Austen Inspired Wedding At Prior Park

A wedding with a unique theme is sure to stand out. This shoot utilises one of Bath’s greatest cultural connections, the works of Jane Austen, as inspiration. Known for their romance, her classical works translate into a classical wedding. For a touch of timeless inspiration, you are on the right blog.



The bride and groom had two looks: one closer to an authentic regency outfit and one look displaying a modern interpretation of the theme. 



The shoot started with the groom waiting outside the awesome location, Prior Park. Prior Park has stunning views of Bath city from the comfort of grand Georgian buildings. 

Groom wearing Albert Grey suit outside Prior Park venue with harpist playing.

Albert Grey Jacket, Albert Grey Waistcoat, Albert Grey Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



Here, the groom showed off his first suit.



The Albert Grey 3-piece suit with a white SUAVE OWL shirt. It has strong shoulders and a high neckline, standing him imposing and bold. The structured shoulders and longer jacket are all reminiscent of the era. His van buck tie in hyacinth tied in the unusual van wilk knot adds intrigue. This knot is a long one, captivating and perfect for formal occasions. The boutonniere is understated, not wanting to outshine the tie. The groom also wore a gold pocket watch, a luxury traditional accessory that fits the theme exquisitely. It is easy to imagine Mr Darcy in this attire.



It was in this outfit that the groom waited at the altar, anxiously looking at his pocket watch. What would an Austen themed wedding be without a touch of the dramatic?

Groom waits anxiously with pocket watch in ornate chapel.

Albert Grey Jacket, Albert Grey Waistcoat, Albert Grey Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



After the ceremony, the groom switched from his full regency apparel to modern interpretation look.

Close up of Jenson with details

Jenson Jacket, Jenson Waistcoat, Jenson Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



The Jenson was also worn as a 3-piece with a white SUAVE OWL shirt. However, the blues of the suit were matched with a contemporary blue floral bow tie and a flashy boutonniere. The lower cut neckline of the waistcoat brings attention to his chest, giving him the broad look still associated with the Regency era. The muted colours of the ensemble take their inspiration from Austen fashion. He looks classically handsome, perfect for paying homage to a different era while keeping sharp newer elements.


Groom wearing Jenson walks bride down aisle.

Jenson Jacket, Jenson Waistcoat, Jenson Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



Here, we see the groom walking his bride back down the aisle with pride. We get our first look at the bridal wear. While the bride also had a dress more closely imitating Georgian fashion, here we see her in her regency-inspired contemporary look. The natural makeup and intricately crafted hair, with a shining hairpiece, call back to their inspiration and highlight natural beauty. The wedding dress is dainty with a flair of drama, perfectly Austen.

Reception Shot With Full Floral Display

Jenson Jacket, Jenson Waistcoat, Jenson Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



The bride’s bouquet is a highlight. It pairs in with the groom’s floral elements and calls back to Georgian inspiration, where flowers were so important for grand events. They served three purposes at this time: décor, scent, and symbolism. Flowers would be curated for events based on meaning, so flowers that represented love and loyalty were common at weddings. They are in perfect place for an event influenced by the era and are a standout feature of this shoot. 



Lastly, enjoying a secluded and romantic moment, the couple look over the Prior Park grounds and to the City of Bath. This wedding photoshoot removes you from reality and places you in a romantic novel. These pictures could be from the very last moments of an Austen film, where the couple are about to enjoy their happy ending. Any romantic would dream of wedding photography that conveys such a story and is filled with so much character.

Groom and bride in venue gardens with view of Bath city.

Jenson Jacket, Jenson Waistcoat, Jenson Trousers, SUAVE OWL White Shirt



Photography: Jennifer Jane Photography


Concept & Styling: Lauren Alexander Weddings 


Videography: Eightwood Studios


Cakes: Dainty Bakes


Model: Rachel Harvey


Harpist: Cecily Beer


Dress: Carina Baverstock


Hair & Make Up: Shelley Gordon Makeup Artist


Flowers: Jasper And Quinn


Props: Keeping It Vintage


Stationery And Signage: Inkflower Press


Bridal Hair Accessories: The Lucky Sixpence


Harpists Accessories And Bridal Jewellery: Clare Lloyd Accessories


Bespoke Napkins: Extra Special Touch


Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon: Camomile And Cornflowers 


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