Accessories For Men

What Are The Best Accessories For Men?

We carry a wide range of accessories for men at SUAVE OWL. Whether you need something practical or flashy, there is a perfect choice waiting for you.


If you are looking for men's accessories in Bath, men's accessories in Winchester, or just accessories from SUAVE OWL, this blog sums up our full range. Plus, there is some styling tips and accessorising tricks throughout. If you are looking to elevate a look, or simply want ideas for gifts, read on...


Belts & Braces For Men

Every man needs a set of braces or a belt. They are necessary to avoid any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions and to keep an outfit looking as desired. 


For everyday wearing, a belt is a more practical choice. Whether you want a smooth belt that does not command too much attention or a detailed feather-edged one, your go to belt for daily wear should be a belt you trust and enjoy wearing. We would recommend spending a little more on a higher-quality choice that will never let you down. 


For formal occasions, flashy nights out or even first dates, braces are a stellar choice. They are effortlessly charming and give flair to any look. Plus, they are a practical fashion statement, perfect for keeping your outfit together without compromising on your style. If you are looking for gifting ideas, a set of braces is an excellent choice. They are a classic fashion piece, exciting and easy to style! Fantastic for making the gentleman in your life feel special. 

Three SUAVE OWL belts in grey, red and black sit on top of a leather background.

  Belts & Braces


Cufflinks & Tie Clips For Men

These essentials are the perfect finishing touches for a formal look. They keep everything looking crisp and together. Plus, cufflinks can provide an extra bit of personality – available in a wide range of designs for any gentleman on any occasion.

It is worth noting that SUAVE OWL brand shirts do not require cufflinks. However, there is always some available in store or online. All of our cufflinks utilise a bullet back clutch design, making them incredibly easy to use. For a reliable set off cufflinks and that final touch of class to your look, trust a SUAVE OWL set of cufflinks.


A tie clip is also useful, applied to a keep a tie tucked close to a shirt. If you like to wear a longer tie and find it gets in the way, they are the solution you have been looking for. Never worry again about a rogue tie causing you problems and add another detail to your outfit.


For wedding gifts, a set of cufflinks or a tie clip is an excellent choice. There is always a set for somebody - whether you want something formal and sophisticated or a bit sillier. The choice is all there for you. Plus, they last a lifetime. 


Selection of three cufflinks sits on top of a wooden side.

Cufflinks & Tie Clips


Hats, Gloves & Scarfs For Men

When thinking of Autumn and Winter fashion necessities, you will likely think of scarfs, hats and gloves. They are absolute must-haves for staying warm but can also be fashion forward.


Consider the colour of your hat, gloves or scarf. For an easy to style look, go for a neutral accessory in black, grey or brown that you can wear with most outfits. As a general rule, you could match the colours of your scarf, gloves and hat to that of your shoes and belt. However, if you want to make your accessory the highlight of your look, try a darker colour or monochrome look with a pop of a brighter colour, such as a bold red. 


If you are an individual who feels the cold but also likes to be in style, a range of high-quality knitwear accessories is definitely the right choice for you.


A black beanie sits on top of two soft knit scarves.

Hats, Gloves & Scarves


Wallets & Pocket Watches For Men

Accessorising is all about final touches, pulling together an outfit, and practicality. These three items are convenient and useful for big, formal days.


A man’s wallet should reflect his character. A quality wallet can last for years, even with daily use. There is no need to be unsatisfied with the one you have had for years, when you could have one you are proud to own. Not to mention there is the availability of sleeker card-holders, perfect for popping into a pocket in a formal outfit to keep your cards safe but silhouette sleek. SUAVE OWL has a large collection of wallets, both in leather and tweed, waiting for you. Find the perfect wallet today, and do not settle for less. 


Pocket watches are incredibly useful for time keeping at important events. Not to mention, they look incredibly elegant. A pocket watch is a significant addition to a gentleman's wardrobe. A gifted one is a fantastic market for important events, such as milestone birthdays or weddings. Whichever colour watch you go for, try and keep the other metal, such as rings, belt buckles and piercings, in your outfit matching. It makes the overall look more seamless. 


Pocket watches and wallets are some of the best accessories you can gift someone. They are luxury items and all one size. Give the man in your life a practical gift with purpose and elegance that will make him feel special.


Three pocket watches hang, showing off their faces and detailing.

 Pocket Watch - Mechanical Pocket Watch


Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares For Men

For any man wearing a suit to an occasion, the tie, bow tie or pocket square should be thoroughly considered. 


A bow tie is an elegant piece with charisma. SUAVE OWL's bow ties come pre-done, meaning you do not need to learn any complicated knots. For a classic look, match your bowtie with a set of braces. We have a wide range of bow tie colours, whatever suit you would like to wear has the perfect bowtie waiting for it. 


A tie has so many options. SUAVE OWL offers tie and pocket square sets for easy co-ordination. Plus, you can get either a plain, paisley or blossom style. Try and keep your accessorising colour palette the same, match your tie and pocket square with any other accessories to keep things simple. If you want to elevate the look of your tie, try a more advanced tie knot. SUAVE OWL is a big fan of the complicated eldredge knot. With so much choice, your dream tie for work, smart casual outfits, or a full formal event is waiting for you. Browse our range today at our store in Bath, or online.


Range of Blossom Ties hang on rack.

Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares


SUAVE OWL Accessories For Men UK


Our full range is available on our website or in store at either Milsom Street, Bath or Winchester High Street. To find men's accessories for any event, visit us in store. Our team is always happy to help. For more SUAVE OWL content and style ideas, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok!

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