Christmas Wedding: What To Wear For A Christmas Wedding

Christmas Weddings


A Christmas wedding is something special, both to plan and to attend. It provides a unique atmosphere of celebration and a special wedding aesthetic too. December is a popular month for weddings for this very reason. You can add all the fun of Christmas festivities, the decoration, the music, the lights, and the food, to your very own wedding festivities. Simply put, it makes for a memorable day and beautiful wedding.



If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, or attending a Christmas wedding, this is the blog for you. Read on for groom’s style advice, wedding guest style advice, and practical tips for planning your Christmas wedding. A Christmas wedding is an extraordinary affair, you certainly want to look the part. Read on to see how you can!


SUAVE OWL Gin with Christmas decoration.

SUAVE OWL Apple & Cinnamon Gin


What Should A Groom Wear For A Christmas Wedding?


Looking for Christmas groom’s suits can be a challenging affair. You want to have a distinct Christmas groom’s look but keep the balance of both weddings and Christmas. You do not want to omit the Christmas festivities, but you don’t want to dress up as Father Christmas either. Here are some groom’s suits and groom’s accessories we’d recommend as Christmas groom outfit inspiration.



Rosa jacket in wine - dinner jacket for weddings - Rosa jacket worn by model.

Rosa Wine Velvet JacketSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie



The Rosa velvet jacket is a stand out festive favourite. It exudes luxury & indulgence that is always popular in December. It comes in four colours – black, red, green, and navy. Winter formalwear at some of its finest, the Rosa jacket would be a standout option for Christmas groom attire. Full formal, but still intriguing, it pairs well with a bowtie, SUAVE OWL shirt, black trousers, and black brogues. If your Christmas wedding has a modern, luxe aesthetic, the Rosa is the perfect fit. Plus, you can rewear it for future winter events as a lovely reminder of the fantastic day you had. It is an option a Christmas groom must thoroughly consider!



The Caridi Olive is another suit that Christmas grooms should think about. In a subtle festive colour, this dark green suit with a subtle black check is perfect for grooms who like a 3-piece suit. It will allow you to standout from your guests and groomsmen in a suit that isn’t something you see every day, whilst keeping you fashionable. The slim fit is figure hugging and will show off your frame. A groom, especially in a groom’s Christmas suit, deserves to look and feel his best. With the Caridi olive, this is easily achieved.


Caridi olive worn by co-founder Tony, perfect for a Christmas wedding.

Caridi Olive 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White Shirt



Of course, some men will want their groom’s suit to be a little more understated. The Marco suit is a classic black suit in a slim fit that flatters the wearer and looks in perfect place for groom’s attire. Look distinguished in a modern suit. An additional benefit of the Marco suit is that accessories and pops of colour truly do make a statement. Read on for more on how to accessorise for your men’s Christmas wedding outfit.



Christmas Wedding Accessories For Men


Blending sophistication and the Christmas season in your groom’s accessories is easier than you think.



Boutonnière worn by groom.

SUAVE OWL White ShirtBraces



An easy route to making your groom’s accessories Christmassy is to utilise Christmas plants. You can do this in your boutonniere or upper chest pocket. Mistletoe or holly are obvious choices, although you may want to opt for fake holly. However, plants like red rose, amaryllis poinsettia are all in bloom and often seen around the Christmas season – plus they are all available in a bright, festive red. Consider Christmas flowers for your groom’s accessories to incorporate the season.



Range of braces and bow ties on display.

Braces, Van Buck Bow Tie



You could also keep it classic with bold statement accessories. Ties, bow ties, braces, and pocket squares are all commonly used as groom’s accessories. However, you could include a festive colour scheme, such as red and green, white and blue, or bold gold, to designate the season. 


Tie & pocketsquare selection on display.

Blossom Tie & Pocket Square Set


For a special touch, likely just for some photographs on the day, you could also wear a santa hat or reindeer antlers. They’ll make for fun photographs to look back on and to remind you of the occasion in future years.



Ultimately, a groom’s accessories should reflect his personality and compliment his suit. For a Christmas wedding, a groom may choose to lean into the theme with his accessories or to disregard it completely. A classic look will always suit the occasion. What a groom opts for is completely up to him!


What Should A Guest Wear To A Christmas Wedding?


Figuring out what men should wear as a wedding guest to a Christmas wedding can be tricky. You may have reservations about leaning into the festive spirit, or you may be concerned about leaning into it too much. There’s also the worry that comes with figuring out what to wear to a wedding, how to not overshadow the groom and his party, and being prepared for everything the day may entail. Remember, there’s no need to panic. Here’s some recommendations on what to wear from SUAVE OWL.



The Ted is a classic SUAVE OWL suit that is always popular for weddings. A brown suit with a navy and black checked detail, it’s a classic style that works for a myriad for occasions.


Model wears a Ted suit with yellow accessories preparing for a Christmas wedding.

Ted 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



A navy suit is a classic wedding choice. We have two fantastic navy options that are perfect for wedding guest suits. For a neutral wedding suit that you can accessorise for the occasion and your personality, trust one of these navy options. The suit alone provides intrigue and works year-round. Make it festive with seasonal colours – dark green accessorising or bright red accessorising would both work well with the neutral brown of the Ted.



The Eton suit is a navy suit with a wine and tan check. The red in the suit pattern means it pairs well with other shades of red. For a Christmas wedding, simply accessorise with this colour on top of a white formal shirt. You can also dress it down a little bit by wearing the Eton with a red SUAVE OWL shirt. Either way, you’ll look the part.


Bride being walked up aisle to husband by father of the bride - navy suits for Christmas wedding.

Eton 3-Piece SuitSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



The Jenson is another navy suit but with a mustard and black check detail. This suit comes with a double-breasted waistcoat. This suit is distinctly a classic style and provides a timeless wear. For a Christmas wedding, you can accessorise with gold in your tie or bow tie and pocket square. However, you could also accessorise with black or mustard for a seamless and cohesive look. For a more relaxed look that is still seasonal, simply wear your formal shirt with no tie and pair it with a scarf.


Christmas Weddings With SUAVE OWL


A Christmas wedding is magical to both host and attend. Master your Christmas wedding planning with this helpful information from SUAVE OWL, and feel at your upmost confidence on the big day.


Groomsmen and groom outfits for Christmas wedding

Caridi 3-Piece, Ted Single-Breasted Waistcoat, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



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Rosa suit jacket, men's dinner jacket, in SUAVE OWL shop window.

Rosa Forest Velvet Jacket SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie

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