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SUAVE OWL & Remembrance Day

 If you know a little about us, you will know that one of our co-founders, Tony, served as an Engineer for the British Army. SUAVE OWL’s deep connection to Remembrance Day comes from this. We commemorate Remembrance Day every year and have done since starting as a menswear retailer in 2017. 



When asked why Remembrance Day is important to him, this is what Tony had to say:



‘Remembering this important part of our history and the lads and ladies who have lost their lives, in not just the world wars but every conflict we have been a part of since, is of the upmost importance to me. I was deployed on Op Herrick 9 (Afghanistan) and saw first-hand what these selfless people have gone through. I was fortunate enough to come back with my life, but many weren’t. After attending more repatriation parades than I could count, it hit home even more so the sacrifices the men and the women of the armed forces make for their country. I think this should be remembered as they gave their today for your tomorrow. If remembering with two minutes of silence on the 11th of November and raising some cash for these charities that can help any of the families that have lost loved ones, then we will continue to do so every year.’



If you want to know more about how you can get involved in Remembrance Day in either Bath or Winchester, where fundraising money goes, and what SUAVE OWL is doing for Remembrance Day, read on…


Tony outside Keynsham shop wearing medals with other ex-service personnel, also wearing medals.


What Is SUAVE OWL Doing For Remembrance Day?

 Every year for Remembrance Day, we make a shop display covered in poppies to show our support for The Royal British Legion and veterans.



Additionally, we partake in fundraising. This year, between the period of the 1st of November to the 12th of November, 10% of money made in all our online sales will directly go to the Poppy Appeal.



Lastly, co-founders Tony and Jess attend a service dedicated to remembrance with their two sons, family, and friends. In the company of the community around them, they remember.  


Co-founders Tony and Jessica with their two sons alongside a church's poppy display. 


What is Remembrance Day?

 Every year on the 11th of November, the United Kingdom and several other countries come together in a day of remembrance. The 11th of November marks the anniversary of the ending of the First World War, with hostility and action ending on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This is now commonly designated as a day of respect for veterans. A two-minute silence is observed at 11am to remember the armistice, those who fought, those who still fight, and those who have fallen in war.



There are events of remembrance on both the 11th of November and the closest Sunday, which becomes Remembrance Sunday. This year, events will take place on both Saturday the 11th of November, Remembrance Day, and Sunday the 12th of November, Remembrance Sunday. These events include sermons, ceremonies, parades, art shows, and more. 



In the build-up to Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, there is widespread fundraising on behalf of charities. The largest charity fundraiser that occurs at this time is the Poppy Appeal. The Poppy Appeal, which runs from of the 26th of October to the 12th of November, has been running for over a century.


Co-founder Tony and Jessica's sons, photographed both wearing poppies.


 The Poppy Appeal is the selling of poppies; these poppies are often paper lapel pins, but there are also enamel pins, brooches, football pins, jewellery, bags, and more. The Poppy Appeal raises money for The Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion has been a charity since 1921 and is the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, providing lifelong support to serving and ex-serving personnel in many ways. To learn more about The Royal British Legion, read their Who We Are page. Associated with World War 1, poppies famously grew in the war-torn fields after combat and inspired people with their vivid colour and tough nature. They are a symbol of support for soldiers and a symbol of desire for peace.



 Where does Remembrance Day fundraising go?

 There are hundreds of military based charities supported by Remembrance Day fundraising. Two are the biggest charity names are previously mentioned Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes, a charity that supports soldiers after their service.



Money raised in this time helps provide lifelong support to serving and ex-serving personnel. This support includes giving financial advice and financial grants, funding sports teams and recovery services, and much more. It funds services that help support those affected by loneliness, mental health problems, physical health problems, and disability. This help gives personnel and ex-personnel the power to reshape their lives and helps those struggling to achieve stability. The soldiers, ex-soldiers, and families helped by these services are countless. Money raised in this period of remembrance truly does help people who have already given so much.



If you want to know more about the support offered by the Royal British Legion, read their website here. If you want to know more about the support offered by Help For Heroes, read their website here. Both of these charities deserve so much merit, read more about them today.


Co-founder Tony photographed on Remembrance Day with his son. 


How To Get Involved In Remembrance Day

 If you want to get involved in Remembrance Day, there are many ways you can pay your respects.



In Bath, there is the annual Bath Remembrance Parade, taking place on the 12th of November beginning at 10:45am. Starting with a poppy wreath ceremony at Royal Victoria Park War Memorial, a procession follows from Upper Borough Walls to Abbey Churchyard before a special Remembrance service at Bath Abbey at 2pm.



Alongside sermons, services, and poppy wreath ceremonies, Winchester has a travelling art installation in honour of Remembrance Day this year. From Tuesday the 31st of October to Saturday the 4th of November, Winchester Cathedral will be hosting a light and sound show called Poppy Fields. The artwork reflects the end of World War 1 and World War 2 and looks ahead to peace in the world. With music and poetry recorded for the installation, and the visual show taking place against the historic church, it should be a poignant installation. There will be fundraising for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal throughout this show.


Co-founder Tony photographed on Remembrance Day with his son.


 How you get involved in Remembrance Day is up to you. You can observe an independent two minutes of silence at home or a special place, you can find a local service or ceremony, watch a service on television, engage in artwork related to remembrance, or donate or fundraise for a charity of your choice.



At SUAVE OWL, we take time on the 11th of November to commemorate this important day. This year, we hope you choose to do the same.


Co-founder Tony photographed on Remembrance Day with his medals.

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