An Evening with Tyson Fury - What Do You Wear?

Tyson Fury Suits 

The man, the myth, the legend, Tyson Fury is a British heavyweight boxing icon of today. The question is, what do you wear to catch the eye of the eccentric champion who we know and love for his eclectic and often outlandish fashion sense? SUAVE OWL, that's what you wear!


How To Dress Like Tyson Fury 

We know Tyson captivates in the bright and bold. We think the Wells would be a perfect fit. Look at your most fetching in this eye-catching suit.

Model wearing Wells walking towards camera.

Wells Jacket, Wells Waistcoat, Wells Trousers



If blue isn't your style, the Caridi Olive might be just up your street.  Bold, dark and interesting, you do not get many suits like it. The inner lining is a captivating and unique design. You will be at the peak of sophistication, we think you would definitely get Tyson Fury's approval. 


Caridi olive suit displayed by model

Caridi Olive Jacket, Caridi Olive Waistcoat, Caridi Olive Trousers



Tyson does love a check. And we have plenty of them... Our Robert Simon suits have a distinct flare about them which is bound to get you noticed!

Model wearing all three pieces of Eton suit.
Albert Grey jacket and waistcoat with Elderedge knot.

Albert Grey JacketAlbert Grey WaistcoatAlbert Grey Trousers



Take a look at our selection of patterned shirts which will give your outfit an extra edge. When you've chosen your suit and shirt, make sure you finish off with a knock-out pair of shoes and accessories!


Tyson Fury Shirt
Remember, when you are meeting a legend, you have to dress the part! 
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