New Year's Eve Wedding: What To Wear For A New Year's Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve Weddings


A New Year’s Eve wedding is a glamourous and unique occasion. A mixing of special days is always fantastic to attend, such as a Christmas wedding. A New Year’s Eve wedding gives you the chance to make the best of the day and the night. Spend a daytime celebrating yourselves, then spend the evening anticipating the new year with friends and family. Enjoy that midnight celebration in your finest after a day well spent and make the start of the new year symbolic of everything you want it to be. Additionally, it makes for an easy to remember anniversary! It’s no surprise couples opt for a New Year’s Eve wedding, make the yearly fireworks special to you.


Red Rosa Jacket - Bride & Groom Outfits - New Year's Eve Wedding

Rosa Wine Jacket SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Marco TrousersVan Buck Bow Tie


If you need advice for a New Year’s Eve wedding, are considering planning your wedding for New Year’s Eve wedding, want to know what a groom should wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding, or need wedding guest outfit ideas for a New Year’s Eve wedding, this is the blog for you. Read on for everything you need to know.


What Should A Groom Wear For A New Year’s Eve Wedding?


What a Groom wears to his wedding, and even his New Year’s Eve wedding, is completely up to him. There are aesthetics associated with the celebration of New Year’s Eve a groom may choose to lean into. Read on for your options and what SUAVE OWL suits we recommend.



New Year’s Eve can be associated with luxury and fine fashion, as people dress in their best and celebrate in finery. If you’re wanting an outfit for a modern groom, with luxe vibes and strong contemporary impression, you have a few options.


Rosa suit jacket in SUAVE OWL shop window.

Rosa Forest JacketSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie


The Rosa jacket is always a popular option for dinner parties and high-end events. Made of a stunning velvet material with silk lapels, this jacket comes in four bold colours. It makes a opulent impact. Style it with a white shirt, bowtie, and black trousers.



If you like to blend classic style with modern luxury, the Caridi in navy or olive is the choice for you. This suit comes in a classic cut and, as a three piece, is reminiscent of suit tradition. However, the dark colour of both the navy suit and green suit, both with subtle black check detail, gives a modern air to this groom’s suit option. With a flattering slim fit and single button fastening, you can feel like a blend of an old and new world. Considering New Year’s Eve is all about the old and the new, this might be the right symbolic and fashionable choice for you.


Caridi olive suit with SUAVE OWL white shirt worn by co-founder Tony.

Caridi Olive 3-PieceSUAVE OWL White Shirt


Overall, just remember to keep it seasonal and special. A dark suit colour will work better with a winter colour scheme, and it will keep you warmer. For such a special day, you deserve to wear whatever type and assortment of suit you gravitate toward. Check out our whole suit range to make sure you have the right one for you, it can be useful for inspiration too! When you have your New Year’s Eve groom’s suit, all you need are the perfect groom’s accessories. Read on to find out more…


New Year’s Eve Wedding Accessories For Men


A groom deserves to feel as confident as he can about his wedding day outfit. This means he needs to be excited about his suit, shirt, and shoes. However, he needs to also be excited about those very important, sometimes neglected, final touches. For groom’s accessories that will make your outfit even more special for you, try out these options, perfect for a New Year’s Eve groom.


Wells pale blue suit for men worn with pale pink accessories for men.

Wells 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


A groom deserves a tie and pocketsquare to get excited about. At SUAVE OWL, we have a wide range of tie and pocketsquare sets, perfect for weddings. With plain twill, paisley, strong paisley, and floral designs available, there is a selection of colours for any colour scheme. These sets give you an easy option for finding a matching set of a tie and pocketsquare, but also gives you the opportunity to find the perfect tie for the occasion. The best wedding day tie should make you excited to wear it and makes an excellent piece of memorabilia after the big event. Find yours today.




Of course, some gentlemen are not the fondest of tie wearing. If you prefer the look or feel of a bowtie, consider one of our Van Buck ties. Pre-knotted and ready as a clip on, this bowtie will look good all day long, without constant maintenance and fuss. It gives you the classic, distinguished bowtie look.


Groom & Bride Outfits - Groom wearing Elwood cream wedding suit - New Year's Eve Wedding.JPG

Elwood 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie


A must-have for both groom’s accessories and New Year’s Eve accessories is a pocketwatch. At SUAVE OWL, you can choose between a classic clock face and a mechanical watch with a steampunk, modern look. A useful bit of kit, you can keep time throughout the biggest day of your life and count down to midnight in style. Add intrigue and detail to your groom’s accessories with one of our pocketwatches and find the pocketwatch you’ll keep for the rest of your life.



What Should A Guest Wear To A New Year’s Eve Wedding?


Choosing your wedding guest suit is always a tricky affair. You want to dress well, but not out-dress the wedding party or groom. You want to stick out, but not like a sore thumb. For a men’s wedding guest outfit that will make you feel confident and at your best without outshining anybody, trust SUAVE OWL.



Firstly, try and keep it simple. Having an event that’s both a friend or associate’s wedding day and a New Year’s Eve party might make you think you have to try and be the most stylish you’ve ever been. However, unless the couple hosting has specified it, you do not have to dress to the nines. Maintain the level of formality you do for a fancy event; there is no need to turn up to an event that is all about connection between couples, friends, and family in something that is not true to you. As we like to say, keep it simple yet significant.


Dion and Ted wedding ensemble pictured on model.

Jamal's Wedding Attire


Start with a three-piece suit in a neutral colour, such as the Ted suit or Dion suit. From here, add a SUAVE OWL shirt in either white, navy, or pink. Put on your favourite brogues. With a tie or bow-tie and pocketsquare, you’ll have an effective wedding guest outfit for men.



In the case that the couple have requested you to dress in your finest, or if you’re a man who often goes for elevated formal looks, try a tuxedo-esque suit look. Our Marco suit is a slim-fit 3-piece black suit that flatters the wearer. With a SUAVE OWL white shirt, van-buck bowtie, braces, and black brogues, you’ll have an effective, flattering New Year’s Eve wedding guest outfit for men – sure to make you feel and look your best.


Bride & Groom Outfit - Black Suit - Black Wedding Suit

3-Piece MarcoSUAVE OWL White Shirt



New Year’s Eve Weddings With SUAVE OWL


You should look forward to your New Year’s Eve wedding, it promises to be a night of excitement, celebration, and more. Trust SUAVE OWL with your wedding styling and see what we can do for you.



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Bride and groom wearing wedding outfits - groom wearing brown wedding suit, the Ted.

Ted 3-Piece, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set

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