What To Wear On A First Date - A Style Guide

First Date Outfits For Men

Going on a first date is as exciting as it can be nerve inducing! Will you get along? Are you right for eachother? Could this be the last first date you ever go on? There’s planning, build up, preparation. It all takes a lot of bravery to do. For a first date, you want to feel your best and at your upmost confidence. You want to wear the perfect outfit for the occasion, showing off your looks and impressing with your attire. If you need a perfect first date outfit for men, this blog is for you.



This blog has been inspired by Channel 4’s First Dates. If you want to know where is First Dates filmed, season 21 was filmed in Bath at The Botanist. The Botanist resides on Milsom Street, the same street as SUAVE OWL's flagship Bath shop. If you’re excited to see more of the newest season of First Dates, give this blog a read to see what independent menswear in the UK’s city of romance has to offer you…


What Should A Man Wear On A First Date?


The first step to planning you men’s first date outfit is figuring out the formality of the dress code. What to wear on a first date will change depending on the activity or date you have planned.


Monochromatic casual outfit for men.

Ahad's Monochrome Outfit


If you’re planning a coffee date, or meeting for a short time in the daytime, you probably want to keep your men's first date outfit more casual.



If you’re going for cocktails, a fancy dinner in a posh restaurant, an evening on the town, you might want to go more formal. Perhaps a tuxedo might be too much, but a 2-piece or 3-piece suit could make you feel your best, fit the setting, and be an excellent formal first date outfit for men.



If the date is loosely planned, meaning you’ve agreed a place to meet and you’re seeing how it goes from there, or even that you don’t know the exact details of the date because somebody else has planned it, smart casual attire is a safe bet. You’ll look your best, but not too overdressed in a smart casual men's first date outfit.


Men's smart casual outfit for first dates

Overcoat Grey, Quarter-Zip Waffle Jumper Forest, SUAVE OWL White T-shirt, Jeans Twister Fit Brown


After understanding the dress code for your date, choose an outfit from there.  Read on for some ideas for you, sorted by dress code.


Casual First Date Outfits For Men

For your casual first date, keep it simple. You can look good while not overcomplicating it. Try one of these men's casual first date outfits…



For a summer casual first date outfit for men, try wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with chinos or chino shorts and either sandals or trainers. This casual yet comfortable ensemble is so easy to style. Simply pick a favourite colour or patterned shirt, pair it with a neutral shade of chinos, then either statement trainers or neutral sandals.


Casual outfit for first date - men's first date outfit

Twill Overshirt Cream, SUAVE OWL Black T-shirt, Jeans Twister Fit Black


For a men's first date outfit on a colder day, you could try a T-shirt or formal shirt, with an overshirt and chinos. The addition of an overshirt adds a little formality but not too much, alongside adding warmth to an outfit, allowing you to feel and look your best in your men's first date outfit.



You could also try a simple T-shirt, chino, and trainer combination instead. Styling this is also easy. Choose a favourite shirt, or treat yourself to a SUAVE OWL T-shirt, pair with a neutral set of chinos and your favourite trainers. You could even wear a chino colour in a brighter and bolder colour and pair it with a neutral shirt. You can also add a lumberjack shirt in for an extra removable layer with a pop of colour - you have a world of options. 



Any casual outfit will make an excellent casual men's first date outfit if it is clean, composed, and makes you feel confident. Embrace the things you like to wear everyday, just put in the polishing effort to put your best foot forward. 


Smart Casual First Date Outfits For Men


For some first dates, you want to make a better impression. Smart casual attire, or semi-formal men's first dates outfits, help you feel that bit more confident while keeping you comfortable or from worrying about being overdressed. These are some simple first date semi-formal outfits for men which can be added to your wardrobe and are perfect for first dates.


Smart casual outfit for men - first date men's outfit

SUAVE OWL Navy Shirt, Sand Chinos


One easy go-to smart casual outfit for men is a simple suit jacket, formal shirt, chino, and brogue combination. This look is effortless yet cohesive. It creates a distinguished appearance. You can dress it up by adding accessories or dress it down by unbuttoning the top of the shirt. You can wear a statement piece and balance it with the rest of your attire being neutral or you can have the whole smart casual men's first date outfit be neutral. It all comes down to your preferences and what makes you feel the most authentically you.



If it feels a little formal for you, wear the same outfit as above but remove the jacket. You can even roll the sleeves of your formal shirt, we’d recommend a SUAVE OWL shirt, down to your elbows. It keeps you looking smart but removes that extra layer, perfect for summer.



If you’re on a winter date, you can also wear a similar outfit. Wear a formal shirt, chinos, suit jacket, brogues, and add in a jumper. Your statement piece of knitwear will both keep you warmer and make you look scholarly. It’s a perfect men’s outfit for a winter date.


Smart casual outfit for men - smart casual outfit with jumper - men's first date outfit

Eton Jacket, Quarter-Zip Jumper Wine, Regular Fit Chino Dusty Olive


Full Formal First Date Outfits For Men


If you’re really trying to impress, love to look your best, or have a very special first date plan, consider a 2-piece or 3-piece suit. A suit will always make you feel and look good, if it feels appropriate why not go for it. Make a distinguished first impression in an intriguing suit and feel your best in a formal first date outfit for men.


2-Piece Men's Formal Outfit - Ted suit - Men's first date outfit

Ted Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Your classic 2-piece look consists of a formal shirt, brogues, a suit jacket, and suit trousers with whatever accessories you desire. It’s an easy outfit template to keep cohesive. Wear your suit jacket and suit trousers from the same suit set. Add a neutral formal shirt, such as the SUAVE OWL white, navy, or pink shirt. Wear your favourite brogues and a belt that matches them if you need to. When it comes to picking the colours of your accessories, either match a shade from the suit, suit lining or wear the same colour as your shirt but slightly brighter or darker. It’s a simple formula, but it works well as a formal men's first date outfit.



A 3-piece is identical to a classic 2-piece suit look with the addition of a waistcoat. It adds an extra level of formality to the outfit, especially if you heavily accessorise. However, if you want to feel at your most formal, there’s nothing better than a 3-piece suit. Check out our suit range online now to see what suit is right for you.


Jack Brooks' wedding guest outfit - navy 3-piece suit for men.

Jack Brook's Wedding Guest Outfit


How To Decide What To Wear On A First Date?


Consider dress code and the impression you want to make as your first step. Prioritise your confidence, and make sure you feel comfortable enough to feel confident. If you’re dressed for the occasion and in an outfit that makes you feel your best, you’ll walk into your first date poised and ready to make the best possible impression.  For the perfect men’s first date outfit, trust SUAVE OWL.


Men's formal first date outfit - navy outfit - first date outfit for men.

Eton Jacket, Eton Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Jeans Rock Fit Black


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