Survive Summer Heat with SUAVE OWL

Embrace the season with colour, flair and plenty of your personality. Do not just show this in how you live, but in how you dress too.


Our yearly Summer restock is always worth a look. Check it out by browsing our website or by coming into our shop in Bath during the Summer lead-up. See what works for you. Your perfect essential is waiting.



Summer Staples


Cotton and linen shirts are classic summer options. Both are lightweight, absorb sweat and breathable. This is one of the oldest heat management tools, the results are all the proof you need to see why.



If you completely detest any heat, go that step further by wearing lighter colours and relaxed fits for added airflow. There is no need to be put off by wearing bright colours. While we love a bold adventure, you can simply go a few shades lighter than your winter colour palette and feel a difference.


Model wears white almond cotton shirt, braces and Elwood trousers on a background of Bathstone brick. 

  Braces 25mm Silver ClipCotton Almond White Shirt - Elwood Trousers



Made of 95% cotton, our SUAVE OWL T-shirts are always a fantastic summer option. They come in a wide range of colours and proudly feature our owl logo. Wear them with shorts for outdoorsy days or pair with suit trousers and braces for a stylish smart casual day. If you want a new favourite T-shirt, get a SUAVE OWL t-shirt.


Model sits on chair and looks off camera. He wears a white SUAVE OWL T-shirtS.O White T-Shirt



Chinos are crucial summer wear. Available in full length or shorts, chinos are less heavy than denim and provide a relieving wear in summer heat. They stretch with you and are cotton based. You can go for a vibrant statement or a calmer neutral. Whatever shades you are a fan of wearing, the option is there for you.


Two models on a bench on Milsom Street. They each wear chino shorts.

Cotton Pale Blue Shirt - Slim Chino Shorts Ivory / Short-Sleeved Puckered Chalk Shirt - Chino Shorts Blue Stone



Preparing For Heat (SUAVE OWL Summer Tips)


The following tips should help you on those absolutely sweltering days.



Do not neglect long-sleeves, especially if you sunburn easily. Long-sleeved cotton or linen options keep the sun off your skin which will lower your body temperature. Please, keep you safe from sun damage, your skin will thank you.



To keep even more of the sun off, wear a sunhat. Find one that is either woven or made of a breathable material in a light fabric and keep yourself cool. You can also carry a handkerchief to mop up excess, uncomfortable sweat and stay refreshed. 


Model wears lumberjack shirt and chinos. He is sat on a bench on Milsom Street Bath.Lumberjack Shirt Moss -  Light Weight Chino Grey



You may be wearing full linen clothing with plenty of room to breathe, but you will still feel too hot if you are wearing thick winter socks. Opt for a shoe liner or trainer sock opposed to a full-length sock. Consider material tool, a bamboo sock or a thin cotton that will allow your feet to thermally regulate easier. 



Get a go-to pair of sandals. A simple pair of double strap sandals are easy to style and will keep you at ease throughout the day. We always have some available in our store or on our website. 


Two models walking together.

Linen Blend Silver Sage ShirtSUAVE OWL Black T-ShirtChino Shorts Sand

Polo Shirt Olive FernWoven Linen Blend Shorts WhiteDouble Strap Sandals Black


Check out our summer selection and whole range on our website or at our store in Bath. We are always happy to answer any questions and give advice.


This summer, stay cool with SUAVE OWL!

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