Men's Wedding Fashion: Top Trends & Tips For Grooms

Mastering Men’s Wedding Fashion With SUAVE OWL


Starting a journey into the world of men’s wedding fashion can be a tricky endeavour. There’s so much to consider – style, fit, type of outfit, wedding theme, wedding colours, season, and more. You may feel overwhelmed by the process of finding your wedding attire and just go for the first suit you see. However, we think grooms deserve better than that. At SUAVE OWL, we want to make every groom feel at his best and at his upmost confidence on his big day. For such a special occasion, why would you settle for less?


Groom wearing Marco suit walking next to bride.

Caridi Navy 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt


Whether you’re starting out on your men’s wedding style journey or you’re towards the end, we have the top trends and tips that will elevate your groomswear. Look and feel your best on the big day and read on for some simple ways to do just that!


Top Style Tips For Grooms


Here are some of our top tips for grooms in order to find the best men’s wedding fashion for them.



The fit of your clothes will change everything. This isn’t just for weddings, but it is especially important for a big event where you will be extensively photographed. A suit that is too large will hang off your frame, making you look bulky. A suit that is too small will pinch in, making you look larger than you are and also making you uncomfortable. The ideal suit fit should hug your physique, flatter you, and be comfortable to wear. You could find your dream wedding suit but if it doesn’t fit you right, it won’t look it’s best. Fit is essential and should be a main priority in your wedding suit selection process.


Wells suit worn by groom. Pale blue groom's suit.

Wells 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Find out more about finding the right fit for you, and how SUAVE OWL can help, in our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits.



We always advise our grooms to consider your wedding theme before picking your outfit. For grooms without a wedding theme or wedding colours, there’s nothing to consider. However, if you have set wedding colours or a set wedding theme, you should aim to match it - not doing so may make you look out of place on the big day. How you choose to match your wedding theme is completely up to you, a pop of colour or a choice accessory can be just enough to make you look in perfect place. You could also theme your entire groom’s attire around it. Ensuring that you are consistent with your theme will make you feel perfectly in place, interconnected with the outfits and décor around you. Don’t stress this at the last minute when asked by your partner or family, be prepared and be cohesive.


Groom wearing Cody suit photographed on Bath Circus.

Cody 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



It is so important for grooms to plan their men’s wedding fashion for the whole groom’s party around the season and seasonal weather. Failure to do so can lead you to a tricky situation on the big day. Regardless of the time of year, we recommend all grooms consider what they will do if it rains. However, it’s also worth thinking through temperature. You don’t want to be standing in a thick dark wool suit on the hottest day of the year, or conversely standing in a white linen suit in the middle of January. Consider the time of year you’ll be getting married and your comfort throughout the big day; you want to be enjoying your wedding and not regretting your choice of fabric.



For more on what we recommend for rainy weddings and summer weddings, read our blogs Rain On Your Wedding Day: How to Plan & What To Do and Heatwave On Your Wedding Day: How to Plan & What To Do.



The details and finishing touches of your men’s wedding fashion are key to elevating and completing your groom’s attire – do not neglect them. Some grooms get so caught up in finding their groom’s suit and getting their outfit perfect that they forget to pay attention to their shoes, accessories, and grooming. However, if your shoes are unpolished, your accessories are disorientated, and your hair and beard are scruffy, you won’t look your best. Pay attention to every part of your outfit to feel at your upmost confidence in your men’s wedding fashion. Put thought into the look of your shoes, accessories, and general grooming before the big day.


Groom wearing Ted suit, brown suit for men.

Ted 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Practice makes perfect and this also applies to your wedding attire. The day of the wedding should not be the first time you wear the entire ensemble. In fact, you should do a full-dress run including hair, shoes, and accessories with as much advance before the big day as possible to discover any potential issues with as much notice as possible. If an item’s fit isn’t ideal, if your hair doesn’t match the look, if you want an extra element, your shoes keep rubbing, or need a neutral pair of socks to not stick out, you want to have plenty of time to fix it. Additionally, you’ll feel more confident on the big day in an outfit you know how to wear. For the more camera-shy groom, we would also recommend being photographed in the suit before the occasion occurs. This way, you’ll be more confident in the photographs and know what poses work for you!



Lastly, collaborating with your partner on both of your wedding attires is a must. You don’t have to see each other’s outfits if you’re sticking to tradition. However, discuss the overall vibe, inspiration, and colours in your outfits. Ensuring that you don’t clash by having these conversations or consulting with close friends or family who have seen both outfits is a must. It’s a small step but could make all the different to your wedding fashion.


Groom’s Fashion Trends With SUAVE OWL


Now we’ve covered some top tips for grooms, let’s look at some wedding trends for men’s wedding fashion that are popular at SUAVE OWL for the groom, groomsmen, and family of!



Mixing and matching suits is a popular men’s wedding style statement year-round. It’s an easy way to standout and feel a bit more unique in your groom’s attire. Consider wearing a different waistcoat to your suit trousers and jacket or a different jacket to your trousers and waistcoat. Mixing and matching is certainly worth considering for your groom’s suit; SUAVE OWL offers our suits in individual pieces instead of a 3-piece set, meaning mixing and matching suit pieces couldn’t be easier.


Mixed and matched suit pieces for wedding suit.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


We see wedding party suit coordination being played with more than ever. You may want to coordinate the groom’s suit, best man’s suits, the groomsmen, and any ‘father of’s for a cohesive look. However, you can coordinate but stand out utilising mixing and matching. Have a consistent suit piece for all the suit wearers involve, for example you could all wear the same jacket and trousers. From there, differentiate utilising different suit pieces. All the groomsmen could wear one waistcoat and the groom could wear a different one. You could all wear different accessories, or the same accessories in different colours. There's endless ways to look cohesive yet different!



We also see groom’s taking a relaxed approach to their groomswear. Particularly for summer weddings, some grooms are opting for a bohemian, relaxed, and more smart casual groom’s outfit. Consider just wearing a SUAVE OWL shirt, neutral chinos, brogues, and accessories for your big day. You can still make a striking impression while feeling your most comfortable.


Bohemian groom's attire, worn by model.

Summer Boho Wedding Groom Outfit



On an opposite note, we’ve also seen an increase in statement suits – groom’s suits that make a strong, lasting impression your guests will be sure to remember. Embrace your styling dreams with a statement groom’s suit and read our blog, From Aisle To Dancefloor: Men’s Wedding Suits That Make A Statement, to find out more.


Elwood suit worn by groom.

Elwood 3-Piece Suit, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


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If you’re looking for external inspiration and advice, read Vogue’s Everything A Groom Needs To Know About Wedding Suits For Men. For more top tips for grooms, check out our other blogs and for suit inspiration, check out our suits.



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