How To Wear - The Ted

 How To Wear The Ted

Brown tan tweed, with subtle blue and beige check detailing, the Ted 3-piece suit is a vision. You do not see a suit like this every day, that's what makes it so popular. For the gentleman looking for a suit with classic style with added intrigue, the Marc Darcy Ted is the one for him.


There is so much you can do with this Ted. If you want styling advice, tips for matching pieces, and outfit ideas, read on…


Complimentary Colours For Brown Suits


The Ted is brown with checks of beige and blue. For easy styling, choose pieces with these colours present.


However, the Ted is a versatile suit. The neutral shades within the tweed work with a whole range of colours. Try greens, vibrant purples, pale pinks, experiment with colour. There are examples of different colour combinations you can try throughout this blog and our social medias. This pink formal look is perfect for starting your colour exploration. 

Mannequin displaying Ted suit with pale pink shirt and pink tie.

Ted JacketTed Double Breasted WaistcoatSUAVE OWL Plain Pink ShirtRose Van Buck Tie


Suit Styling For Casual Days


Smart casual is all about finding that perfect blend between formal and informal. It has plenty of space for implementing personal preferences like colour, style and comfort.


For a simple yet significant smart-casual wear, pair the Ted trousers with a navy or black polo. For colder days, you can layer knitwear on top. It does not take a lot to make a particularly special smart casual look; this photographed selection makes a warm and charming outfit with only 3 items. 

Blend jumper with Ted trousers and belt on top of wooden background.

 Ted TrousersKnitwearSmooth Brown Belt


There is also the option of wearing the Ted jacket with your favourite chinos and SUAVE OWL shirt. For first dates, interviews, or parties, this look makes a fantastic first impression and is as easy as putting together these pieces with your favourite brogues. It is a winning look every time. 

Ted jacket with SUAVE OWL white shirt, belt and navy chino. All are laid on wooden background.


Ted JacketSUAVE OWL White ShirtNavy ChinosSmooth Brown Belt 


Suit Styling For Business Outfits

Business formal can be a tricky line to play. You do not want to overdress or under dress. It is best to keep it simple.


Wear the Ted as a 2-piece suit with jacket and trousers. Put this over a SUAVE OWL white shirt and navy tie. It is an understated yet original look that brings out the colour of the tweed.  As you can see from the picture below, it is striking. Feel at your most confident and stand out from the crowd in the very best way. 

Ted jacket with SUAVE OWL white shirt and navy tie next to Ted trousers and brogues on wooden background.

 Ted JacketTed TrousersSUAVE OWL White ShirtNavy Van Buck TieLondon Brogues


Suit Styling For Your Wedding Day

The Ted gives you so much room for individuality when it comes to wedding attire.


You have choice over the pieces of the suit itself. SUAVE OWL offers the purchasing of individual pieces from different suits, so why limit yourself to just the one style? It can lead to some absolutely stunning, intricately detailed groom's wear. The Ted’s colouring lends itself to mixing and matching. Swap out the Ted waistcoat with the Dion or Wells waistcoats for a touch of something boldly blue on the big day. For a pop of lighter cream, wear the Elwood waistcoat. Different pieces from different suits help make a wedding look that feels personal to you.  

Marc Darcy Ted Tweed Suit / Cavani Wells Waistcoat

 Ted JacketWells WaistcoatSUAVE OWL White ShirtPeach Twill Tie & Pocket Square


If your heart is set on three pieces of the Ted, consider whether you want a single-breasted or double-breasted waistcoat. A single-breasted waistcoat can make a sleeker silhouette. A double-breasted waistcoat adds structure and detail. It all comes down to your own personal preference for such a big occasion.


Styling is also all up to you. Wear a white SUAVE OWL shirt for a base to build upon. A pocketwatch is an excellent choice of stylish accessorising with practical benefits. We would recommend a champagne colour for tie or bow tie plus pocketsquare. The colour is fantastic for grooms and plays brilliantly into the Ted, as you can see photographed here. 


The Ted can make you feel as if you have just walked out of a movie set. Do not be afraid to captivate attention in this suit, no matter the occasion. Making you stand out is what the Ted does best.  


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Groom wears full Ted suit with champagne tie.

Ted JacketTed Double Breasted WaistcoatTed TrousersSUAVE OWL White ShirtChampagne Tie & Pocket Square Set

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