A Guide To The SUAVE OWL Own Brand

We are often asked 'what is the SUAVE OWL own brand?'. The answer simply is that, with five unique branded styles, it is not to be missed. Always featuring our bold owl logo, our own brand makes an understated sophisticated impact. You can feel and look your best in classic items with a modern twist and relax in comfort while staying in style. 


For styling tips, quotes from our founders, size guides, and to know how the SUAVE OWL brand can work for you, read on…

The SUAVE OWL logo on the sign outside the Milsom Street, Bath store.
Making The Own Brand

When asked why the SUAVE OWL brand was made, one of our founders said:


'Very soon after opening our shop in Keynsham, we realised that so many men were experiencing problems when trying on shirts. The shapes just weren’t representative of the real men who were visiting us. Collar sizes, sleeve lengths, shoulder widths, waists… the ratios were all off. We tried several different shirt brands but they all disappointed. So our own brand began with us designing an alternative fit of shirt based upon the experiences we were having with our customers.' - Jessica


The SUAVE OWL brand is made for all of our customers. Gentleman deserve clothing that fits them well and makes them feel their best; that is what SUAVE OWL sets out to do.


Asked about the general fit of our clothes, Jessica also said:


'For want of a better word, the SUAVE OWL fit might be described as ’slender’. If we were to use the words ’slim-fit’, you would assume that the clothes will be tight and restrictive. They are not. The fit of our clothes provide a fitted comfort whilst being complementary to a lot of body shapes.'


The SUAVE OWL enables you to look your best without restriction and with comfort. If you want to feel and look your best, the SUAVE OWL brand is for you! 


SUAVE OWL T-shirts

Our SUAVE OWL T-shirts are a wardrobe staple. Wearable in every season, there are so many styling opportunities. Use as a base winter layer or as a summer focal point.
Three models wear different coloured SUAVE OWL T-shirts.

 SUAVE OWL Yellow T-Shirt - SUAVE OWL Magenta T-Shirt - SUAVE OWL Light Grey T-Shirt


Our colour range is extensive. For fans of neutral colours, easy to use for a wide range of outfits, we have T-shirts in Black, White, Light-Grey, and Navy. For fans of the vivid who want to stand out, try our shirts in Magenta, Khaki, Olive Green and Wine.

Model wears a SUAVE OWL white T-shirt.

SUAVE OWL White T-shirt




SUAVE OWL T-Shirts are extra long, perfect for taller wearers.


CHEST (to fit)


37" - 39.5"


39" - 41.5"


41" - 43.5"


43" - 45.5"


45" - 48.5"


48" - 51.5"


51" - 53.5"

A SUAVE OWL yellow T-shirt with a jacket is displayed on a hanger.

SUAVE OWL Yellow T-Shirt


SUAVE OWL Polo shirt


The SUAVE OWL Polo is a versatile addition to your outfits. The soft cotton pique makes it excellent summer wear or sportswear. It is breathable and absorbent. The smart collar and sleek appearance also makes for an excellent smart-casual piece or officewear. 


Black SUAVE OWL polo shirt on Tony.

SUAVE OWL Black Polo


If you want to upgrade your wardrobe and feel at your best without the stress, a SUAVE OWL polo is for you.

A SUAVE OWL polo shirt is displayed on a rack with a SUAVE OWL logo visible.



The SUAVE OWL polo shirt is available in three colours: black, navy, and jade green. These more subdued shades make for plenty of rewear ability.


SUAVE OWL Formal Shirts

A SUAVE OWL Formal Shirt is an essential for suit wearing, formalwear, and smart casual attire. For gentleman who like to keep it formal, a SUAVE OWL shirt can be worn every day for any occasion. Look smart and sleek in this essential shirt.
SUAVE OWL logo is shown on the sleeve of a white shirt with a Wells jacket over it.

SUAVE OWL White Shirt



While we do a wide range of colours, our most popular four shirt colours are White, Navy, Pink, and Lilac. These classic go-tos can be worn again and again, keeping you sharp.

SUAVE OWL navy shirt on model.

SUAVE OWL Navy Polo 


However, we do have some more unique choices. We have shirts available in Caramel, Cherry Red, Olive Green, Plain Green, Purple, and Red Berry. All of these shirts are statement makers, perfect for stand-out smart casual wear or distinctive formalwear ensembles.





CHEST (to fit)



33" - 37.5"



37" - 41"



40" - 43"



42" - 45.5"



45" - 48.5"



48" - 51.5"



51" - 53.5"

SUAVE OWL logo on formal shirt showing from underneath jacket.
SUAVE OWL White Shirt


SUAVE OWL Lapel Pin 


The SUAVE OWL Lapel Pin is a perfect addition to an outfit. For a finishing touch with a spot of class, there's nothing better. Add it to the lapel of your jacket or coat to add a touch of SUAVE OWL to your ensemble. 
SUAVE OWL lapel pin


SUAVE OWL Gin is our only non-clothing branded item. Our gin is made in the West-Country by Chew Valley Distillery, located in Bitton.
SUAVE OWL gin in shop window.

 SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin


We have two flavours available – a Bath Dry gin made with a range of botanicals and a warming Apple & Cinnamon gin, excellent for the winter season. The bottles proudly display a SUAVE OWL logo and make for stellar gifts for a gin fanatic. Try our Bath Gin mini to get started, and why not make a SUAVE OWL cocktail while you’re at it?

SUAVE OWL gin fizz cocktail.

SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin


Where Can You Find SUAVE OWL?


You can find SUAVE OWL and the SUAVE OWL brand at 33 Milsom Street, Bath and on our website. For more SUAVE OWL content and style ideas, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok!

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