S.O. Summer Gin Cocktails

We visited Chew Valley Distillery, the multi-award winning independent that lovingly produces our own recipe SUAVE OWL gin.



By the end of an afternoon at the distillery, we had sampled some new stunning recipes that brought out the best in our gin and fit perfectly into a summer’s day or night.




Short Drinks

Served in a smaller glass with a higher concentration of alcohol.



Veteran Owl

The Army & Navy is a classic cocktail. Our SUAVE OWL interpretation is an all day sipper. It has a citrus hit with a hint of almond. Simply adjust your addition of lemon to make it your ideal sweetness. Working as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink, this smooth drink will have you going back for more. 




SUAVE OWL Gin - 50ml

Orgeat - 20ml

Lemon Juice - 20ml

Angostura – 1 Dash

Garnish - Orange Peel



To make, pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, then serve topped with garnish.

Army/Navy Cocktail garnished with orange peel sits on a bar top next to a bottle of SUAVE OWL gin.



Snowy Owl

A sibling of the Army & Navy, a White Navy leans even further into citrus sweetness. Our SUAVE OWL version is no exception. It is a light drink and the addition of egg white or an alternative makes for extra foam and a creamy texture that is easy to love. 




SUAVE OWL Gin - 50ml

Contreau - 20ml

Lemon Juice - 20ml

Sugar & Salt Solution - To Taste

Garnish - Orange Peel

One Egg White Or Equivalent 



To make, pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, then serve topped with garnish.

White Navy cocktail sits on bar.



Sweet Snowy Owl

For any amaretto fans, you will not want to miss this one. The fruitiness and delicious nuttiness of the amaretto paired with the lightness of the core drink makes this a delightful experience. It is a fantastic option for evening celebrations.




SUAVE OWL Gin - 50ml

Amaretto - 20ml

Lemon Juice - 20ml

Garnish - Glacé Cherry




To make, pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, then serve with garnish. For a slightly lighter drink, simply add cherry juice.


SUAVE OWL Gin bottle with glasses and bar in background.


On Ice

Served in a small glass over ice.



Night Owl Negroni

The Night Owl Negroni is a sophisticated cocktail that is perfect for a classy evening affair. Enjoy bitter and fruity flavours with a strong drink and unwind at the end of a long day. Simple to make, there is no wondering why this drink is so popular. 




SUAVE OWL Gin - 25ml

Sweet Vermouth - 25ml

Campari - 25ml

Garnish - Orange Peel



To make, pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, then serve topped with garnish. 

Night owl Negroni with bar equipment and SUAVE OWL gin bottle.


Tall Drinks

Served in a larger glass and mixed with either a lower concentration alcohol or mixer.



Twit Twoo

A SUAVE OWL play on a classic Gin Fizz. A dry hint of wine with a suggestion of gin and clean taste. This simple, refreshing drink is ideal for hot days. You will find yourself going back for more! Best enjoyed on a hot afternoon spent in the sun, just make sure you drink plenty of water too.




SUAVE OWL Gin - 30ml 

Lemon With Sugar Or Honey - 15ml

Fill To Top With Sparkling White Wine

Garnish - Mint, Citrus Peel, Slice Of Orange (Fresh Or Dried) Or Cucumber 



To make, add gin and lemon with sugar to a glass. Fill to top with sparkling white wine and stir. Serve with garnish.


Gin fizz next to SUAVE OWL gin bottle and wine bottle on bar top.  



Undead Owl

Does the classic Zombie cocktail bore you? Try our fruity version. Apple, grapefruit, lime and lemon tastes brought into harmony in this stand-out drink. The initial taste is of grapefruit bitterness, followed by a warm aftertaste of apple and cinnamon courtesy of our gin. It is a truly unique dry drink full of flavour. Get the party started with an undead owl!




SUAVE OWL Apple And Cinnamon Gin - 35ml

Falernum - 20ml 

Kingston Black- 20ml

Aged Rum - 10ml

Lime Juice - 20ml

Grapefruit Juice (Fresh Preferred) - 20ml

Angostura - 1 Dash

Absinthe - 1 Dash

Honey Or An Alternative - To Taste

Garnish – Sliced Apple &/Or Cinnamon Sticks



To make, pour all spirits into a cocktail shaker, shake and pour into glass. Add the grapefruit and lime juice, then the dashes of angostura and absinthe. Serve with garnish. 


Undead Owl cocktail on bar with Apple and Cinnamon SUAVE OWL gin in background.



Both of our SUAVE OWL gins, as well as our miniature bottles, are available online and in store.



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