Christmas Party Outfits For Men

What To Wear To A Christmas Party?

 The Christmas party season is almost here. You starting to receive save the dates, or desperately trying to find a free evening amongst friends. Meanwhile, the first shining lights have started going up in windows, Christmas music is beginning to play, and all those festive treats that you have been waiting for all year are popping up in shops. With such a unique and warm seasonal atmosphere, it is not hard to see why it is called the most wonderful time of the year. 



With parties being arranged, you have to figure out what to wear for Christmas 2023. If you’re after a bit more than your go-to Christmas jumper and santa hat, this is the blog for you. Here are some men’s Christmas outfit ideas for festive occasions. Don’t stress your Christmas party outfits this year – all of this is available online or in one of our shops today. Trust SUAVE OWL to make you look your best this Christmas.


Rosa jacket on model at The Botanist, Bath.

 Rosa Navy Velvet Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie


Smart Casual Christmas Party Outfit Ideas For Men

 For a cosy and casual event, why be anything less than completely comfortable? You don't always have to dress it up to the nines with a 3-piece suit for an event, especially if that is nowhere near your comfort zone and not required. Here are some smart casual men's outfits to help you answer that question of 'what to wear to the office Christmas party?' or even 'what to wear to my friend's Christmas party?'



For a simple men’s Christmas party outfit, try a SUAVE OWL shirt paired with a jumper and chinos. It is easy to wear and style while also being perfectly fitting for the Christmas season. The pop of the formal shirt in the collar and sleeves makes you look smart, but the jumper and chinos give a more relaxed edge to this men's Christmas party outfit. It’ll keep you perfectly comfortable, is wearable in any colour combination you want, and looks fantastic in photos. There are so many colour combinations you can try. You could opt for red and look like Father Christmas himself, with the pairing of a white shirt and black chinos. Or you could go a festive green and keep your outfit calm. The choice is entirely yours. 



If the formal shirt is a touch too much for you, don’t worry. This outfit works just as well with a lumberjack shirt. Just try to keep your colour palette consistent, easily done by matching the colours in your lumberjack shirt with your jumper.


Jumper and lumberjack shirt on mannequin with faux leather backpack and trainers.

Crew Neck Slim Fit Jumper Dark Green, Lumberjack Shirt Blue & Moss, Black Faux Leather Backpack, Crocodile Green Trainer


Add an overcoat and soft knit scarf for a full winter outfit that is sure to make the right, Christmassy impression.



This is not your only option though. For a men’s smart casual Christmas party outfit, you could wear one of our SUAVE OWL t-shirts paired with two pieces of a suit, the jacket and trousers, and trainers. This smart casual men’s outfit makes a fantastic impression and is a bit more of a unique choice – just make sure to wear it to a mostly indoor event!



What Should A Man Wear For An Office Christmas Party?

 After a year’s hard work, the office Christmas party is a chance to show off your style. You want to look well-dressed but still relaxed and full of festive cheer. Here’s what a man should wear to the office Christmas party if he wants to impress.



The perfect combination is waiting for you.; a suit jacket, formal shirt, chinos, or suit trousers with your favourite shoes and tie will go a long way. It is a professional base to build upon, perfect by itself but easy to make extra festive. 



When it comes to accessorising, you could keep it distinguished with a black or neutral tie, pocket square, or pocket watch. However, you can delve further into the Christmas spirit with a red bow tie and red braces. You could even wear a traditional ugly Christmas jumper and, with this outfit, make it look a bit smart and presentable. For those that love to play the line between silly and smart, this is perfect for you.



Whatever you decide to pair with this classic outfit, it is sure to be a Christmas 2023 winner.


The Ted jacket, white SUAVE OWL shirt, belt and navy chinos.

 Ted Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, 30mm Smooth Dark Brown Belt, Navy Chino


 Formal Christmas Party Outfit Ideas For Men

 If we had to name just one of our jackets that is perfect for the Christmas season, we would have to pick the Rosa. If you want to look your best, dress to impress, and stand out from the crowd, this statement suit jacket is the one for it. The velvet style material with shining black lapels makes the Rosa effortlessly classy. It looks and feels like the height of luxury, and we do not think any gentleman deserves less at Christmas. For formal Christmas outfits for men, the Rosa is always a winner.


Rosa jacket on mannequin surrounded by Christmas lights.

 Rosa Forest Velvet Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie


For a full look that works every time, wear the Rosa jacket in the colour of your choice, black suit trousers, a white SUAVE OWL shirt, and a fine pair of black shoes. Add a black waistcoat and black bow tie for that extra stylish touch. With a jacket so interesting, the rest of your stylish Christmas outfit can be kept simple. 



With this look, there is no need to worry. You will be free to enjoy your event and a few glasses of mulled wine while feeling utterly fashionable. Go on and spoil yourself with this men’s formal Christmas party outfit year, you deserve it!


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 SUAVE OWL is here for you this December. Find the best Christmas party outfit for men on our website or in either our Bath or Winchester shop locations.


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