting. No matter his favourite colour or style, there’s something to be found for every gentleman at SUAVE OWL. A browse of our casualwear range is sure to bring up something worth exploring. Give him to be excited about wearing this Valentine’s Day, and treat him to some SUAVE OWL casualwear.


Make His Day With Valentines’s Day Gifts For Him

Is Valentine’s Day the event of the year for you and your partner? Want to spoil him? Or is this year a big anniversary for you?


Edward Pink suit for men with bold accessories.

Edward 3-PieceSUAVE OWL White ShirtStrong Paisley Tie & Pocket Square Set


Give him a Valentine’s Day to remember with a SUAVE OWL suit or something from our formalwear range! Our suit range varies from classic to contemporary styles with neutral colours all the way up to bight standouts. SUAVE OWL has a diverse size range, we want to be able to help all gentleman find a suit that fits them well, excites them, and makes them feel good.


Ted brown suit for men with pink accessories.

Ted 3-PieceSUAVE OWL Pink Shirt Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


A new suit jacket could be a standout Valentine’s present for him. Check out our suit range to see if there’s a suit that makes you think of him. The Edward Pink would be a stellar Valentine’s choice, if we say so ourselves! However, there’s a suit style for every gentleman in our range. If your partner is a suit fan, this is definitely an exciting avenue worth exploring – explore it today!


Valentines’s Day With SUAVE OWL

If it gets a little last minute and you don’t know what to do for Valentines Day, you want to know what to do for Valentine’s Day in Bath, or want to know what to do for Valentine’s Day in Winchester, consider popping into one of our shops for a SUAVE OWL shopping spree! Gift your partner the SUAVE OWL experience by giving him one of our gift vouchers, available as an E-voucher when purchased online. Then, bring him to either our Bath flagship shop or Winchester shop to select his own present in a Valentine’s Day experience that’s sure to be a treat to remember!


Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral


You can even make a day out of it and find interesting things to do in either city in our Visit Bath: A SUAVE OWL Guide and Visit Winchester: A SUAVE OWL Guide. Both cities are have a vast history, unique attractions, and excellent shopping scenes, well worth a visit! Enjoy your Valentines in Bath or Valentines in Winchester with SUAVE OWL!


Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey


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