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How Should Men Dress For Summer?

Men’s summer style can be hard to master! Some days, you might wear too much and feel too hot. Others, you may under dress and feel cold. On top of all that, you might not enjoy feeling exposed in the lighter coverage that a lot of men’s summer clothing has to offer. So, how to find that perfect blend of coverage in a men’s summer outfit that makes you feel confident? Read on for men’s summer fashion advice, all you need to know about which fabrics are best to wear in summer, and some SUAVE OWL summer outfits that will make this the best summer yet!



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Co-Founder Tony models a suit jacket, T-shirt, jeans combo in a smart casual men's outfit.

Tony's Smart Casual Look


Men’s Summer Fashion Advice

There are a few simple steps a gentleman can take to feel his best in the summer months.


Best Summer Fabrics For Clothes

What fabrics you wear can make a big impact on your overall comfort. In the summer, you want to be wearing something lightweight, breathable, and absorbent. These factors make fabrics ideal for summer as they will keep you cool with air flow and wick up any sweat, keeping you happier throughout the day.



Fabrics that fall into the above categories include linen, cotton, seersucker, chambray, silk, and bamboo. These fabrics are optimised for keeping you feeling cool through the day and making your men’s summer outfit comfortable to wear!


Best Men’s Summer Colours

The colours you decide to wear have a big impact upon how you feel throughout a summer’s day. Wearing a darker outfit will attract the heat of the sun, making you feel warmer. Lighter colours will reflect sunrays instead and keep you feeling cool through the day. It’s best to use colours like black and navy sparingly on incredibly hot days, this is especially important if you’re an individual who likes to cover up.


Men's outfit for summer with green polo shirt and stone shorts.

Polo Shirt Olive Forest Leaves, Chino Shorts Stone


Practical Tips For Men In Summer

Outside of your outfit, there’s a few simple pieces of preparation that will answer the question of how to stay cool in the warmer months.



Wear suncream. Keeping your skin unburnt will keep you feeling cooler throughout the day!



Wearing a hat is a big help. Keeping the sunrays off your head and face throughout the day is sure to assist in making you feel cooler!



Bring a spare hanky. This can be useful throughout the day to mop off excess sweat, keeping you feeling fresh and keeping you feeling cool!


Men’s Summer Outfits

Find your new favourite summer outfit today.  Whether you need a men’s casual outfit for summer, a men’s smart casual outfit for summer, or a men’s formal outfit for summer, SUAVE OWL is here for you. Go through our suggestions today! 



The SUAVE OWL own brand makes for excellent summer staples. With a wide range of colours, styles, and diverse sizing, there's something for everybody. Not only that, our SUAVE OWL brand is made of cotton-blend material, making them breathable and excellent summer options. Browse all of our own brand items today on our website in our SUAVE OWL Collection


Men’s Summer Casual Outfits

It doesn’t get any more standard summer men’s casual outfit than the classic combo of a T-shirt and shorts. It’s sure to make you fit in, feel summery, and feel cool. We’d always recommend one of our SUAVE OWL T-shirts, which come in a wide range of colours and diverse range of sizes, as they are cotton based and, therefore, breathable and comfortable on a hot day!


Summer outfit for men with mint green T-shirt and navy blue shorts.

Summer Sea Breeze Shorts & T-shirt


However, if the weather is a little unpredictable or you’re planning on being out until the evening, you could add a lumberjack shirt to the above ensemble. This light layer won’t add too much weight or warmth to an outfit, can make an excellent fashion statement, and is easily removeable!



To dress up the above staple outfit a little more, you can opt for a short-sleeve button up shirt instead of a T-shirt. This gives a smarter impression without compromising any of your summer comfort, a perfect option for the gentleman who likes his formality!


Men's summer outfit with short sleeve button up shirt.

Ady's Summer City Outfit


Of course, some men may not like the feeling of shorts and short-sleeve shirts. You may prefer to feel more covered up. This has its benefits! Not having the sun on your skin all day can keep you feeling cooler, and it helps prevent sun damage and sun burn. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to cover up in the summer months. You need to leave your thick denim jeans, your woollen socks, and jumpers at the back of your wardrobe! To cover up, opt for a long sleeve cotton or linen shirt, button ups can allow for more air flow! With this, wear cotton chinos and either sandals or trainers. If you decide on trainers, wear bamboo socks for temperature regulation! It is always best to go for light colours in the summer as to not attract additional heat from the sun, this is especially important for long sleeve outfits with extra coverage. Be sure to keep this in mind to stay safe in the sun!


Men’s Summer Smart Casual Outfits

Smart casual summer outfits for men can be tricky to master. When you’re mixing in summer items, like shorts and sandals, it can feel easy to accidentally fall into the more casual side of the smart casual blend.



A simple smart casual men’s outfit, or business casual men’s outfit, is the combination of a long-sleeve cotton shirt, such as our SUAVE OWL ones, chinos, and brogues. Worn with bamboo socks, this entire outfit is made of breathable materials whilst giving a smart impression. Wear it with a tie or bow tie for that extra formal touch. For a slightly more relaxed option, you could always swap the long sleeve formal shirt for a short sleeve button up. For a more formal approach, just add a suit jacket - it can easily be removed if you get too hot! 


Men's smart casual outfit with men's suit jacket.

Sam's Semi-Formal Outfit


A slightly more adventurous men’s smart casual summer outfit we see using a suit jacket is a suit jacket, short-sleeve button up, neutral coloured chino shorts, and sandals. It is very business on the top and party on the bottom, but can make for an excellent business casual men’s summer outfit.


Men’s Summer Formal Outfits

Men’s formal outfits for summer are exciting! There’s so much colour to play with and fun to be had, especially since so many big events fall in the summertime. However, the risk of overheating in a full formal outfit is a very real one. Whilst being cautious about time spent in the summer and making a distinct effort to remain hydrated are good steps to not overheating, your choice of outfit is another key element.



A fantastic summer outfit choice is a simple 2-piece suit in a light colour. Cutting out the additional layer of the waistcoat makes for less layer to constrict you. The lighter colour will mean that, whilst you are covered up, the heat should not be attracted to you. With a cotton formal shirt, brogues, bamboo socks, and bamboo underwear, you should be able to manage the heat whilst giving that distinguished impression that you’re after.



You may, however, still want to wear a 3-piece suit. For a big day or big event, the addition of the waistcoat may be necessary. You can still do this and stay cool. Consider your suit's material, a cotton bend, linen blend, or light wool will be a better choice. Consider colour too, a cream, pastel colour, or lighter shade will be the best choice. From there, make sure to wear a cotton shirt, choose bamboo socks and underwear, stay out of the sun, and stay hydrated. Make sure to bring a spare hanky too, so you don't feel tempted to mop up any sweat with your pocket square. You'll look fantastic in an outfit you feel comfortable in with these steps!


Men's Summer Formal Outfit - Summer Groom's Attire

Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit



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