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SUAVE OWL Menswear In Winchester

SUAVE OWL is moving to the South-East with the opening of our second shop in Winchester. Our new shop is located at 17 High Street, Winchester, SO23 9JX and opens on the 29th of July 2023. We are so thrilled to expand SUAVE OWL and provide the excellent service we strive for in our flagship store in Bath to more people. This addition to men’s fashion in Winchester cannot be missed!


Winchester High Street With Sky View


When asked what excites them most about the new Winchester shop, co-founders Tony and Jessica said ‘We’re really excited to introduce SUAVE OWL to a whole new group people! We’re passionate about helping men to find great clothes that fit well and give an extra boost of self-confidence. Winchester doesn’t know it yet, but they’ve missed us!’



Our mission is to provide accessible menswear with an inclusive size range to as many gentlemen as possible. If you want to support independent men’s fashion in Winchester, you simply must give our new SUAVE OWL shop a visit.



If you've never encountered SUAVE OWL, want more information about us and what our shop has to offer the men of Winchester, and want to know what makes us unique, read on…


For Men’s Fashion In Winchester, The New SUAVE OWL Shop Is A Must-Visit


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SUAVE OWL started when co-founders, Anthony and Jessica, were planning their own wedding. While searching for suits for the wedding party, Tony came across unexpected hurdles. He wanted something a little different to traditional groom’s wear, but struggled to find anything he liked due to his larger than average size. Tony and Jessica quickly realised they could not be the only ones struggling with this issue and the idea for SUAVE OWL came along. On the 15th of September 2017, SUAVE OWL opened in a tiny shop in the small town of Keynsham, Bristol.



Growth was gradual, largely coming from word of mouth and social media. During the second national lockdown in 2020, SUAVE OWL relocated to Milsom Street in central Bath. The SUAVE OWL flagship shop remains here at ten times the size of the Keynsham location, offering quality menswear to residents, tourists, and destination shoppers.



Tony and Jessica outside SUAVE OWL Bath


SUAVE OWL’s range has grown enormously over time. Staring with just formalwear, it expanded into casualwear, alongside offering more suits, accessories, and footwear. This range expansion still carried the SUAVE OWL core inspiration, continuing to offer these new items in a large size range.



SUAVE OWL encountered another problem in menswear as it grew – restricted sizes in formal shirts. This didn’t sit right with co-founders Tony and Jessica. They both wanted to offer excellent, well-fitting shirts to go with their suits. Tony and Jessica found their solution with the creation of the SUAVE OWL own brand range. They started with SUAVE OWL shirts, with extensive size and colour options, extra-length in the torso, and proudly featuring the SUAVE OWL logo. These shirts were a hit and solved the ill-fitting shirt problem. Going forward, SUAVE OWL created a line of T-shirts and Polo Shirts too. Our own brand is a favourite among our customers. It is comfortable, stylish, and well-fitting, making for an impactful, sophisticated look. There is something for every man in the SUAVE OWL own brand, and it will make an exciting addition to the range of clothes for men in Winchester.


SUAVE OWL White Shirt On Display


If you want to know more about SUAVE OWL’s full story, read our About Us page.



With exciting culture, history, and community around it, Winchester felt like the perfect spot to establish ourselves in the South-East. We are very excited to become a part of the high street and show Winchester what SUAVE OWL is for ourselves. 


What Does SUAVE OWL have to offer?


SUAVE OWL is your one-stop shop for all your menswear needs. We stock formalwear, casualwear, own brand items, accessories, footwear, and more. There are constant additions to our range throughout the year, regularly check our New-In page to see our latest items.



We are proud to offer a diverse size range. Our blazers come from size 34 to 52 and SUAVE OWL formal shirts from S to 5XL. We want gentleman of all shapes and sizes to be able to find the best suit for them for any occasion, without compromising style for comfort. If you’re looking for suits for men in Winchester or groom’s suits in Winchester, SUAVE OWL has something for you.


SUAVE OWL Caridi Jacket with Ted Waistcoat and SUAVE OWL pink shirt with pink accessories.


Alongside offering a large range of styles and sizes, we also offer excellent customer service. We strive to make our customers feel happy and have them walk away with a boost of confidence that every man deserves.



As previously mentioned, SUAVE OWL has a popular own brand for menswear. However, SUAVE OWL also has its own branded gin! Created in partnership with Chew Valley Distillery, there is both a SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin and a SUAVE OWL Apple & Cinnamon Gin. Both are hand distilled in Somerset and created entirely by the collaboration of two independent businesses. For a classy drink that celebrates UK independent businesses and isn’t something you see every day, trying our gin is a must.


SUAVE OWL Gin Fizz Cocktail With SUAVE OWL Gin


Browse our ranges, such as our suits, shirts, and everyday shirts, online today for examples of what SUAVE OWL has to offer.


What makes SUAVE OWL unique?


SUAVE OWL is an independent, multi-award winning men’s fashion retailer. It offers diverse sizing and style ranges for all aspects of a man’s wardrobe. With unique own brand items, a focus on excellent customer service, and an emphasis on dressing real men, SUAVE OWL keeps it simple yet significant. Every gentleman, especially the gentleman of Winchester, should give SUAVE OWL a try.


Where to find SUAVE OWL?


SUAVE OWL Winchester can be found at 17 High Street, Winchester, SO23 9JX


Winchester High Street From Ground


Our flagship store is still open and available at 33 Milsom Street, Bath. Follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok for updates on both the Winchester and Bath shop, style inspiration, and SUAVE OWL news. You can also join our mailing list for fortnightly emails with information about SUAVE OWL, restocks, new items, and more.



There’s something for every man at SUAVE OWL. Visit our new Winchester shop to see what there is for you!


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