Mastering Men’s Fashion: How To Find Your Style

How Do Men Find Their Style?


Finding your style might seem like a daunting task to some men. The world of fashion can be scary. There’s fit, shape, silhouette, colour, decade, types of style, dress code, and season to consider. Not to mention, some people are made to feel on the outside of fashion trends and find insecurities in how they look in certain types of clothes.



At SUAVE OWL, making fashion accessible to every man has been a part of our ethos since day one. Whilst we have grown as a company since our early days of providing suits for every gentleman, we carry forward our mission to make fashion accessible for every man, regardless of his size, shape, or style. Part of this is helping those men that feel clueless when it comes to fashion who have spent their life buying whatever fits or whatever makes them feel the least bad. Every man deserves to find the style that makes him feel good; nothing less is acceptable.


Co-founder Tony with his father modelling smart casual men's outfits.

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If you feel a bit clueless about fashion, if you want to know about fashion style for men, or if you’re asking yourself ‘how do I find my fashion style’, this is the blog for you. Read on for a simplified breakdown of how to find your style, men’s fashion inspiration, and to find the answer to the question ‘how does a man find his fashion style?’.


What Is Fashion Style For Men?


Fashion and style can be incredibly hard to both define and understand.



Fashion as a term is used for an industry, societal clothing trends, and sometimes synonymously with style. Fashion is all things clothes and outfits; formalwear, casualwear, accessories, and footwear all fall under the fashion umbrella. Every part of what you wear comes from the fashion industry.


Monochromatic casual outfit for men worn by model.

Ahad's Monochrome Outfit


Whilst they are used to mean the same thing sometimes, fashion and style are different. Style is an individual’s personal application of fashion. It is about their choices and what they decide to wear. It is about what makes a person feel their best, look their best, and is incredibly different from one person to the next.



Whilst the fashion industry can, and should, help you select what to wear. A person’s style is all up to them. They may be a trendy individual, who enjoys seeing what the experts in the fashion industry recommend and what's in. They may be a classic individual, who enjoys outfits with a timeless quality. They may be a mix of the both. Ultimately, a man’s fashion style is all up to him.


Lumberjack shirt for men worn by model.

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Whilst this may clear up some language use, and help you understand some key concepts, it doesn’t help you figure out the style for you. Carry on for men’s fashion advice and how to find your men’s fashion style.


How To Find Your Fashion Style For Men?


When it comes to finding your fashion style, there are so many routes you can take. Here are a few ways we recommend for finding the best men’s fashion style for you.



Consider what your favourite few articles of clothing are to wear. It’s okay if nothing immediately comes to mind, think back through all of the clothes you’ve ever owned and what made you feel best to wear. Was it a certain T-shirt? Certain pair of jeans? A particular jumper? Or did you feel at your upmost confidence in a 3-piece suit?


Men's autumn smart casual outfit for men worn on George Street, Bath.

Crombie Overcoat NavyQuarter-Zip Jumper Cream, Dion Trousers, Rib Knit Scarf Multi


Why did you like that article of clothing so much? Was it perhaps a certain colour you liked? Was it a bit unusual or did it stand out from the rest of your wardrobe? Was it funny, with a caption or image you liked? All of these can make you love a certain item. Understanding what clothes you like and why is a fundamental step towards finding and developing your personal men’s fashion style.



Think about what items of clothing you’ve had that have made you feel the best about your body. Fashion, style, and confidence are all deeply linked. Plenty of people feel better about their body in certain types of clothes and incorporating these styles into your wardrobe can boost your confidence. Do you feel better in a slim fit, a relaxed fit, or a tailored one? Do you feel more confidence in casual or formal clothing? Making a note of this is a useful addition to finding and perfecting your fashion style.


Roll neck jumper in rust worn with a navy suit jacket in a smart casual outfit for men.

Jenson 3-Piece Jacket, Roll Neck Jumper Rust


Of course, finding the clothes that fit you best and make you look your best can be a difficult process for some gentlemen. At SUAVE OWL, we offer a diverse size range in our formalwear, casualwear, and more. Our suit jacket sizes range from a 34 to a 52. Our formal shirts and own brand items range from size S to 6XL. With us, you never have to compromise style for size. Whatever you feel drawn to wear, the size and fit that will make you look your best in the style for you are waiting.  



If none of the above feels useful to you, or you’re struggling to envision the common features in your favourites, looking outside of yourself for inspiration is no bad thing. You can find style inspiration for men in magazines, in celebrity style (we advise looking for a celebrity with a similar body type to you and seeing what they wear), on social media, and in blogs like this one. With inspiration comes excitement, your men’s style in fashion should excite you.



To answer the question ‘how does a man find his fashion style?’, a man finds the right style for him in fashion by experimenting and taking note of what he gravitates toward. He takes note of what makes him feel confident and like he’s showing his best self. A man finds his fashion style by embracing fashion, doing research, and taking bold adventures. Nobody finds their style in a day, but hopefully this blog’s advice will start you on your journey.


SUAVE OWL Men’s Fashion Inspiration


If you’re still contemplating what excites you and trying to figure out your style, don’t panic! Browse our Get The Look collection. SUAVE OWL’s Get The Look is full of different outfits for different occasions. When you click on one, you’ll be presented with every piece of clothing used for the outfit. This is an excellent way of seeing how outfits can be put together and what they look like on a model.


Cream suit for men, the Elwood, worn by model.

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Read some of our style advice blogs. Start with The Ultimate Guide To Men's SuitsMastering The Art Of Semi-Formal Attire For Men, and Navigating Men's Formal Wear: A Comprehensive Style Guide. All of these blogs are useful for men at all stages on their personal style journey, check them out today. Our blog A Guide To The SUAVE OWL Own Brand is an additional must-read, with a full breakdown of the offerings of our own brand with size, colour, and style options!



Lastly, follow us on social media! On here, you can see new products, keep up with SUAVE OWL, and get style inspired. Find us at InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok. Keep it simple yet significant with SUAVE OWL.


Ted suit, brown suit for men, worn by model.

Ted 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set

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