Office Wear Refresh?

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has given the go ahead for those working from home through the pandemic to return to the office. Will you need to refresh your work wardrobe? It's been over a year! Some of us have put on a little timber...

According to research, the average man buys a new suit every two and a half to three years, however, more recent reports show that 66% of men have bought or plan to buy casual clothes for work.


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In 2021, what you wear too work, outside of a uniform, is not so strongly dictated. Some men will opt for a full 3-Piece Suit, shirt and tie due to the clientele they interact with regularly. On the other end of the spectrum, an office worker who is not customer-facing will have the flexibility of a more relaxed attire.


Gentleman wearing navy chinos & SUAVE OWL white shirt, tan brogues. Office wear.  Smart black jeans, lumberjack shirt, black shoes. Office wear.
What ever works for you, we have you covered! Whether you get suited and booted or wear jeans, t-shirt and trainers, at SUAVE OWL we have a huge range of both formal and casual wear ready to get you back in to the office.
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