Christmas Outfits For Men

What Should Men Wear For Christmas?

 Planning your Christmas outfits? Put together your dream men’s Christmas outfit this year with SUAVE OWL. Whether you want the perfect festive suit, warm winter layers, or smart casual standouts, there’s something for you. Whatever the occasion or event, we have Christmas style advice for men that will make you feel your absolute best. If you need Christmas outfit ideas for men, this blog is a must read for you…


What To Wear To A Christmas Light Switch On?


The first event of the Christmas season is often your annual Christmas Light Switch On. It is a relaxed affair, often held just after sunset, marking the beginning of the festive build up. You may go with family, friends, a partner, or solo. Regardless of who you go with, you deserve to feel your best and enjoy yourself. Here’s how…


Christmas outfits, smart casual Christmas outfits, worn on Bath circus.

Roll Neck Jumper Rust, Ultraflex Black JeansChecked Shirt Brown, Chinos Sand


For an early evening outdoor occasion in Autumn and Winter, knitwear is a brilliant choice. Designed to keep you insulated and warm, you will be able to enjoy the build up to and switching on of the Christmas lights. Knitwear makes a distinguished impression; it is a practical choice for a smart casual outfit in colder months, perfect for an event like this. 



Complete your winter smart casual men’s outfit with a T-shirt or thermal layer underneath for comfort, sweat absorption, and extra warmth. Wear a jacket, gilet, or coat over the top for protection from the elements and to keep the heat in. Finish your outfit with the addition of thick jeans, your favourite boots or brogues, and a hat or scarf.


What To Wear To A Christmas Market?


A good Christmas market is something to look forward to. If you’re lucky enough to have a big one in the area, or an acclaimed one such as the Bath and Winchester Christmas markets, you anticipate and look forward to visiting. Christmas markets can be held throughout the day, but we usually associate them with that early evening cold and night-time darkness filled with the light of the festive season. You will want to wrap up warm but have the ability to shed a layer or two if you decide to do a warm pit-stop in a restaurant, café, or pub. Find the perfect men’s winter layers and feel at perfect comfort while you explore your local market.



If you need to quickly change your outfit for different environments, such as going from a cold outdoor market to the inside of a warm pub, effective layering is essential.



Start with a base layer T-shirt. Whilst you will be covering this T-shirt up, you still want it to look good alone; we recommend one of our SUAVE OWL shirts for a comfortable item that works effectively by itself or layered.


SUAVE OWL White T-shirt with lumberjack jacket on top.

Checked Jacket Green & TanSUAVE OWL T-shirt White


Your second layer is something you can be flexible with. The primary purpose of this layer is to provide insulation. However, you can have a lot of styling fun with that and incorporate your preferences. A lumberjack shirt can be an excellent selection for this layer, as you can either have it unbuttoned showing the T-shirt beneath or button it for extra warmth. A long-sleeve button up works just as well. You could also opt for knitwear for a smarter touch to your winter outfit for men. For those that like to keep it casual, you could also consider a hoodie.



Your third and last layer protects you from the elements, such as rain and wind chill. A water-resistant jacket, gilet, or coat are all fantastic options. Your top layer can also be a statement of style – it is your outermost layer and the one that will make your first impression. You want something practical and stylish. Whilst some gentleman will opt for a statement jacket or coat, something we do enjoy seeing, most men will choose a neutral option that can be worn over and over throughout autumn, winter, and early spring. Ultimately, you want a coat that works practically and makes you feel confident. Check out our ranges for some ideas of what could work for you.


Men's Autumn jacket from SUAVE OWL - Green Corduroy Men's Jacket

Corduroy Jacket Dark Green


For those planning a trip to a Christmas market, Bath Christmas Market 2023 dates are Thursday the 23rd of November to Sunday the 10th of December and Winchester Christmas Market 2023 dates are Friday the 17th of November to Thursday the 21st of December. Both Christmas markets are highly esteemed and reviewed, alongside being closely located to a SUAVE OWL shop. Enjoy time spent in festive atmosphere, then pop in to visit us and discover the perfect Christmas presents for men in your life.


Christmas Eve Outfit Ideas For Men


Christmas Eve is a day of anticipation and excitement for everyone – not just children. Whether you spend the day preparing or frantically doing last minute shopping (our Christmas Gifts For Men can help with that), you deserve to feel your best.  



For a day like Christmas Eve, you want an outfit that’s versatile. Your day may take you to multiple places – you want to be ready to be out and about, spend time friends and family, and just relax at home after the big rush. For a day with so many activities, changes, and demands, you want something that never looks out of place. Try one of these smart casual men’s outfit for winter and find the perfect Christmas Eve outfit that makes you feel and look your best.



Consider what you like out of a smart casual outfit. Are you a fan of wearing a suit jacket, a waistcoat, or trousers? Incorporate your favourite piece of formalwear into your smart casual outfit for men.


Smart casual men's outfit with knitwear, suit jacket, and chinos.

Kensington Olive Jacket, Slim Fit Crew Neck Jumper Light Grey, Chino Sand



A suit jacket can be paired with a SUAVE OWL shirt, chinos or jeans, and brogues. You can even add a knitwear layer and statement scarf for extra warmth.



A waistcoat can be worn with a formal shirt, jeans or chinos, and brogues for a simple yet stylish outfit. Although, you may want to add a formal coat for when you are spending time outdoors.


Collection of smart casual men's autumn outfits worn by three models.

SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Ted Waistcoat, Ultraflex Black Jeans, SUAVE OWL Navy Polo, Slim Fit Crew Neck Jumper Light Grey, Chinos Sand, Jenson JacketSUAVE OWL Navy Polo, Jeans Twister Fit Middle Blue



Suit trousers can be worn with either a formal shirt and coat, or a SUAVE OWL T-shirt with an overshirt or jacket. Either way, with brogues and your favourite accessories, you will feel and look your best.


Christmas Day Outfit Ideas For Men


When the big day arrives, you don’t want to have to stress your outfit choice. You want to throw yourself into festivities and enjoying your time with family or friends. If you need to know what a man should wear on Christmas day, consider your plans for the day.


Smart casual Christmas outfit ideas

Wool Blend Checked Jacket Grey & BlackSUAVE OWL T-shirt WhiteUltraflex Black Jeans, Corduroy Overshirt CreamSUAVE OWL T-Shirt BlackChinos Sand 


If you will be enjoying a day at home, you will probably want to keep it more casual and comfortable. Consider chinos with a SUAVE OWL T-shirt and an overshirt or knitwear. It will keep you comfy, warm, and cosy throughout a day of relaxation and enjoyment. Perfect for present opening, eating your Christmas dinner, and relaxing in front of a Christmas film.



If you will be spending a large portion of the day out, visiting relatives, going for your Christmas dinner, you may want to dress it up a little bit for such a special day. Go full formal for the festivities and enjoy it! Our Rosa jacket is always popular in December. This velvet style dinner jacket captures attention easily and makes you feel at your most sophisticated self. Assemble your outfit easily, pick the Rosa in your preferred colour, pair it with Marco black trousers, and a white SUAVE OWL shirt. Wear black brogues or boots with a black tie or bow tie. With this, you have an easy Christmas men’s outfit that will look amazing in photos and keep you feeling classy.


Rosa suit with Christmas decor.

  Rosa Forest Velvet Jacket, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Van Buck Bow Tie


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For those of you wanting to visit SUAVE OWL before the 25th of December, read our Visit Bath: Christmas Guide and our Visit Winchester: Christmas Guide for local Christmas activities and events near our shop locations. Make an event out of your visit and enjoy the all the festivities on offer.



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