How To Wear - The Dion

How To Wear The Dion

The Dion is a captivating suit. Soft blue with champagne accents, it commands attention. The traditional tweed fabric and pattern gives it a unique edge compared to most contemporary suits. You can dress it up or down for any occasion. It is a winner at formal events and weddings. 


If you want styling advice for the Dion, read on...

Dion jacket on rack display.


Complimentary Colours For Blue Suits

The Dion’s shade of blue is bright, but not so bright it cannot be worn as a neutral base shade. It works well with other blues and beiges as both colours are present in the Dion.


This does not mean you are restricted to only those colours; the Dion has plenty of versatility. Try pastel shades, pale pinks, purples, and yellows. These are an excellent place to start your colour and styling journey. Experiment from there and have fun with your styling.

Dion suit on mannequin with lilac accessories and shirt.

 Dion JacketDion WaistcoatLilac ShirtLilac Van Buck Tie


Suit Styling For Casual Days

Smart casual is about finding the perfect blend between formal and informal pieces that make you feel the most comfortable. If you want the ideal outfit for a first date or party, the Dion may be the choice for you.


For a simple smart casual look, wear a White SUAVE OWL Shirt, brown brogues, a belt, chinos, and a Dion jacket. It is a simple and comfortable look with plenty of character, a winner every time. Sand chinos work excellently with the Dion, playing into the champagne accents of the suit.


You could also try the Dion trousers with a polo or short-sleeve shirt, fantastic for warmer days in the office.

Dion jacket, SUAVE OWL white shirt and sand chinos laid out with accessories on wooden background.

Dion JacketSUAVE OWL White ShirtSand Chinos 


Suit Styling For Business Outfits

Deciding what to wear for that big meeting, important interview or work trip can be stressful. The Dion makes it easy.


Wear the Dion suit as either a 2-piece or 3-piece with a SUAVE OWL shirt and tie. Keep your colours simple. The clean silhouette of this outfit exudes professionalism and the suit is lively enough to make you stand out in a crowd. A white shirt and navy tie is a go-to for this suit.

Dion 3-piece with navy tie on model.

Dion JacketDion WaistcoatDion TrousersSUAVE OWL White ShirtNavy Tie


Suit Styling For Your Wedding Day

Planning a grooms look is exciting. You can go all out and wear whatever makes you feel your best for your big day. The Dion suit is perfect for standing apart from the crowd.


Lots of our grooms opt for getting the same suit as the rest of their party with a different waistcoat. The Dion’s champagne trim and blue tweed makes it work exceptionally with waistcoats from a few of our other suits. For a pop of lighter blue and added charm, wear a Wells waistcoat. The Ted waistcoat and the Elwood pair in with the champagne tone. The Elwood’s lighter cream and houndstooth pattern is popular for grooms, it adds intrigue and interest when paired with the Dion. The Ted’s distinguished tan beige with navy check adds a classic and refined element, perfect for the big day.

Dion jacket with Ted waistcoat and red accessories

 Jamal's Wedding Attire


If you have your heart set on wearing your Dion as a 3-piece, it could not be easier to style for weddings. Pair with a SUAVE OWL shirt plus your finest brogues, you will have the perfect base to build on. The Dion’s champagne trim works excellently with a champagne tie and pocket square. Go all out for accessorising, braces, a pocket watch, anything you can imagine.

View of back of Dion on model, his arm is around his bride with a forest scene in front of them.

Dion JacketDion Trousers


However you chose to wear the Dion suit, Everyday to Wedding Day, you will look and feel your best! Read The Ultimate Guide To Men's Suits for info on how to find the best fit and suit for you.


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