When he has all of our clothes, what else can you buy him?!
Hand distilled in the heart of Somerset, SUAVE OWL's principle gin offering boasts a unique blend of 10 carefully selected botanicals.
Our, aptly named, Bath Dry Gin pulls together the finest locally sourced ingredients. All of which are steeped and infused in a traditional copper still by an independent, multi award-winning distiller in nearby Chew Magna. The culmination, with the finest local still water, is Simple Yet Significant.
The distinct decanter bottles are hand labelled with our in-house design carefully thought out to represent the passion and quality of the SUAVE OWL brand. At 43% ABV, our Bath Dry Gin has that little kick that will make you thirsty for more!
SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin Distillation Copper Still
SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin is set to be stocked in a variety of venues, including our menswear shops' very own Groom's Room!   
Have fun mixing...
25ml SUAVE OWL Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth 
25ml Campari
Orange to garnish

We call this one the Night Owl Negroni - a perfect serve to end the evening!
For all our cocktail recipes, read our SUAVE OWL Summer Gin Cocktails blog. With classic cocktails and a SUAVE OWL twist, your new drink of choice waits for you.
Find our beautiful SUAVE OWL Bath Dry Gin online here & at our Milsom Street store from July 2021!

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