Winchester Fashion Week With SUAVE OWL

All About Winchester Fashion Week 2023

This year SUAVE OWL will be taking part in Winchester Fashion Week 2023. From the 16th to 21st of October 2023, there will be a series of fashion events around Winchester. It will start with a launch party on the 16th and end with a final grand catwalk show.


Winchester Fashion Week logo.


Previous years have seen over 90 events take place and over 100 businesses participate. The festival is coordinated by Winchester BID, aiming to bring together local businesses with collaborations, presentations, and showcases. Previous years have also seen The Winchester School Of Art and The University Of Winchester get involved.



If you have a key interest in fashion, want to know more about Winchester Fashion Week, or want to know how SUAVE OWL will be involved, read on…


Celebrate Winchester In Style


SUAVE OWL has only been in Winchester since July, but we can already see how deeply fashionable this city is. We see it in the amazing outfits worn by locals, the amount of amazing fashion boutiques, and in the support we’ve received since opening SUAVE OWL Winchester. Whether you’re a high street fashion fan or a fan of the designer, fashion in Winchester is not hard to find.



It's no surprise then that Winchester Fashion Week is the annual event it is. Winchester BID plays to their strength by highlighting this core element of Winchester’s shopping scene. Winchester definitely deserves to be celebrated in style.


Jenson navy suit for men on model.

Jenson Jacket - Jenson Waistcoat - Jenson Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocketsquare Set



To get involved, check out Winchester Fashion Week’s website. From here, you can sign up to events, see more as they are posted, and take part in this style celebration in Winchester.


What Are You Wearing For Winchester Fashion Week?


However much you’re intending on participating in Winchester Fashion Week, if you’re attending an event, shopping Winchester’s retail, or even walking in the finishing catwalk, you deserve to look your best. If you want to be a fashion savvy gentleman representing the best of the men’s sartorial side, SUAVE OWL has plenty of help to offer you in the lead up to the big week.



SUAVE OWL is a one-stop shop for men’s casual and formal style, and SUAVE OWL Winchester is no exception. We are all about keeping it simple yet significant, make an impact during Winchester Fashion Week 2023 with SUAVE OWL. Here’s how SUAVE OWL can help you:



In our formal, casual, and own brand ranges, SUAVE OWL offers a diverse size range. Our suit jacket sizing ranges from 34 to 52. Our own brand button-down formal shirts range from S to 5XL. Diverse sizing has been a key part of SUAVE OWL’s ethos from day one. We strive to help as many men as possible feel their best in a suit that’s made to fit them, instead of trying to make them fit a suit.


Miami Light Blue Suit for men shown on model displaying men's formal outfit.

Miami Sky Blue Jacket - Miami Sky Blue Waistcoat - Miami Sky Blue Trousers SUAVE OWL White Shirt



If you’re a fan of the formal look, SUAVE OWL’s suit range simply must be browsed. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern suit, a classic vintage inspired option, or even something halfway between the two, we have something for you. You can capture attention in a bright colour or stick to neutral shades. For Winchester Fashion Week 2023, a Winchester man deserves to look his best. For formal or smart casual fans, a new suit or suit piece can be the extra mile to go to make yourself feel and look your best.



Our casualwear is also not to be missed. If you prefer to make a statement of sophistication in an everyday look, check out our casualwear options. Look your best in an everyday shirt and our chinos. Layer an intriguing look with a jacket, T-shirt, and jeans. Whatever style you are drawn to in everyday outfits, SUAVE OWL has a well-fitting, polished item that will excite you. Your wardrobe will thank you for new reliable everyday staples and statement makers.


Plum lumberjack shirt on model displaying casual outfit for men.

Lumberjack Shirt Plum - Jeans Twister Fit Middle Blue



Of course, we can’t mention our casualwear and formalwear ranges without shouting out about the SUAVE OWL own brand. For outfit staples with diverse size range, colour options, and featuring our owl logo, the SUAVE OWL own brand range is perfect. Find the perfect formal shirts, T-shirts, and polo shirts for you. You can wear the SUAVE OWL own brand to any occasion and on any day.  They make both excellent building blocks as outfit layers and brilliant statement makers all at once. However you want to utilise your SUAVE OWL item, you’ll find yourself returning to them again and again. Represent an independent business that’s new to Winchester this Winchester Fashion Week and wear SUAVE OWL.



In addition to all of this, we also have the finishing touches you may need for any planned or favourite outfits a gentleman could have. Whether you need formal or casual shoes, ties or bow ties, belts or braces, or even just one of our SUAVE OWL lapel pins for a little extra shine, we have it. Check out our accessories and footwear for the perfect finishing touch for your attire.


SUAVE OWL Lapel Pin shown on suit jacket.




You can find Winchester menswear either on our website or in-store at SUAVE OWL Winchester, located at 17 High St, Winchester SO23 9JX. Our whole range is waiting to be explored by you today, in plenty of time for Winchester Fashion Week 2023.


Further Fashion Inspiration From SUAVE OWL


If you want to participate in Winchester Fashion Week, check out Winchester Fashion Week’s website for more information about how you can get involved. Celebrate your style every day.



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