How To Wear - The Cody

How To Wear The Cody

Navy with a light blue check, the tweed material is dark with a hint of warmth underneath. The colour, cut, and comfort makes it a suit worthy of acclaim - perfect for the modern gentleman. If the Cody is the one for you, read on for outfit and styling ideas…

Model wearing Cody suit leans against column near Bath Thermae Spa


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Complimentary Colours For Navy Suits

The tweed of the Cody is checked with a lighter blue, black and orange. The inner lining of the suit and waistcoat is a vibrant orange. The back of the waistcoat in a dark blue, meaning the orange can be concealed if desired. 



The pure blue exterior goes with a wide range of colours. You can choose to keep the palette simple, styling the Cody with navy or black. We see people embrace the bright inner layers of the suit, accessorising with orange. We also see pastel blues, pinks and champagnes used for weddings. Whatever colour you are after, the Cody can be made to work for you.



Suit Styling For Smart Casual Days

The neutrality of the Cody lends itself brilliantly to smart casual wear. You can wear it with any colour and it will remain a sophisticated statement piece.



For a simple smart casual look, perfect for hotter days, try a SUAVE OWL T-shirt, Cody trousers and Cody jacket. You can take the jacket off as needed but have that extra impact ready to go whenever you need it. Easy to style, easy to wear, it is a winning outfit that is sure to be a new go-to.

Cody on styled mannequin in shop.

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You could also try the Cody jacket on top of black chinos and the SUAVE OWL polo shirt of your choice. It is a clean and polished look while very comfortable, impeccable for a first date or party.


Suit Styling For Business Outfits

Keep it simple. Wear the Cody as a 2-piece or simply the Cody trousers with a waistcoat to give you the professional look you are after. Wear with a SUAVE OWL white shirt, a trustworthy navy tie, and your favourite brogues for the full outfit.

Cody jacket and waistcoat with a SUAVE OWL shirt on model.

 Cody JacketCody WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White Shirt



To add a little bit more edge to your outfit, change out the white shirt for a SUAVE OWL shirt in purple with a black tie, shoes and accessories. Still professional, this outfit is a unique addition to your business wardrobe and is sure to impress.



Suit Styling For Your Wedding Day

For full event formal, the Cody is standout quality. The navy is distinguished, the colour palette is understated yet detailed. Styled in the right way for you, this suit can be the standout groom attire you are looking for.


Cody suit with orange accessories.


 Cody JacketCody WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



Start with all three pieces of your Cody. Add a SUAVE OWL white shirt with your finest brogues. From here, the styling is all up to you. You could bring out the warmer tones of the tweed and match the suit’s inner lining with bright orange accessories. You could go for all navy styling. Popular choices such as pastels, champagne, and black also work fantastically. Just keep your colour palette in your accessorising consistent, and you will have the perfect groom’s outfit.

Close up on Cody suit with pale pink accessory details for wedding

 Cody JacketCody WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set



This sophisticated suit is brilliant for any event. See how the Cody navy suit can work for you today. For more SUAVE OWL content and style ideas, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok!

Model wearing the Cody stands on Bath Circus.

 Cody Jacket, Cody WaistcoatCody Trousers, SUAVE OWL White ShirtPlain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set, London Brogues Tan/Navy Suede 

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