What To Wear To The Office - A Style Guide

How To Refresh Your Work Outfits


When you’re wearing the same outfits every day to the office, it can quickly feel like time for a switch. You want to feel like you’re representing yourself in the best possible way. You want to look professional, stylish, and enjoy a workday in perfect comfort. With SUAVE OWL, you can make finding the perfect men’s outfit for work easy. 



If you’re in need of an office wear refresh, read on…



What Should You Wear To The Office?


Certain workplaces may have different dress codes. You may be working in a more formal setting where formal attire is required, a more casual setting where business casual men’s outfits will perfectly suffice, or you may be working in a completely casual attire. While these dress codes are all different, there are commonalities to looking your best that all dress codes require. If you’re trying to answer the question of what should a man wear to the office, we have advice and options for you.


Co-founder Tony in smart casual outfit

SUAVE OWL Navy Shirt, Sand Chinos



The perfect men’s office outfit should be comfortable, stylish, and practical, no matter the dress code. A comfortable outfit can be easily achieved by ensuring you have the right fit. Your clothes shouldn’t hang off your body, nor should they constrict it. The perfect fit should hug your body, flattering you. This applies to all clothes, not just suits. If you do want to know more about getting the perfect suit fit, read The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits.



A stylish outfit can mean a world of different things, such as keeping up with trends. However, we think a stylish outfit means an outfit that perfect encapsulates you. No matter the dress code, your outfit should represent you. Do this by wearing your favourite items within a dress code and embracing what makes you feel good. If you work in a formal office and love a bow tie, there’s no reason you can’t wear a sensible bow tie to work. If you’re a big fan of purple, included muted shades of lilac in your formal outfit’s accessories and shirt or go for a bright and bold shade in your casual work outfit. You can include your own style in so many ways, read on for more suggestions of how.



Lastly, giving a thought to the practicality of your outfit is never a bad thing. If you know you’re going to be sat at your desk all day, you don’t want to be wearing your tightest trousers. If you’re going to be walking around at your workday, you want comfortable and durable shoes on. If you’re going to spend a lot of the day outside, you might want to wear thermal layers and a waterproof. Consider the day ahead of you, or work week if you’re an outfit planner, before finalising what to wear.



Keeping all of that in mind, read on to go through what outfits you need to wear to refresh your office wear.


Smart casual men's outfit with quarter-zip jumper

Winter Smart Casual Outfit


What To Wear For A Casual Day In The Office


For a men’s casual office outfit, start with a simple combination of a SUAVE OWL T-shirt, clean chinos or jeans, and an overshirt. The overshirt will give a smart impression, and the outfit overall is clean and easy to style. You can’t go wrong with this combo!


Casual men's outfit worn in Bath

Ahad's Monochrome Outfit


You could also try a SUAVE OWL polo shirt, chinos, with the jacket of your choice. The SUAVE OWL polo is flattering, comes in three colours, and the pop of its colour elevates a casual outfit.



When deciding what to wear for a casual day in the office, there are a few things to remember. Make sure your outfit is clean and cohesive. Your outfit should be physically cleaned and ironed, even if you do work in a casual environment, this little bit of effort goes a long way. Keep your outfit cohesive by sticking to matching colour palettes, utilising one standout colour and one neutral for simple balancing. You also want your outfit to be free of logos or offensive language, keep the novelty T-shirts for when you’re at home!


Casual outfit for men with white SUAVE OWL T-shirt

SUAVE OWL White T-Shirt, Chino Stretch Navy


What To Wear For An Important Day At Work?


There will be some days at work you want to look your absolute best. Whether you’re giving a big presentation, you’re meeting new important people, or if you’re giving an important interview, you want to make the best possible impression you can. For men’s office wear that will make you feel and look your best, try these men’s formal office outfits.


Formal outfit for work

Tony's Summer Evening Smart Casual Look



The simplest formal combination that works well for office outfits for men is simply wearing your favourite suit trousers with a neutral SUAVE OWL button-up formal shirt. It isn’t the showiest formal outfit, but it works well, looks good, and could be perfect for a workday that is slightly more pressure but not the most intensive. You can add to the above men’s work outfit by just adding a waistcoat. This isn’t an outfit you wear or see every day, but it can make an extremely effective and unique impression. If you like your style to be slightly more out of the box, love a waistcoat, or dislike a suit jacket, this is the formal work outfit option for you.



Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic 3-piece men’s suit: a suit jacket, a waistcoat, and suit trousers. There’s a reason a man’s suit is synonymous with classy attire. A well-fitting suit will always make you look your best. Plus, there’s a style and colour out there for everybody. Read more about finding the best suit for you in our blog The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Suits.


Jack Brooks Cricketeer in a full 3-piece suit

Jack Brook's Wedding Guest Outfit


The above outfits must be worn with brogues for the full formal effect. Consider your accessories too. A tie or bow tie with a pocket square can elevate your outfit. You could also wear a pocket watch, cufflinks, or a tie clip. However you choose to accessorise is up to you and your preferences, but remember that even little bits of effort, like wearing a tie, trimming your beard, and wearing nice cologne, can go a long way in making you look the most presentable you can be.


Office Outfits For Summer


Of course, what makes an outfit comfortable can change throughout the year. You don’t want to be in a thick 3-piece woollen suit on the hottest day of the year, especially if there’s no air conditioning! Here are some ideas for men’s office outfits for summer to keep you feeling and looking cool.



Stick to lighter, breathable fabrics for this season, such as cotton and linen. A cotton button-up shirt, short or long-sleeved, paired with breathable cotton chinos or chino shorts will keep you looking smart and cool. 


Summer casual outfit worn by co-founder Tony

SUAVE OWL Polo Shirt Black Pique, Chino Stretch Sand


You could always swap out the cotton button up for a SUAVE OWL T-shirt or SUAVE OWL T-shirt. Pair this with a lumberjack shirt for a light removable layer to protect you from the sun when you're out and about, chinos for a breathable wear, and leather sandals or brogues for a casual summer outfit for work that will keep you comfortable and presentable.


Office Outfits For Winter


You also want to feel warm in the winter months. There are plenty of ways to layer up, utilise winter accessories, and stay in perfect comfort on the coldest days the year has to offer. For men’s office outfits for winter, try these ideas.


Wearing layers is a smart way to feel more comfortable in the winter months. Wearing a few layers means you can adjust for different temperatures throughout your day and be prepared for both indoor and outdoor comfort. For a men’s office outfit for winter, start with a SUAVE OWL T-shirt or thermal base layer, add a jumper, and an overcoat. Thick jeans can be an excellent way to stay warm, but make sure they’re clean and have no holes in to make them extra presentable.


Casual men's winter outfit

Alex's Casual Overcoat Outfit



You could also try a thermal base layer, a SUAVE OWL button-up shirt, a jumper or knitwear option, with a suit jacket and either jeans or suit trousers. Formal boots can be an excellent way to keep your feet warm in winter. However, brogues can work just as well. Don’t neglect your socks, either double up or wear thermals!



As a last touch to a men’s winter outfit for work, remember to embrace your hats, gloves, and scarves. Not only are these items practical, they can provide a stylish pop of colour to a winter outfit.


More Men’s Fashion With SUAVE OWL


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