King Charles III - Style Guide

How To Dress Like King Charles?

When looking for sartorial style inspiration, where better to look than a monarch? King Charles’s style is standout. He champions sustainability, embraces classic clothing, and revels in colour. Most importantly, he dresses in a way which is true to himself. If you want to take a leaf out of his book, want to know what to wear for his pending coronation, or dress a bit more like him, here’s how.


A young King Charles is wearing a double breasted navy coat with a white shirt and blue accessories.


What Materials Does King Charles Wear?


King Charles has been outspoken about his care for the environment since 1970 in his first public speech regarding the subject. In the fifty years since, he has supported numerous charities, movements, and organisations in aid of the planet. He publishes his yearly carbon footprint, utilises renewable energy in his properties, and has been president of the WWF animal charity since 2011. It’s no surprise that this passion is also present in the clothing he wears.



Charles wears sustainable fabrics. He helped launch The Campaign For Wool in 2010, promoting the benefits of the natural, renewable, and biodegradable material. Alongside wool, sustainable cashmere and silk are all present in many of his fashion choices. To make your wardrobe a little bit more royal, incorporating sustainable fashion choices in your materials is a fantastic place to start. SUAVE OWL has a large wool blend range in our suits. The natural material is easy to dye and style, meaning the wool suit of your exact style is waiting for you – all you need to do is find it.


A mannequin wears the Elwood suit with champagne accessories. It is holding the Union Flag.

Elwood 3-Piece, SUAVE OWL White Shirt, Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Another way Charles keeps his wardrobe sustainable is by rewear. He is not a man who concerns himself with following trends. He’s been wearing some of his favourite pieces for decades, meeting some tabloid criticism for doing so. However, this should be celebrated and not critiqued.  Pick pieces you love and would love to rewear to give your high-quality wardrobe the longevity it deserves, the planet will thank you. Plus, it should save you money over time!


A side by side comparison of an older Charles and younger Charles wearing the same jacket.


We are passionate about sustainable fashion too. The SUAVE OWL Re-claimed programme is just one way in which we promote this. For buyers, it gives you the opportunity to buy pre-owned suits, giving new life to an old item, cutting down on textile use, and saving you money. For any previous customers, it gives you an outlet to sell your old suits back to SUAVE OWL. For more details, read our blog Spectacular Second-Hand Suits For Men With SUAVE OWL Re-Claimed.


What Type Of Clothes Does King Charles Wear?


The King embraces British heritage in his fashion. He wears classic styles and has done his entire life. His style is timeless and true to himself. He pairs his classic styling with an array of muted tones, often blues and greens.



One piece of classic styling you rarely see him without is a double-breasted jacket. Formfitting and sophisticated, it’s reminiscent of his time in service of the Royal Navy. The double breasted design brings attention and bulk to the wearer’s frame, giving their outfit structure and shape and making the shoulders and chest a focal point. The look of a double-breasted suit has often been associated with power and confidence, and is a long-term favourite of the royal family – especially our king.  


Charles wears a double-breasted jacket in a muted tone while standing in grassland.


How To Dress Like Royalty


If you want to look royal to celebrate King Charles, the steps are simple. 

Charles wears a grey toned double-breasted suit whilst giving a public address.


1 - Prioritise quality and sustainability in your clothing.



2 - Embrace classic styling. There’s no reason to shy away from anything just because it’s more traditional or out of fashion.



3 - Lastly, stay true to what you like. Charles has famously commented on his fashion choices by saying he is a ‘stopped clock’ whose style comes back into mainstream fashion every 25 years. This comment may have a comedic tone, but he makes an interesting point - following yourself is far more important than following fads. If that opinion is good enough for royalty, it’s certainly good enough for you.


SUAVE OWL gin with Union Flag






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