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Considering a trip to the stunning City of Bath, but unsure what awaits you? Want to visit us, but would like to make a day of it? Discover some of what the Roman and Georgian city has to offer. Start planning your trip right here! 

Photograph of Bath Abbey

Famous Sites

The City of Bath has a UNESCO World Heritage city status, marking it a city of significance. Bath is also listed as one of eleven Great Spa Towns Of Europe, making it a double listed site, and even more intriguing. While years of compiling history have earned the city these titles, one of Bath’s standout attractions has had more influence than others.


The Roman Baths are utterly unique and the reason behind the city's name. They were constructed in the first few decades of Roman Britain and used as a place to bathe, socialise and worship until the end of Roman rule in Britain. They provide an insight into the lives of Roman residents, showing us their rituals and their day-to-day activities. Not only this, but the springs are a geographical wonder to see. The depths of preservation are astounding. It is no wonder they are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. Certainly a worth-while addition to any visit.


Photograph of the outside of the Roman Bath's


Museums & Galleries


The list does not stop after the Roman Baths. The City of Bath’s attractions are extensive and cover a range of subjects.


The Victoria Art Gallery is free to enter, with a fee for visiting their changing exhibit. It has a collection of oil paintings, sculptures, pottery and glass work with significance to Bath. The Holburne, famously featured in the Netflix series Bridgerton, as character Lady Danbury’s house, is home to a collection which has belonged to the people of Bath since 1882. Significant names in the collection include Gainsborough, Guardi, Stubbs, Ramsay and Zoffany.


Photograph of Bath's Guildhall - Home of the Victoria Art Gallery


For fans of the literary, there is the Jane Austen Centre and Mary Shelley's House Of Frankenstein. Both examine the life of female historical writers who lived in Bath. Jane Austen is referred to as Bath’s most famous resident, setting two of her novels in the city. Mary Shelley wrote much of her famous novel, Frankenstein, while living in Bath. If the life and impact of either of these novelists interests you, they are absolutely worth a visit.  Plus, they’re on the same street.
Photograph of the Jane Austen centre
 The Fashion Museum has hosted a collection of historical garments since the 1960s. Learn about the movement between trends and the reasoning behind them. Discover things you did not know about some of the world’s most notable designers. View historical pieces belonging to some of the world’s biggest names and take in unique, shifting exhibits. In addition, this museum shares a space with Bath’s Assembly Rooms, a Georgian social site that hosted the popular season’s balls. You can immerse yourself (if no prior event is on) in everything the space has to offer. Take in the beauty of it all on your visit.


Photograph of Bath's Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum

Explore the lives of William and Caroline Herschel and their home in Bath at the Herschel Museum Of Astronomy. Stand in the very spot that William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus in 1781. See the equipment used, personal artefacts and their workshop. For anybody with an intrigue in history and space, this is the spot for you.


Explore The Museum Of East Asian Art, The Postal Museum, The Museum Of Bath At Work, the American Museum & Gardens and No.1 Royal Crescent. Promenade around the Circus and the Crescent. Marvel at Bath Abbey's grandiose gothic architecture. Each attraction has unique merits and are ready for you.



A Chance To Unwind

Bath Aquae Spa is central to the City of Bath. The waters utilise the same geothermic natural springs as the Roman Baths, which you can no longer bathe in. They have reported healing properties and were Bath’s first tourist attraction. Dip into the two large pools, one of which has a rooftop view of the city, and visit the smaller spa experience rooms. You will come out rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed.


Become part of a Bath legacy that has lasted thousands of years.


Retail Of Your Dreams

And last, but not least, the City of Bath is famous for its shopping scene. We are so happy to count ourselves among the ranks of unique independents, bustling markets, and charming boutiques. Enjoy fine dining and fashion splurges between bouts of museum exploration, gallery pondering and sight-seeing.


Photograph of Bath's Milsom Street


Our store in Bath is well worth a visit. SUAVE OWL is an award-winning men’s retailers, stocking formal and casualwear, alongside original brand garments. Our size range caters for real men, meaning every gent who walks through the door can get exactly what he wants. Our friendly and helpful team are always willing to answer your queries or lend you a hand. 




Bath is easy to reach. Trains only take an hour and a half to reach Bath from London. The M4 runs past Bath, making driving to the city easy, and from there you can take use of the many park and rides that serve the city. For any more distant visitors, the closest airport is Bristol International Airport with a bus service that will take you to Bath city centre. 


When you reach the city, our home on Milsom Street is tricky to miss. Take a walk up the hill from the bus and train stations. Go past the Southgate shopping district, Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. Follow central Bath uphill and eventually you will end up on our doorstep. 


Peruse our website and follow our social media platforms to see the SUAVE OWL experience waiting for you at 33 Milsom Street, Bath!



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