Wedding Themes: Wedding Guest What To Wear

How To Dress To Match A Wedding Theme For Men

Wedding themes are so useful for wedding planning. The perfect wedding theme celebrates the interests and story of the couple. It helps their wedding feel truly theirs and allows them to make memories that last the rest of their lives.


However, it can be difficult to prepare for wedding themes as a guest. So to combat this, we have selected a range of popular wedding themes,. With each theme, we have provided an outfit of choice. Trust SUAVE OWL to keep you on theme and looking on point.


What To Wear To A Fairy-tale Wedding?

A fairytale wedding is a delight to attend. It will be a day of magical spectacle, not one you want to show up to in the wrong look. The aim is to look classically handsome but not outshine the groom. However, a black or grey suit will not provide the vibrancy that the theme calls for. 

Model wearing the Cody navy suit leans against a column in central Bath.

The Cody Suit is the perfect choice. It makes any wearer seem like a prince. The navy tweed has lively, warm undertones. It is charming and flattering. Plus, the neutral blues work with a multitude of accessory colours, useful if the couple have also set a colour scheme.


If there are no set colours, we would recommend pairing the Cody with a Paisley Rich Gold Tie & Pocket Square set. You will look positively regal. Wear with brogues and a SUAVE OWL White Shirt for the perfect finishing touches.


What To Wear To A Modern Wedding?

Being invited to a 'modern wedding' may be perplexing; there is so much room for interpretation. Modern weddings prioritise geometric shapes, dramatic lighting, industrial spaces, and minimalist decor. Colour is often reserved for use in statement pieces, such as floral displays or the wedding cake. Modern weddings are big on contemporary style. Know that it will be a chic and exclusive event. 


You want to wear something trendy but understated. Unless there is a colour scheme, stick to greyscale. That way, you will not risk sticking out for the wrong reasons. Keep your look minimal and polished. A modern wedding may be difficult to prepare for, but this sleek and smart outfit should be perfect. 

Marco black suit on a navy shirt with a navy background

We would recommend the Marco Black suit. Simple, sleek and classy. Wear as a 3-piece and pair with a black or navy SUAVE OWL shirt plus black formal shoes. It is understated but still intriguing to look at and stylish. With this suit, you will look and feel the part. 


What To Wear To A Vintage Wedding?

Vintage weddings salute the gorgeous designs of the past. They create a stunning atmosphere with all attendees dressed to the nines in something they may not normally wear. Of course, specific decade themes may require more specific dress, but one of our suits has always been particularly popular for a traditional look.

Model wears full 3 piece Ted suit with navy tie


Wearing the Ted you will be in perfect attire for a vintage wedding. Stand out in something bold, fitting, and classic.


To style, wear with a SUAVE OWL White Shirt and brown brogues. The Ted lends itself to all kinds of accessorising. A bow tie in red matched with red braces adds a pop of colour. However, a simple black tie or navy tie will work just as well. After wearing the Ted once, you will want to wear it over and over.


What To Wear To A Rustic Wedding? 

A rustic wedding promises a unique affair.  Resourceful, focusing on sustainability with a personal touch, it is a varied theme. Expect plenty of wooden décor, repurposed decorations, muted colours, and a connection to nature. We have just the look to fit. 

Jenson suit worn with orange tie.


The Jenson is an adaptable suit with warm hints of orange and red in the tweed. Being adaptable is essential for a wedding of this theme – you can simply remove your jacket or waistcoat for more informal moments and the reception, but still look best dressed for photos and the ceremony.


For a more formal look with a pop of colour, wear with a SUAVE OWL White Shirt and tangerine tie with pocket square. For a more relaxed dress code, wear with a SUAVE OWL Cherry Red Shirt and no tie. 


What To Wear To A Garden Wedding?

Garden weddings have lots of draws. The open-air and intimate experience are big attractions. Expect a vibrant event and time spent in the sun.


You will want to wear something comfortable, cool, with plenty of contemporary style. Ability to move is useful too, in case dancing or any garden games sing out to you!

Pale blue Wells suit with light pink tie and flowers.


The Wells is popular for summer occasions. It is the perfect light choice to make any gentleman feel at his best. The pale shade of blue keeps the material cooler too, as well as creating a striking impression. Wear the Wells suit with a SUAVE OWL Pink or White Shirt, plus a blossom tie set in pink or blue. If the day is hot, opt to wear without a waistcoat for added comfort. 


What To Wear To A Nautical Wedding?

One of the more whimsical themes, a nautical wedding is always entertaining. Expect a day of seashells, anchors, rope and everything marine. You may even be lucky enough to get some beach time in!


You will want to dress in a suitable colour palette – blues and whites are a must. For such a fun theme, you will want to dress to match. 

Dion worn by model with dark blue accessories


The Dion is a stunning blue, brilliantly fitting for this theme. It is a simple choice to get it right. Wear it with a SUAVE OWL White Shirt and brogues. Choose your favourite colour fitting shade for the tie – blue or navy. You will look in top form, add a sailor's hat and you would be ready to sail the seven seas! 


Wedding Theme Round Up


Sticking to theme is important, but it should never be scary. These outfit ideas should get you in the right direction and give you the starting point you need for looking your best.


To find your best sizes and for further advice, visit our store in Bath. For more SUAVE OWL content and style ideas, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok!

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