How To Wear - The Elwood

How To Wear The Elwood

The Elwood suit is intriguing and eye-catching. In a tan and black houndstooth check, it is an effortlessly charming and unique option. If you want to know how to wear your Elwood to almost any occasion, read on…


Complimentary Colours For Tan Suits

The Elwood is made up of tan and black. It works well with a monochromatic palette of whites and blacks or as a neutral base to add bright pops of colour. With this suit, you have plenty of versatility to do with it as you like.



Suit Styling For Casual Days

Smart casual is always about balance and comfort. If you want a stand-out outfit to wear for an informal occasion, this is a suit for you.



Try the Elwood jacket with a SUAVE OWL T-shirt and black chinos. It is a comfortable outfit but maintains a formal feel and feels perfectly confident.



For warmer days, try the Elwood trousers with a short-sleeve button up or a SUAVE OWL polo shirt. The light colour and looser fit will keep you cool. You do not have to compromise your comfort for a smart look.


Model wearing the Elwood trousers with brace braces and an off-white short sleeve button up.

 Cotton Almond White ShirtBraces 25mm Silver ClipElwood Trouser


Suit Styling For Business Outfits

You want your professional wear to reflect your very best self. Remove wardrobe panic from your interview or work meeting with a reliable go-to.



Wear the Elwood as a 2-piece or a 3-piece with a white SUAVE OWL shirt and black tie. Understated with the interesting, light colour scheme, you will captivate your peers and dazzle as necessary. This outfit will become a work favourite.

Model wears full Elwood with jacket over shoulder and SUAVE OWL shirt.

 Elwood JacketSUAVE OWL White ShirtBraces 25mm Silver Clip,Van Buck Bow TieElwood Trouser


To wrap up warm at winter, simply add a black overcoat to keep you extra toasty. You can even add a pop of colour to your outfit with an easily removed red or blue scarf.



Suit Styling For Your Wedding Day

Preparing your wedding attire should be thrilling. You get to pick the full outfit and accessories that makes you feel at your very best in a day entirely about you and your loved ones.



The colouring and uniqueness of the Elwood makes it a popular wedding choice. It matches exceptionally well with a traditional white bridal outfit. Due to its colouring, it matches well with other suits while standing out from the pack. This makes it perfect for wearing with a waistcoat of a different suit or vice versa. This means the groom the choice to wear a unique suit while still matching and cohesive with his party.


Bride and groom in their attire, the groom is wearing the full Elwood.


If you think the Elwood by itself is the choice for you, it could not be easier to style for the occasion. Wear as a 3-piece with a SUAVE OWL white shirt. After this, add champagne accessories in your tie and pocket square choice. Go for black or dark brown brogues. Finally, add a pocket watch or boutonniere. You will have a winning look that photographs excellently.



For your big day, you deserve the best.


Groom wearing the Elwood with champagne accessories.



Whatever way you choose to wear your Elwood, it is sure to capture attention and praise. Go on and wear with confidence. For more SUAVE OWL content and style ideas, follow our InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and TikTok!

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