Standing Tall with Peter Crouch

How To Dress Like Peter Crouch

 To celebrate the release of his third book, How To Be An Ex-Footballer, former England striker, Peter Crouch visited Bath. His football career has made him a household name and one of the most admired professional footballers in the country. In recognition of his visit to our home city of Bath, we have written a style guide for the taller gentleman. 



Crouch is an impressive 6'7". As any taller man will know, height can cause issues with clothes shopping on the high street. Crouch has worked through this hurdle, always looking his best in a well-fitting fashionable suit or sleek smart casual look.



Every man should be able to find his style, no matter his height or size. At SUAVE OWL, we aim to help every man find the perfect menswear for him.  Read on to see what SUAVE OWL has to offer taller gentlemen today…



Formalwear For Tall Men


A good suit fit is essential to a well-executed outfit. The focus is never going to be on the outfit when the suit pieces do not fall where they should and the sleeves are too short. Other styling tips are important for making a successful formal look, but taller gentleman need to first ensure their suit fits as it should. SUAVE OWL has options to help with this and, if you want to know how a suit should fit, read our Ultimate Guide To Men's Suits.



We always recommend a Cavani suit to a taller gentleman. They are longer in the torso, arms and legs than your average suit. Along with a slender cut, this makes the overall suit fit much more proportional, and eliminates having to buy an oversized jacket to accommodate length when you do not need the width.


Craig Overton, England Cricket, wearing Cavani Martez Grey for Somerset County Cricket Club.

Craig Overton, England Cricket, who stands at 6ft 5in: Cavani Martez Grey - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Oxford Brogues



Some Cavani suits also carry an additional longer length option. The Albert Brown, Albert Grey and Marco Black suits are all available in long length through suit sizes 36” to 46”. This is a lifesaver for any taller, last-minute gentleman who needs an "off-the-peg" suit. Keep your look sleek and refined in a suit that you feel completely comfortable in.



It is worth noting that the Cavani suits retain a slender cut through all sizes. So, if you require additional width, as well as height, a Skopes suit is the one for you. The Leahy and Sage Herringbone suits are both available to order in long lengths through suit sizes 36” to 62”. With this, you can find your perfect fit and refuse to settle for any less.


Skopes Sage suit.

Skopes Sage Herringbone Suit and SUAVE OWL White Shirt



So, when you find the well-fitting suit you deserve in the style you have been dreaming of, what’s next? A SUAVE OWL shirt. Our SUAVE OWL formal shirts are available in a wide range of colours, including white and navy staples, with a longer than average fit through the torso and arms. Not only do these shirts have great re-wear ability, but they are easy to style and a perfect core piece of your wardrobe. They are a must have for the taller gentleman.



For more about formalwear from SUAVE OWL, read Navigating Men's Formal Wear: A Comprehensive Style Guide which takes you through formal dress codes with style advice.



Casualwear For Taller Men


The fit of tall men's clothes is just as important for casual clothing as it is for formal. You won't feel comfortable or look good in trousers that are too short and a shirt that is too small. Finding men's casualwear for tall men is just as essential as finding men's formalwear for tall men. 



Our own brand extends to t-shirts and polos which also have a longer than average fit through torso. With a wide range of sizes and colours and a minimalist design, you can utilise these pieces as staples of your wardrobe to build your casual and smart-casual outfits. Utilise our own range for core, well-fitting pieces with excellent rewear ability. 


Dings Crusaders rugby player wearing magenta t-shirt. Milsom Street, Bath. Tall men's clothing.

  Dings Crusaders RFC player: SUAVE OWL Dark Magenta T-shirt



 Our jeans and chinos are again slightly longer than average. They are both available in 34” leg length. Jeans are also available to order in 36” leg length through waist 31” to 36”. Avoid any ankle gap or jeans that like to slide down easily. With the addition of one of our belts, your new favourite jeans will become a daily staple.



When finishing off the look, any gentleman needs a stylish pair of shoes. With a taller person may come larger feet. We stock up to size 12 as standard but can provide up to size 15 in certain styles. Don't spend your day in shoes that pinch and hurt to wear, you deserve to find the ideal, comfortable shoes for you. 


What Does SUAVE OWL Have For Tall Men?


  Whatever size you are, whatever occasion you are preparing for, whatever style you like, SUAVE OWL is here to help. All of the above is available online or in our shop on Milsom Street, Bath or the High Street, Winchester. Our experienced and friendly team is always happy to help. If you are interested in ordering in an item in your size, just get in touch! 



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