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Have you ever explored the SUAVE OWL Get The Look collection? If not, you’re missing out! Read on for everything you need to know about the easiest way to get that new perfect men’s casual outfit, men’s smart casual outfit, and men’s formal outfit. Take the stress out of outfit planning and get the look today!


Boho groom looking disheveled, wearing SUAVE OWL White Shirt with chinos and braces.

Summer Boho Wedding Groom Outfit


How Does SUAVE OWL Get The Look Work?

SUAVE OWL Get The Look is collection on our website. In this collection, instead of finding individual products you will find full outfits. In the outfit listing, you’ll find each product that makes up the entire look. This way, you know exactly how to get the outfit in front of you, and you can easily substitute certain pieces to make the perfect outfit for you.



By using SUAVE OWL’s Get The Look outfits, you take all the hard decision making out of picking an outfit. You can simply add a get the look selection to your cart, input your sizes, and you’ll have an outfit arrive that is completely assembled. It’s the perfect option for gentlemen who struggle to pick out outfits or gentlemen who simply want to make their life easier. With men’s casual outfits, men’s smart casual outfits, and men’s formal outfits available, there’s something for everybody in the SUAVE OWL Get The Look Range. Read on for some of our favourites and for some advice on small changes you can make to make your Get The Look outfit perfect for you.


SUAVE OWL Get The Look

Find the SUAVE OWL Get The Look Collection here. Our Get The Look collection is added to frequently, check it regularly to see new additions and new outfits!



The below isn't everything offered by Get The Look, be sure to check the collection to make sure you don't miss out!


Casual Men's Outfits

We have a range of casual looks for different weathers and seasons throughout the year. Find a men's casual outfit for any occasion in our get the look range. 


This outfit is the perfect, simple summer combo that will work well for as any gentleman's summer outfit.

Men's casual summer outfit consisting of white shirt and blue chino shorts.

Ady's Summer City Outfit


For colder weather, choose between one of these outfits. Whether you want a monochrome casual men's outfit or a longer coat with a pop of colour, one of these is sure to appeal.

Autumn men's casual outfit in monochrome.

Ahad's Monochrome Outfit

Relaxed men's casual outfit, good as a men's winter outfit.

Alex's Casual Overcoat Outfit


Smart Casual Men's Outfits

Whether you want to dress up a bit for a special occasion or if you need new men’s office outfits, SUAVE OWL Get The Look has the men’s smart casual outfits for you. Here are a few of our favourites in the SUAVE OWL Get The Look collection.


Co-founder Tony wearing a smart casual men's outfit with suit jacket and suit waistcoat.

Smart Casual Jenson Suit & Chino

Smart casual men's outfit with chinos and Dion jacket.

Sam's Semi-Formal Outfit

Smart casual outfit for winter with quarter-zip jumper.

Winter Smart Casual Outfit


Formal Men's Outfits

When it comes to men’s formal outfits, you want to feel and look your very best. Whether you’re looking for wedding suits, prom suits, graduation suits, men’s outfits for the races, or the best men’s suit for a special occasion, Get The Look has something for you.



Our most popular Get The Look is Jamal's Wedding Attire. With a simple mix and matched suit jacket and waistcoat, it has plenty of distinguished detail and refinement. If you want to dress to impress, this men's formal outfit is for you.  

Mix and matched suit pieces in men's formal outfit for wedding.

Jamal's Wedding Attire



Cricketeer Jack Brooks' wedding attire is another firm favourite. The yellow accessories bring out the best in the suit's pattern, making for an interesting look that works for all manner of occasions. 

Jack Brook's wedding guest outfit, men's formal outfit.

Jack Brooks Wedding Guest Outfit



Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit is brilliant in natural tones. For down to earth gentlemen who like a classic look, there's nothing better than this men's suit look. 

Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit with a men's brown suit, men's white shirt. and men's sage tie.

Joe's Countryside Wedding Suit


Get The Look Advice

SUAVE OWL Get The Look can be as easy as choosing your sizes and purchasing the outfit. However, there may be a certain item you don’t like, or perhaps you would prefer a different colour? You can use Get The Look for inspiration, and then swap out pieces as you would like. Add a pop of colour, change a T-shirt for a button up, swap chinos for jeans. Use SUAVE OWL’s get the look however suits you best!



As always, fit is essential when it comes to making your outfits look best. An outfit that is too small will constrict you, not flattering your figure and making you uncomfortable. An outfit that is too big will hang off you, adding bulk to your frame. An outfit that fits just right will be comfortable and flattering. When ordering online, it’s very important to utilise size guides. Do this by taking your measurements and then seeing how they line up with our size guides to find the right size in each item. If you know your SUAVE OWL sizes already, you can likely skip this step. However, if you are estimating your sizes, put in the extra effort of taking your measurements and utilising size guides to find the right fit for you.



Our SUAVE OWL Get The Look Collection isn’t the only way SUAVE OWL can help you find and refine your style. For an everyday style guide all about helping you find your personal style, read Mastering Men’s Fashion: How To Find Your Style. For a formal menswear style guide and a smart casual menswear style guide, read Navigating Men's Formal Wear: A Comprehensive Style Guide and Mastering The Art Of Semi Formal Attire For Men.  These blogs offer men’s outfit inspiration and men’s style advice, perfect for helping you find the perfect look for you.



Know about SUAVE OWL Reclaimed? SUAVE OWL Reclaimed is a Bath shop exclusive that offers the same SUAVE OWL quality for less via secondhand suits for men. If you’re looking for the best suit for less or have a SUAVE OWL suit that you don’t wear anymore, SUAVE OWL Reclaimed is for you. For more information, read Spectacular Second-Hand Suits For Men With SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed.



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