Valentine’s Day - A Style Guide

What To Wear For Valentines?

Got a big Valentine’s Date planned? Going for a fancy dinner or a more chilled date night out? Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, you deserve to feel good for Valentine’s Day. Put your best foot forward with a Valentine’s Day date outfit that will impress. Read on for Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for men for different Valentine’s activities.


Co-founder Tony in garden wearing smart casual men's outfit.

SUAVE OWL Navy Shirt, Sand Chinos


Here are a few tips and Valentine’s tricks that will make you look in perfect place…


Valentine’s Daytime Date Outfits

Going out for a casual coffee date, shopping date, or even around a museum or local attraction? It can be tempting to go full formal with accessories and a 3-piece suit for any date, but you can look just as good in a men’s date outfit in casual or smart casual attire.


Casual outfit worn by model at Winchester Fashion Week 2023

Twill Overshirt CreamSUAVE OWL White T-shirtChino Stretch OliveBeanie Hat Green


For a casual man’s Valentine’s outfit, try a SUAVE OWL T-shirt with chinos, trainers, jumper, and jacket. It’s a simple combo that works every time and in loads of colour combinations. With SUAVE OWL’s diverse size range, you will be able to find all these items in a size that feels both comfortable and flattering to you.



If you want a simple colour combination that works well, try a SUAVE OWL T-shirt in white with navy or black chinos as a neutral base. From here, add a statement jacket or trainers in a bright colour of your choice to complete the look. It’s a clean and polished outfit, perfect for a casual Valentine’s men’s outfit.


Smart casual outfit with suit jacket, jumper, and chinos.

Winter Smart Casual Outfit


Of course, smart casual may be the option you prefer. It’s easier to feel confident in an outfit with formal elements. For a smart-casual man’s Valentine’s outfit, try a SUAVE OWL T-shirt, a jumper, a suit jacket, neutral chinos or matching suit trousers, and brogues. The T-shirt is hidden by the jumper, giving you an extra layer for warmth and comfort. The jumper paired with a suit jacket gives a distinctly formal and smart impression, with a scholarly look. Neutral chinos or matching suit trousers provide a cohesion to the outfit, make sure the neutral chinos either pleasantly contrast or are tied into a colour of the suit jacket. Lastly, brogues will always put that extra bout of confidence into your step. It’s a simple outfit, but works effectively every time.


men's smart casual outfit with overcoat, jumper, and jeans

Alex's Casual Overcoat Outfit


Valentine’s Day Dinner Date Outfits

For an evening date, perhaps at a high-end restaurant or cocktail bar, a more formal choice of attire may be the way to go. Consider these options for your formal Valentine’s Day outfit for men.



A fan of the classic suit look? Love to feel like a distinguished gentleman? The Ted suit has been a SUAVE OWL favourite from the get-go. The brown tweed with navy check is eye-catching and classic. Style it with a SUAVE OWL white shirt, navy tie, and brogues for that timeless look. You could also try a SUAVE OWL pink shirt or a SUAVE OWL lilac shirt for a pop of seasonal colour. You’re bound to feel and look like the gentleman you want to be in the Ted suit.


Ted suit worn on mannequin, brown suit for men with pink men's accessories.

Ted 3-PieceSUAVE OWL Pink Shirt Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


If you enjoy more of a contemporary, modern appearance, consider these options for your Valentine’s Day outfit. The Caridi suit, in either Navy or Olive, aswell as the Marco make for excellent contemporary suiting. The Caridi is a classic inspired suit with modern styling and twists. The dark colour of both the navy and the olive provides stark contrast to a white shirt. Both colours are standout suits that flatter the wearer. The Marco is your ideal black suit, perfectly fitting, perfectly flattering, you can’t go wrong with this style.


Marco black men's suit worn on motorcycle

Marco 3-PieceSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


Love to make a statement? You can’t go wrong with the Wells or Edward suits. Both make an excellent formal Valentine’s outfit. The pale blue of the Wells, especially when paired with pale pink accessories and a SUAVE OWL pink shirt, is perfectly romantic. For those really want to embrace the Valentines spirit, the pink of the Edward suit is perfectly fitting with a SUAVE OWL white shirt. If you want to make a statement and encapsulate the day, these are the options for you.


Edward Pink suit for men worn by model at Winchester Fashion Week 2023

Edward 3-PieceSUAVE OWL White ShirtStrong Paisley Tie & Pocket Square Set


What To Wear If You’re Proposing On Valentine’s Day?

Planning to ask the big question? Congratulations! For such a momentous occasion, one you’ll remember for the rest of your life, you want to look your best. Here are some ways to make sure you do; you’ll thank us later!



Firstly, make sure your suit fits you well. A good suit fit is essential to looking your best. You don’t want to look bulky, and you don’t want to look tightly squeezed. A good suit should fit snugly but not constrict and it should not hang off your frame. It should provide a clean silhouette that flatters the wearer. A good fit is essential, don’t neglect it.



Secondly, make your accessories and styling pop. For such an important moment, it’s worth putting in extra effort to feel your best. Practice a fancy tie knot. Iron your favourite formal shirt, we always recommend a SUAVE OWL own brand shirt. Groom yourself with a new hairstyle and trim. Wear your favourite cologne. All these little things will boost your confidence ten-fold. See these little bits of effort as a big investment in yourself and your partner, start your engagement as positively as you want to go on.


Casual men's outfit with grayscale jacket worn at Winchester Fashion Week 2023

Grey Checked Wool Blend JacketSUAVE OWL Polo Shirt BlackJeans Rock Fit Blue


Lastly, make sure you feel as picture ready as you look. The above tips, planning your outfit, planning the proposal, knowing what you want to say and where, all of it will help your confidence when the big moment comes. However, it’s worth asking a close friend or family member to check over your outfit and take some pictures of you in it. This will give you a practice run of what the outfit is like to wear, let you know how you photograph in it, and give you angles and ideas for photography. Plus, it will let you know exactly which pocket is best to conceal the ring in. For that extra boost of confidence, a practice run in your outfit with a loved one is a must.



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Monochromatic men's casual outfit worn in Bath city centre

Ahad's Monochrome Outfit

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