Accessories: How To Refresh Your Look Without Breaking The Bank!

Most people think that to get a new look, they need a whole new outfit. Wrong. 
It only takes a few tweaks to your outfit to give yourself a fresh look and something to be proud of.

It is very obvious to change up your tie when wearing a suit... From a colour that compliments your chosen 3-piece suit to something that stands out. The options are endless and don't forget there are countless ways to knot your tie. At SUAVE OWL we are very fond of the Eldredge knot. 
Bright ties to wear with shirts and suits

It doesn't end with your tie though. Introducing a pocket square can add a new dimension to your outfit. A range of colours, textures and patterns and, of course, the fold, can really make your jacket pop.
Colourful pocket square pile to be worn in a suit jacket

A tie clip is primarily used to secure your tie to your shirt. But as practical as they are, they also add to your style. We stock a number of tie clips that really look the part. This one below comes with a set of cufflinks and is a great seller!
Tie clips and cufflinks for formal wear

Whilst a belt is an accessory to keep trousers secure, it also brings an outfit together. Something to compliment the colour of your shoes or a bold colour to stand out? Either way, a belt goes a long way in changing up your look.

Having a hat is another option not to forget about. A flat cap looks great all year round and can be worn with a number of outfits. You may choose your hat to make a statement, so go for something to contrast your outfit. 
Smart casual navy tweed flat cap for men

And speaking of statement and contrast, vibrant socks are in and have been for a while! A great opportunity to add a splash of colour. SUAVE OWL stock a range of socks from Swole Panda.
Vibrant and bright socks

At SUAVE OWL we believe that no outfit is complete without an accessory or two, and it's important to have a few options to keep your outfit fresh.
Simple Yet Significant.

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